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ryanjames640 08-21-2009 12:25 PM

Ringing in Ear and Sinus
Just something I've observed over the past couple weeks and was curious. You might have seen my other posts so i'll try to abbreviate this one. I got really bad sinus problems about a month ago...severe severe pain and pressure behind my nose on the right side and forehead. I feel a little fog headed sometimes but that comes and goes. So all the medical peps..ent, dr etc...nothing serious so far. I'm taking some antibiotics for an infection but what I did notice is that once i started to get a little relief from the pressure (more so in the morning when i felt normal) i would hear a very faint high pitched pulsating ringing in my ear..not a roar just very faint the time i was walking out the door it was gone. It did that for a few days before my sinus's started getting bad again and then it went away. So yesterday I read about using a saline nasal spray to clear up my nose incase stuff is caked in i've been using that for a day now and notice an incredible difference since...but just today when i got back from lunch i noticed the faint ringing again...for a couple mintues but now this ringing coming from my sinus putting pressure on something in my ears and when it starts to clear up the ringing starts? It's just weird because it only happens when my sinsu's and my head are actually clear feeling...

eilostnyc 08-23-2009 09:18 AM

Re: Ringing in Ear and Sinus
Hi, I get the same problem...........when my ear feels stuffy the ringing is less and when it uncloggs i get the ringing, or hissing. I am not sure what to do. ENT says my ears are clear so time to go to another ent.

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