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watty5618 03-29-2009 10:10 PM

Issues after Sinus Surgery
Hi All,

I recently had a virul infection which caused quite bad nasal obstruction and very mild sinus pain every now and then, I also had a sore throat and ear problems (getting quite dizzy losing balance) and when I swallowed I had mild pain in my ear. Because of the Blockage I developed sleep apnea and then panic attacks (This was all new to me never had theses issues before) . I tried all kinds of medication prescribed by my GP for Allergies, then after about 4 months I was referred to my ENT.

The ENT said I had, had a viral infection which caused inflammation of my tribunates and that I needed septoplasty / trimming of my tribunates / and I canít remember the name but to have two holes drilled into my sinus's to relive the pressure.

I was told all the other effects of the above would disappear when the surgery was done i.e. sleep apnea would be cured when I could breath better thus the panic attacks, and then my ear and throat problem would clear up to.

I had the sugary just over 6 weeks ago and all seems to be going well, how ever I still seem to have a few issues although most of the above has cleared up.

I still feel my breathing is not quite right for eg when doing fitness before I could breathe through my nose with ease, now when I try the same the sides of my nose pinch in when I try to breath any harder than normal, will this improve ?

My throat still feels swollen and mildly sore and my glands still feel swollen as they did before.

As a result swallowing is little more difficult and I seem to be making little klaking noise with my throat, I donít know why but I think it may have something to do with the swelling of the glands.

I know it sounds strange but when I see my ENT he only seems to care about the op and those results not the other issues? Could this be something unrelated that I need to get looked at which happens to be coincidence ? The ENT says everythnig has gone well and the op was a success.

Hope you can help

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