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PumpkinSeed 01-30-2009 03:09 PM

sinus causing
im in full flip out anxiety mode over my sinuses. they are all stuffy and it makes me dizzy and my ears are plugged and i have intermittent headaches. can anyone give me any tips on how to relieve the pressure? the doc has me on dizzy pills and some steroid nasal spray, which im kinda scared to take <BECAUSE>side effects freak me out. i take klonopin when i start freaking out. any tips would be appreciated.

Lourage 01-30-2009 03:30 PM

Re: sinus causing
I wouldn't worry about taking the meds your doc prescribed, it will help you breathe! and relieve the pressure in your head I always flip out when my nose gets stuffed and i can't breathe through it at night. I feel like i'm going to suffocate and i get myself all anxious.

Hanshin 01-30-2009 03:40 PM

Re: sinus causing
Welcome to the sinus anxiety freak out club! I know it's a terrible club to belong to but at least we can help each other out on this board. I have had an inner ear infection that has messed with my sinuses, given me vertigo and of course sent my anxiety into outer space. Mistake I made was that I told my GP about my anxiety and he prescribed xanax and zoloft to go with the prednisone and antibiotics for the infection. The prednisone, combined with the zoloft gave me horrible anxiety (must be just me and my sensitivity) and thankfully I took my final bit of prednisone today and I'm beginning to feel more in control. I understand your fear about taking the steroid because of possible side effects like anxiety, but if you start to feel too wigged out by the anxiety, call your doc asap and let them know and see what they recommend. For me, what has helped is the antibiotics the doc prescribed and as for my own control over the situation, Tylenol has helped. The tylenol helps me with the sinus pressure and puts me in a calmer mood. Also, distract yourself. Today is going to be the first day in a week I'm going to go out socially. I've been too dizzy, nauseous and in-my-head recently and had resigned myself to bed to feel even more anxious and paranoid but today I'm breaking out, gonna beat the anxiety. If you have some friends or family, go out for a walk, watch a movie, socialize. Being around people can be the best medicine of all. Hope this helps! :)

PumpkinSeed 01-30-2009 09:13 PM

Re: sinus causing
it's really weird because when i take my sleeping pills (lunesta) all the sinus pain and vertigo goes away. strange. they should prescribe it for that lol. i feel pretty fine right now after taking my dose for the night. hmmm.... weird eh?

oh yeah wanted to add, how do steroid sprays cause anxiety? that's kind of strange? is that common? now i'm sort of worried about using them!

Hanshin 01-31-2009 11:28 AM

Re: sinus causing
Don't worry about the steroids causing anxiety, it's supposedly a "possible" side effect. And in my case, I tend to be very susceptable (and suggestionable) to the side effects of medications so in my case it's hard to tell if my heightened anxiety was caused by the zoloft or the zoloft and the steroids. But don't worry about the steroids, if you're doctor prescribed them for the infection, there is a good reason. For me, they really helped with the inflammation and now that I'm done with them, I'm glad he prescribed them.

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