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scrubsfan 02-25-2009 09:36 AM

Chronic Sinusitis and GAD
I have chronic sinusitis and I have been on nasonex for years and years. I also have severe GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I have recently talked to a doctor (not my own) who has said that these problems may be connected.


-sensitivity to lights/cloudy days
-sometimes depression
-nasal congestion
-sinus pressure
-detached; lightheaded

Does anyone else suffer these symptoms?

Today I tried the "neti pot" and I have to say it feels amazing. I feel focused and "real". I feel less anxious, my mind feels clear. I'm not saying this is the "medicine" I need because I've only tried it one day; but, it seems to have helped a fair bit. I did not go into it thinking that "this will cure me" but it feels SO much better.

Has anyone else tried this?

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