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TaskTool 06-10-2009 12:13 PM

Retention Cyst in left sinus.
After going to the doctor with headaches and dizziness, I had a sinus X-ray done, which showed something the size of a marble in my left sinus cavity.

I then had a CT scan done, and it turns out that it is a fairly big Retention Cyst.

The doctor doesn't even seem concerned at all at this point, he just stressed that it is not cancerous, and only I need to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor to determine, if it is blocking any drainage for my left sinus, which could cause chronic sinus issues.

My main concern, is, that, after seeing this thing (about the size of a half dollar) could it become cancerous over time? And am I ok living to the age of 90 with this thing in my head?

Something just seems wrong to me. I actually hope that it is interfering with my sinus drainage, so that I can just have surgery and have this thing removed from my head.

And the worst part is, I think it was just an incidental finding, and we are not really addressing my main problem, which was headaches, and dizziness.

My father also has a retention cyst, on the inside of his mouth below where is tongue is, and he says he has had it for most of his life.

I'm more concerned about longevity with this retention cyst. Will it be the cause of my death in the future? Do they grow back if they are removed? What surgical procedure will be done to remove the cyst? Does it involve breaking the nose to gain access to the sinus?

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