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Essica 03-26-2009 02:16 PM

I could do with some advice re sinusitis
I went to ENT yesterday and had a good chat with him. I had a CT scan last september which showed mild chronic sinusitis, ENT said thats what the people who report the CT scan say but as an ENT specialist he said its not sinusitis unless the whole result shows grey areas, but my scan just showed thin layers of grey but mostly black which he said was not sinusitis.

It reassured me alot but then in December I had a sinus infection after a nasty cold, I knew I had an infection because I had fever, nose bleed, green mucus from nose and basically a hell of alot of pain. The antibiotics worked and I was soon well again but then in January I had a nostril infection, all went after another lot of anti bs but then 3 weeks ago my nostril was sore again and bleeding when I itched it, I had a scan constantly forming but again my GP put me on anti bs.

I went to ENT yesterday because I had had enough of my GP giving me anti bs. The ENT specialist said it was not a sinus infection because I had no green discharge or fever. I keep having a blocked left nostril on and off, its not constant, I do sinus rinses often but they always run clear, nothing comes out but I do notice after a rinse when I bend forward to blow out any left over water the left side of my head aches at the back???? and the left ear creeks abit??? I am worrying this means ive a blockage of water, maybe due to a sinus infection thats just left there blockin the way, am I stupid?lol! ok don't answer that. I told ENT but he just dismissed it. He said if I had even chronic sinusitis my nose would run green, he said people often get congested nostrils that come and go like mine.

I had a load of blood tests done monday due to low iron and tiredness, my white cell count was 6.5 which my GP said if i had an infection would be over 11, he said mine is within normal range. Has anyone else had a raised white count with infection? shoudl that reassure me?

I am just concerned that with the pain i get after irrigation in my left ear and left side of head, nostril infection and congested left nostril often that I do have a chronic sinus infection:confused:

Amanda06 03-28-2009 12:33 PM

Re: I could do with some advice re sinusitis
I too had 'sinuitis' a lot in the past dated back to my pre-teen age. However, I luckily found a good ENT who performed a simple, outpatient, minor surgery that is a curved instrument inserting deep inside my nostril, right under the eye, about 5 - 7 years ago. Since then, I rarely get sinuitis.

My ENT told me that my nose-tube (I can't remember what's it called, ...) between eyes and others are very narrow that I was born that way and nothing can do about it. In order to avoid Sinuitis infection is NOT only anti bs but also in need to widen tubes once awhile. It was a bit painful(even aneth.), but in the end I felt very grateful for his professional performance and advice. Besides, unlike going to the hospital, a cost of minor surgery was very affordable.

It's so strange that both GP and ENT keep telling you the same thing over, over again. In my suggestion, try to find a good ENT, because as I know how horrible sinitis can be, it's time for you to get well without worrying about another sinuitis strikes.

Through the experience in my sinuitis, most of GPs/family docs. dx and rx Minor-form of sinuitis. Repeated and serious form of sinuitis needs an expert ENT.

eye2797 03-28-2009 02:00 PM

Re: I could do with some advice re sinusitis
oh my gosh, I feel like I wrote your post. Since december -antibiotics 3 or 4 times, steroids. I do get feeling better with the meds but doesnt last.
went to my first ENT visit and he said it was more muscle, like I have always have sinus pressure and a little headache. I have major pain in the center of my nose. He says go to a neuro doc. I do hace a deviated septum-bad. he doesnt account that for the pressure and pain.
I have no yellow mucus, I do sinus rinses. Ugh I feel like I am going in circles. I also have the stuffed up nose thing and it feels swollen
I hope you can find out what is going on, if you do let me know.
I have an appt with my Fam Doc, soon. I cant wait to hear what he has to say.
Oh my Ct showed mild build of calcified infection and the deviated spetum and that all my sinuses were open for drainage. OK than why do I have so much pain

Essica 03-28-2009 02:24 PM

Re: I could do with some advice re sinusitis
Thanks for your replies.

What I dont understand is why do they keep givin me anti bs when they say its not infected as such??

My ENT is very good, ive seen 2 and they both say the same thing that my CT was a good scan other than some mild inflammation.

My left nostil is blocked most of the time recently and my throat is abit raw and thick, my kids have all had a nasty cold so I guess I have a virus now?? could a cold just block up one nistril?

eye2797 03-28-2009 07:38 PM

Re: I could do with some advice re sinusitis
I dont know why one side would be stuffed up. I remember my doc saying that the tissue was swollen.
I would talk to them about the meds because if you keep taking them it will not work in the future.
I started sinus washing , I think it is making me feel better.
It is just so hard not knowing what is going on

Essica 03-29-2009 12:22 AM

Re: I could do with some advice re sinusitis
I guess i shud b reassured ive no green from my nose or fever and gp said my white cell count was normal so therefore no infection.

Think i must have abit of a cold off my children coz im not usually congested so much. I startes with a rough thick throat a week ago then my left nostril was very stuffy, no runny nose, can colds be like this?

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