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jk678 02-07-2009 08:48 AM

Hypothyroidism & Sinus Bradycardia
Hey guy's, I have been reading some of the post here ... very informative, learning a lot!
I haven't seen anything here on Sinus Bradycardia ...
I had some blood work done back in June & July 2008.
My TSH test came back as 4.122 and says don't rule out Subclinical Hypothyroidism ...
Also, my ECG's came back with my paulse rate ... Low of 53 and a High of 58.
I had a total of 4 ECG's done in a two week stretch.
My ECG's say Sinus Bradycardia ...
I'm out of work right now and I don't have insurance to go to a doctor to look at these ...
My question is ... how concerned should I be about this?
I'm 54 years old
I got the blood work and the ECG's done free for doing a study on a new medication for Osteoporosis .
Any info would be appreciated.

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