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Dave56789 06-28-2009 03:16 PM

recurring sinus infections
Does or has anyone else struggled with recurrent sinus infections? I get them about every 2 months. I've tried nasal surgery, allergy shots, nasal irrigation, prescription nasal sprays, reducing dairy products and nothing has worked (except antibiotics once I get them). Has anyone had success with anything else? When I get these , it really knocks me out for several days. Thanks.

gcsjr 06-30-2009 03:04 AM

Re: recurring sinus infections
There are some options but it's hard to tell from you post exactly what, if anything you're doing today to to prevent the infections.

First of all, you say that "I've tried nasal surgery, allergy shots, nasal irrigation, prescription nasal sprays, reducing dairy products and nothing has worked (except antibiotics once I get them)".

When you say you've tried nasal irrigation and prescription sprays, what does that mean exactly? Nasal irrigation and steroid nasal sprays are the two most effective means of preventing recurring sinus infections but must be used every single day. It takes several weeks of daily use for them to have an effect and then they must be used on an ongoing basis to help minimize the recurrence of an infection. It would be helpful to know how long you took them for (they're not a guarantee but typically do cut down on the number of infections someone has if they're used every day).

The fact that you've tried allergy immunotherapy indicates that you have some type of underlying allergy. Are you taking antihistamines daily to minimize any ongoing allergic reaction that causes inflammation and leads to infection? If not you should definitely be taking an antihistamine every day.

Beyond that there are two other common contributing factors to recurrent sinus infections - GERD and an immune deficiency. GERD can contribute to sinus inflammation and, although it's rare, some immune deficiencies have recurring sinus infections as one of their primary symptoms.

Re-starting the nasal sprays and saline irrigation are probably your best bet, but a visit to an ENT (to confirm that there is no physical blockage causing your infections) and allergist/immunologist (to rule out an immune deficiency of some type) are probably the best course of action.

Machaon 06-30-2009 03:59 AM

Re: recurring sinus infections
For decades, I was constantly getting sinus infections. I would take antibiotics, which got rid of the infection, but would just get another infection. I had had sinus surgery, but that didn't seem to help.

Back in 2001, about a week after just getting over another damn sinus infection, I felt that my sinus were, once again, getting infected. Stupidly, out of frustration, I put my head down and flooded my sinuses with diluted Hydrogen Peroxide. I didn't dilute the Peroxide enough, and it burned the hell out of my sinuses and left me much worse for three days. :( :mad: I thought that I had really messed up this time. :confused: After three days, my sinuses felt better than they had felt in a long time. The sinus flooding with Peroxide actually worked! It almost killed me, :eek: but it worked! I've gone many years without another sinus infection, and I never have to do any more sinus floodings with Peroxide, or irrigate, or do anything to my sinuses in order to avoid sinus infections. I can honestly say that I am totally sinus-infection free! :D

Anyways...... I am not suggesting that anyone try something similar, unless under a doctor's care. But if you are interested in seeing what I did, in order to get some ideas, I documented what I did in the thread: [B]New 'upside down sinus flooding' documentation[/B], in the Allergies Board, at the following link: [U][/U]

Best of luck finding a solution to your sinus infection problems! :wave:

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