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Essica 01-08-2009 03:11 AM

Can the cold cause sinus pain?
Its been -5 some days here recently in the UK, really cold.

I had a sinus infection early december which cleared up with 500mg amoxicillin, it was all on my left side. I was left with abit of ear pressure but that seems to be clearing up now.

A few days ago my right nostril felt abit sore inside at the very top and abit dry. I then get abit of pain over my right eye, nothing major but a sinus type ache. I have no fever, no coloured mucus, no cold.... feel ok other than this really.

My question is could the cold weather cause sinus pain up the nose and over the eye without an infection being present? it all started when I took the children to school on tuesday walking in the cold air.


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