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buckeye84 10-26-2009 12:21 PM

possible sinus tachycardia
I am a 24 year old female in good health: BMI 22, I eat fairly healthy and I work out about 5 times/week and do toning/weight lifting a couple times/week. I started feeling really light headed about a month ago, and then I nearly passed out one day. I made an appointment with my doctor to see what was going on.

At the appointment, I mentioned to my doctor that my HR gets really high when I work out. (Spikes to 180). I have low blood pressure (100/60) and a low resting heart rate (45-60). She seemed concerned about this and hooked me up to an EKG (everything normal) and then had me wear a HR monitor for 24 hours. She also ran blood work to rule out low blood sugar, thyroid problems, etc.Blood work was normal.

Doctor said the monitor showed that my heart rate would climb very rapidly from 60 to 120 frequently when i did things like climb the stair or if I heard a noise that scared me. She mentioned sinus tachycardia and had me schedule an appointment with the cardiologist. She said she was thinking about possibly putting me on a beta blocker but was hesitant to do that before I met with the cardiologist.

My appointment is in two weeks but I am really freaked out. I've still been feeling really faint and nearly passing out, and I am feeling really week. I've been wearing my heart rate monitor that I bought for the gym and checking it all the time. My HR is all over the place, shooting up over 100, sometimes for no reason. I can just be sitting watching tv and I'll feel kind of weird and check my HR -- it will be over 100 again, but it will always return to the lower rate. I read about sinus tachycardia and it seems that people suffering from this have a high resting HR around 100, but this is not the case here.

Any thoughts about what's going on? I am a little nervous.

MyHeart916 10-27-2009 10:39 PM

Re: possible sinus tachycardia
Hi, I am 29 and have sinus tach. The only difference is my resting HR is about 80. My HR went as high as 165 doing nothing but sitting in a cubicle. Anyway, I will tell you what I've been told after going to many heart doctors, sinus tach will not hurt you however it is very annoying. When your heart races do you always feel it? I do. Sinus Tach gives people anxiety, well it did for me at least, and after severe sinus tach episodes, I would get panic attacks which just made everything worse. You can really worry yourself sick with all of this, and to you it seems like a huge deal, but the doctors always seem to act like it's nothing. They will probably run tests etc and just put you on a beta blocker. In my personal opinion an EKG is not the best test out there, it only says what your heart is doing at that moment. I would tell your cardiologist you want to wear an extended heart monitor, I wore a great one for 2 weeks and it will definately catch something if there is something to catch going on with your heart. After everything, I am on a beta blocker, Atenolol 50mg/twice a day & was told to start conditioning my heart by exercising, it has helped but did not fix me. =(

p.s. I thought about getting a monitor to to check my heart rate too, but trust someone that has been through this, do not wear it all the time. You will drive yourself crazy with worry and it will just make your heart beat faster. As silly as this sounds, try to find relaxation techniques, it has helped me. I would like any suggestions though anyone else out there may have..

Good Luck to you, keep us posted! :)

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