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simons 07-28-2009 07:59 PM

still congested nose after sinus surgery
Hi, I have just had my sinus surgery 2 weeks ago to remove infectious growths in my nose which was giving me breathing problems. What happened was when I was in college, I had a bad cold that started in January and I kept on postponing taking good care of myself and the cold basically lasted until my final examinations. By that time, it had somewhat changed from a cold to a infection and even after getting good rest the stuffed nose would no longer go away. Basically, I went to the allergist and the allergy test turned out negative and finally, two weeks ago in the middle of July, I was able to get a surgery to remove the growths inside my nose.

The only problem is, 2 weeks after my sinus surgery, I'm still experiencing stuffed nose and it still feels like there are growths inside my nose (more on my right nose, which was the more severely infected side before the surgery). I did end up going to the doctor two days ago and he said the surgery is healing well but I"m still so worried that something has not gone right because I was expecting to be breathing normally by this time. I know the surgery will cause scabs and some natural swelling, but does it go this long? Has anybody else experienced this after a sinus surgery?

Thanks, I'm really hoping everything goes well for my post-operative healing as the doctor says because I've been suffering from my nose for several months now and haven't bee able to do a lot of the activities that I normally do. Thanks!

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