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Akshay78 01-08-2009 05:49 AM

Is this sinusitis or something else?
Hi All.

3 weeks ago I underwent a CT scan that indicated 'Very Mild Chronic Sinusitis' of the maxillary sinus, and a mild septal Deviation. To treat this, my ENT prescribed Cefuroxime for 10 days, but this had no effect. I was next put on Azithromycin for 6 days, which seemed to help a little, but my symptoms returned soon after I had finished the Azithromycin course. My ENT has now put me on Azythromycin for another 6 days to see what happens.

My main symptoms, which have been with me almost constantly for the past 2-1/2 months are: a dull headache (in forehead and temples), malaise, dizziness, and a need to 'pop' my eustachian tube by swallowing every minute or so.. This is a leftover from a bout of otitis media I had back in September. I also every now and then (~3 days in a week) feel dehydrated and need to urinate every half hour or so. The dehydration seems get worse while I'm on the antibiotics.. I have no nasal symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion etc. and no fever.

My questions:

1. The CT scan indicated a problem w/ the maxillary sinus that I understand to be located in the lower half of the face, so would this really cause a headache in my forehead, temples? It just seems like cause and effect are in two different locations!

2. Can a 'very mild sinusitis' really cause such terrible and constant symptoms? I really feel sick most of the day.

3. Is it possible that these symptoms are not due to the sinusitis at all, and are instead due to something entirely different? Fyi- I had a blood test back in September that was mostly normal except for slightly high cholesterol and a fasting blood glucose of 99. The blood test didn't test for Thyroids though. Could this cause my symptoms?

4. My ear feels more clogged than 'normal' immediately after eating a meal, and it takes about 20-30 minutes after the meal for it to 'stabilize' . Does this indicate anything?

5. Can all this be due to some kind of allergy? Fyi- I have been on Veramyst for 2 months now, but that hasn't helped.

I'm quite desperate for some kind of definitive diagnosis after so many months of suffering. I am a 30 y.o. male in good shape, and before this ear/sinus/mystery problem, i've never been sick for more than a few days in a year.

Greatly appreciate any advise



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