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Machaon 10-06-2009 06:06 AM

Peroxide sinus Flush/Flooding --- is it safe?
[QUOTE=slater1182]I found out about the peroxide flush in 2007. Worked great back then.[/QUOTE]

When you say that it worked great, what did it do for you? Did you use peroxide in your sinuses often?

I used it "after" using antibiotics in order to keep any injured sinus/nasal membranes from re-infecting. Once healed I didn't really have to do another sinus flooding with peroxide ever again.

[QUOTE]I recently had a really bad sinus infection that ended up plugging both ears. I remembered the P-flush and it totally helped again However, it only cleared my right ear and the left is still blocked.[/QUOTE]

I have never experienced my ears getting plugged or unplugged from a sinus flooding. I wonder if the sinus flooding could have cleared away some blockage near the opening(s) of your Eustachian Tubes?

[QUOTE]I notice some of your posts talk about not getting the solution in the ear tubes. Is there possible ear loss/damage if i get solution in the ear tubes? [/QUOTE]

I hate to disappoint you, but I am neither medical student or medical professional. I was a computer geek since 1962. I can only speak anecdotally. Personally, I have never gotten peroxide in the small tubes leading from the back of the throat to the Middle Ears, so I do not know what it would do. I certainly wouldn't want to take any chance at all getting my Eustachian Tubes plugged up with anything, including water. That is why I always impress the importance of doing any kind of flooding or irrigation under the supervision of a medical professional.

[QUOTE]I want to really flood the left sinus and possible left ear to clear it out but did not want to damage hearing.

is peroxide in the ear tubes harmful or just uncomfortable?


I certainly wouldn't want to take any chances at all, that could do harm to either my Eustachian Tubes, or Middle Ear.

I wasn't being too smart when I put my head down, sometime around 2002, and flooded my sinuses with Hydrogen Peroxide. I was in misery after suffering one sinus infection after another, FOR YEARS! I just wanted to kill whatever was attacking my sinuses. So, stupidly and recklessly, I placed my head down into the shower and flooded my sinuses with an overly strong mixture of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and distilled water, without a Medical Professional's supervision or knowledge. It really was a reckless, dangerous thing to do. But....... miraculously it worked! It eventually led to a cure for my constant sinus infections and a total healing of my nasal membranes. I no longer get any sinus/nasal infections!

Whatever decision you make, be very careful. Do not take any chances with your Middle Ear(s) or your Eustachian Tubes. From what I've read, once you get a blocked Eustachian Tube, it can cause all kinds of misery for a long period of time.

For more information on my experiences with Sinus Flooding with Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide please read [B]New 'upside down sinus flooding' documentation.[/B] thread. The link, which you have already displayed is: [U][/U]

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Regards, and best of luck finding a solution for your sinus problems. :wave:

pastapup 10-16-2009 11:42 AM

Re: Peroxide sinus Flush/Flooding --- is it safe?
Machaon, I notice that my hydrogen peroxide seems to go flat after it's been opened (like carbonated beverages). Does that effect the efficacy of the HP for the nasal rinsing?

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