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Ramshackle 06-19-2009 08:29 AM

Sinusitis without excess phlegm or runny nose?
Sorry this is a bit of an essay, i never know when to shut up.

I'm probably asking the same questions that have been asked a million times but I really want to make sure before I go to a Doctor's (i'm slightly phobic of the Doctor)

I think I may have sinusitis but I don't have a runny nose, excess mucus and phlemgh, my nose isn't noticably blocked like having a cold (apart from when I lie down). It feels as if there is something in the way in my nasal caveity rather then excess mucus. It dosen't feel like I have a cold or flu, rather that there is something in the way, It's hard to explain but it feels different to when i had a blocked nose due to a cold. When I do have phlemgh it is lumpy almost solid and sometimes bloody. However again not to any excess!
As I am given to understand the runny nose, excess mucus etc is an integral part of sinusitis.

My other symptoms are:
. Severe headache upon waking up, it usualy wanes after an hour or so but can stay all day and all I can do is lie down in a dark room. This is becoming more and more frequent.
. Blocked nose upon lieing down
. Severe pressure around my face, the cheekbones, maxilla, temples and eye sockets. It feels like my eyeballs are going to explode out of their sockets. I genuinly feel like drilling holes in my cheekbones to relieve the pressure.
. Visual disturbances, double images, after effects, when moving my head quickly or standing up causes visual blackouts causing complete loss of vision which can last up to half a minute. Dosen't sound long but it is when your crossing a road or in an exam! I have been to an optician and they said there's nothing wrong with my eyes.
. Nose bleeding in the night, I wake up with dry blood crusted in my nose, and fresh blood when I blow it. I have never been prone to nosebleeds, never even had any.
. Bloodshot eyes, and eyeballs turning a pinkish colour (this usualy goes away after a day or so but then returns)

This has been going on since March.

There have been a history of problems with the ENT in my family. My mother had to have surgery to widen her nasal cavity, she also had, along with my brother and sister, to have surgery for problems with adenoids and draining issues. My mother and brother also have problems with hearing as a result of ENT problems.
I've always been the healthy one and had no problems with hearing, (apart from having very slight hearing difficulties, it's never really affected me), sinusis or adenoids or anything related. My family problems were present and made themselves known in childhood and since I never had anything wrong in childhood it makes me doubt that it's the same.

Any advice, opinions, home remedies, or anything would be more then welcome!

gcsjr 06-19-2009 09:06 AM

Re: Sinusitis without excess phlemgh or runny nose?
Based on your description it does sound like you should see an ENT. It's possible that you have a deviated septum or some other anatomical issue that is causing your symptoms.

The one home remedy you might try is saline irrigation using a SinusRinse bottle or Neti Pot. If your symptoms are the result of inflamed mucus membranes in your nose, irrigation may help reduce the inflammation. You can buy either at any major drugstore chain.

para614 07-17-2009 03:49 AM

Re: Sinusitis without excess phlegm or runny nose?
Dear Ramschakle,

I have read your post on health board and I think that the pain you have is friggin unbearable.

My sister aged 18 has all the symptoms that you ve described here and they are exactly the same as yours.

she has a history of depressiion due to headache also.What I want to know from you is that, what is your diagnosis? have you figured out what the problem is?

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Titchou 07-17-2009 05:42 AM

Re: Sinusitis without excess phlegm or runny nose?
I definitely second the neti pot or at least a saline spray suggestion.

torontogirl 11-18-2009 04:39 AM

Re: Sinusitis without excess phlegm or runny nose?
Hi there,

I think we have the same issue! Mine started with just headaches but progressed to stuffy nose, blood shot eyes, etc. I saw an ENT and he told me that I had adenoids and a cyst on my adenoids. He prescribed decongestants, nasal spray, etc. but no help. I have decided to see a new ENT - my appt. is in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, he will just remove the adenoids and solve the problem! I will let you know.

Have you seen an ENT yet?

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