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Kelly0514 03-10-2009 02:22 PM

Needs Sinus Surgery Advice
I've had chronic sinus problems my whole life and they have gotten much worse over the last few years. I finally went to see an ENT and didn't get the news I was hoping for.

I have a deviated septum and Conchabalosa (CB) which will require surgery to fix. Although I've been told this will drastically help my issue, I am terrified of the surgery. No one wants to hear that they are going to remove bones from your nose and then break it! In addition, he told me I will have to come back 3 times after the surgery to have the splint removed and for "cleanings". I can't imagine that feeling too good either. I have a fairly good tolerance for pain, but not very excited about this.

I am hoping someone out there has been through this experience and can provide me with some insight about the procedure, recovery time, pain scale, and follow-up appts post surgery.

Don't be afraid of scaring me, I would rather know the truth. I've been through kidney stones which I've been told is the worst pain I will ever experieince, so I'm sure I can handle this.

Chrissa07 03-10-2009 09:24 PM

Re: Needs Sinus Surgery Advice
Hi Kelly,

I am in your same boat. I am soon to have surgery for a deviated septum (and turbenite reduction- which is scheduled to take place after I have a tonsillectomy-March 23rd).

I have a friend that just went through the surgery to correct the deviated septum. She said it was pretty traumatic; the recovery was harder than she was led to believe. Specifically, she wasn't prepared for the follow up "cleanings" and pain of having the nose packing removed. After the surgery, she was told not to blow her nose for 10 days (which was very problematic because the surgery itself causes a lot of fluid in the nose). She was on percoset for the pain and said it definitely helped. On the bright sidem she said that her sense of smell has improved dramatically.

She said knowing what she knows now, she wouldn't have had the surgery.

In spite of her experience, I still plan to have my surgery as I am hopeful it will finally allow me to breathe through my nose. I'll post again after my surgery to let you know how it goes.

angelee12 03-18-2009 07:22 AM

Re: Needs Sinus Surgery Advice
I've had both surgeries conchobullosa removed 2004 and septum repaired Nov 08. I
am still having sinus problems. I have had an infection over 2 mos. 3 antibiotics and steroids. I can breathe a lot better, but still have congestion and ear pain. My nose is still in healing process. It swells with too much activity. But even with infection I could still breathe through nose. Had CT scan done yesterday, will see ENT again tomorrow. Hopefully will not have to have another surgery. Apparently they don't consider these procedures sinus surgery. ENT asked me if I ever had sinus surgery. I reminded him about conchobullosa, he said yeah we need CT to look at sinus cavity. Just make sure they do thorough exam with removal and repair. You don't want to do it more than once. The removal of conchobullosa was not bad. Septum was another story. Longer recovery and you will look like you've been in a fight. Pain was manageable after about 3 days tylenol only. Good Luck!!!

hjjasnell 03-18-2009 08:44 AM

Re: Needs Sinus Surgery Advice
I have had the works when it comes to sinus surgery. I had a deviated septum repaired, concha bullosa removed, turbinate reduction as well as a general roto rootering of my sinus cavities and breaking down of some cavity walls. This was done in June of 2007 (I believe it was June). It really wasn't too terribly bad, don't get me wrong it hurt like you wouldn't believe but looking back on it, I've been through worse. It was outpatient surgery. I was put under general anesthesia for it. My sinuses and nose was packed with gauze afterwards and I lived with that for 3 days. That was by far the worst part. I felt 100% better when they pulled that out (it really hurt for them to pull it out but what a relief afterwards!). I did not have 2 black eyes and a bruised nose even though I had a severely deviated septum that they corrected. I went back 5 times for "cleanings". All they do is take this little instrument and put it up into your nose and sinuses and clear out scabs to help you heal better without too much scar tissue. They were wonderful about post op care and had me keep coming back (hence why the 5 times instead of just 3) until I was healed enough to know I wouldn't scar over. I've said time and time again it was my miracle surgery...for a while anyways. I've begun to have sinus infections that are resistant to the antibiotics again. I honestly couldn't tell you if I would elect to go through the surgery again or not. If that time comes I will know then. Good luck and don't worry too much, it's really not as bad and horrific as you make it out to be in your mind. And remember the pain pills are your friend!:wave:

Kelly0514 03-19-2009 05:02 AM

Re: Needs Sinus Surgery Advice
Hi Heather,
Thank you for the information! The fear of pain is my biggest problem right now; especially the removal of the packing. Everyone seems to have the same opinion, it feels great to have it out, but it hurts like hell! I'm not a big fan of being awake during that; they recommended taking a pain pill beforehand but not sure that will do much good. I'm going to see a 2nd opinion on Saturday and hopefully I will feel more comfortable with this doctor and go ahead with it. I get awful sinus infections and hope this will help correct the issue. If only I can get over the fear of all of the pain!!

Kelly0514 03-19-2009 05:12 AM

Re: Needs Sinus Surgery Advice
Hi. Thank you for the post; I'm sorry to hear you're still having problems. I hope you don't have to have another surgery. I'm going to see a 2nd opinion on Saturday to make sure they are recommending the right procedure for me. I really want to have the issue corrected but am terrified of the surgery, recovery, and pain associated with it. I had knee surgery last year and thankfully other than PT the pain was manageable through pain killers. The packing sounds horrible; I can't imagine being comfortable and being able to sleep like that!! And of course, removing the packing can't be the most pleasant. Thanks again for the info and good luck!

angelee12 03-19-2009 01:09 PM

Re: Needs Sinus Surgery Advice
The pain wasn't that bad, only for a few days. I don't even remember them removing the packing the day after surgery because of pain meds. I do remember the first time I had tubes run down my throat into my nose and even that wasn't bad when they removed it. I do have to have surgery again on the 30th. My sinuses are impacted with infection despite the 31 days on antibiotics. I not looking forward to it. I had to sleep in recliner last time. But I am so tired of being sick and taking so many antibiotics. That can't be good for me.
Don't fret over it, you will be fine!! It's not that bad!!! Goodluck and I hope it helps you get well.

hjjasnell 03-19-2009 04:58 PM

Re: Needs Sinus Surgery Advice
Like Angelee12 said, the pain is only for a few days and really isn't that bad if you take your pain meds. I too had to sleep in the recliner for a few days to a week. Yes the packing hurt like hell but it only took a few seconds so all in all it really wasn't that bad and it felt SOOOO much better when it was out. You may not even have packing at all, not all doctors pack after surgery, some only put splints in if you're having a septoplasty and that's it. It was well worth it for the 2 years of being sinus infection free for me. Don't sweat over it too much. We always tend to make things into a lot worse than they really are. You'll be just fine. Good luck!!

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