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lookinforanswer 03-16-2009 04:28 PM

Sinus infection, Sinusitis or something else
I have had sinus problems for over a month now and it is now really taking a toll on me.

I can't touch my nose to blow it because it hurts, when I do blow, there is a mixture of white gunk and blood for the whole time.

I have used simply saline to moisten my nose inside, because I have this scab that keeps opening up and keeps on bleeding. It hurts and burns, and I have been sneezing like the devil. I use a humidifier at night when I am sleeping.

I don't have any other symptoms other than the nose. No headaches, no feeling of a cold, no pressure anywhere, really not even in the nose. It just hurts inside.

I have some leftover Keflex when I had a urinary tract infection. The doc told me not to take all of it because if it does come back to take, he gave me extra. Anyway I took this for two days straight to see if the symptoms would go away and nothing. I didn't even start feeling better.

Can anyone tell me what else I can do. I have gone through 5 big boxes of tissues in the mean time just keep on blowing.


fufu 03-19-2009 05:26 AM

Re: Sinus infection, Sinusitis or something else
first of all i'd like to start by telling you that taking the keflex for two days will not help you feel better so you are basically taking medication for nothing. if keflex was prscribed to you for a uti doesn't mean it'll work for your nose. certain antibiotics are prescribed for different things because they will work for one infection does not mean they will work for another. second of all when you are prescribed something you should finish the entire amount prescribed or it just doesn't work. as for the blood it seems like the inside of your nose is irritated, try the salinol ointment. if you have a sinus infection you would feel pressure, headaches, sometimes even pain along the teeth and the secretions would not be white. do you have allergies? the humidifier is a good idea. do you take flonase or nasonex? go back to the ent and ask questions. it sounds like your problem is inside the nostril and it could possibly be from the fact that you keep blowing it that it's just so irritated. go ask your pharmacist to give you something for the irritation.

MikeBlue 03-21-2009 04:15 PM

Re: Sinus infection, Sinusitis or something else
Sorry, I'd go to see doctor if you have not yet.
I put it off, thinking just sinus headache for a few weeks. Headache came and went, then teeth aches off/on and had very little drainage, usually just clear to white, thought no biggie.
Mon I started running a fever. I had no idea why. Saw doctor Tues. He ask right off if had headache, sinus stuff. Yea, but hardly any drainage. He said more than likely Sinus Infection since had fever.
Been on Augmentin all week, fever hit 104 couple times stayed over 100 mostly. Wed doc office called CBC weren't to bad and if temp hadn't come down by Fri to come back in. Well Fri got up to just cool 97.2 temp. But now have drainage, choking, feeling bad and now face swelled some under one eye. Wish I'd went to doctor a few weeks back.
Good Luck,

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