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400ex 08-06-2009 09:55 PM

Burning sensation in head and pressure in head/sinuses
Ok so since July 25th I have been having burning sensation in my head, headache and pressure in my sinuses. I have been running to doctors like crazy and been getting tests done.

I got a MRI and it was normal. I got an EEG it was normal and I got a bloodtest at the endocronologist and it was normal.

I am schedualed to do a 48 hour EEG but I really feel like it isn't seizure related.

I get a lot of the burning when I am driving/fast moving stuff. This happened after a night of gaming for 3 or 4 hours.

I do have seizures but havent had one in 2.5 years and am under control with medication.

I have seen a neurologist and he hasn't heard of this before and he him self said he doesn't believe it is seizure related.

But since July 25th the symptoms have gotten a lot better..

Is this something serious or is this going to go away by it self since it already has somewhat gone away. It just seems to bother me no when I drive.

I still dont feel 100%

I also noticed that my jaw seems to act up every now and then it doesn't seem as loose as it should.

When I was at my worst I couldn't watch TV because it would bother me, I also couldn't be in a dark room with the TV on because it bothered me so much.

Could I have just strained a nerve?

Like I said my EEG Test came back normal, my MRI came back normal (no contrast) and my Endocrin blood test came back normal. And my physical blood test back in June of 09 was Normal...

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