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tdooders1 06-08-2009 05:58 AM

Can sinus issues cause eye problems?
I have some sinus pressure usually in between my eyes and there are times when my eyes feel painful and strained and I get dizzy and the only relief I get is to squeeze the bridge of my nose right between my eyes with my fingers to make my eyes feel better. Im going to the eye doctor tomorrow. Also I have this permament floater in my left eye. I only see it when I move my eyes fast or looking into a bright light. What causes the floater and will it ever go away? I just turned 40 and things are falling apart lol

mom2sfs 06-13-2009 11:01 AM

Re: Can sinus issues cause eye problems?
Sinuses can definitely cause eye issues! If your ophthalmologist isn't open to that (because mine sure wasn't), consult an ENT (ear, nose, throat Dr.). There is definitely a connection. Two sinuses sit adjacent to your optic nerve(s). I too get that pressure and have to squeeze the same spot on the bridge of my nose.

Floaters are a retinal thing. Most are normal but of course mention it to your eye dr. and ask about it. They are supposed to clear up after some time but I have permanent ones too that really mess with my vision. I am turning 40 too and my eyesight is atrocious. :(

Good luck with everything!

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