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adoptin 11-18-2009 08:13 PM

My sinuses are killing me!
I went on vacation in mid October to western Colorado. I started to have some post nasal drip at that time. It felt like I couldn't drink water or I wouldn't be able to breathe (it feels like it coats my throat). I spent a couple of nights awake all night because of the drainage (which was constant-day and night).

I returned from vacation (after 1 week) back to Kansas City, MO and by then I had a raging sinus infection (THICK yellow snot-gross). I was put on a first round of antibiotics which did no more than irritate my stomach, cause break through bleeding during mid pack of my birth control and make me miserable! 10 days later I was back at the doctor. She put me on Cephlexin (sp?) which eventually (and I mean not until day 7) took care of the sinus *infection* but I still have a very large amount of sinus drainage and I still find it hard to breathe, drink, eat and sleep.

I am absolutely miserable. I have been sick for six weeks and I am exhausted. On top of everything I have been having panic attacks when I drink water or when I feel like I am having a hard time breathing. My doctor put me on anti-anxiety meds (BuSpar) when the xanax she put me on (temporarily) gave me some relief. The BuSpar isn't helping yet, not even taking the edge off of the panic attacks. I have been taking benadryl at night and claritin during the day to help with the congestion/runny nose, but they aren't helping. I have been doing nasal irrigation nightly (which hasn't been helping at all!). Basically I am just miserable. I go from congested to runny nose and back, still have a cough, sometimes dry, sometimes productive. I have an appointment to go back to the doctor on Friday, but I don't even know what to ask? Allergy meds? Another antibiotic? What can I do?!?!?! HELP! :(

gcsjr 11-21-2009 04:08 AM

Re: My sinuses are killing me!
It sounds like you need to see someone who specializes in treating allergies and sinus issues. The PND could be from allergies or from acid reflux (which can cause tightness in the chest and sinus congestion).

I would recommend that you see Dr. Scott Frankel at Kansas City Allergy & Asthma Associates in Overland Park - he's a GREAT doctor who has lots of experience treating allergies, sinus issues and asthma.

Greenjuice 11-21-2009 08:21 AM

Re: My sinuses are killing me!
As a quick fix (especially for calming oneself), Get yourself some whitesage tea and sprinkle cayenne pepper in it. It immediately opens you up while thinning and reducing the mucus from your membranes. It also thins and reduces mucus throughout your entire body. Nothing seems to work as fast and calming as this relieving concoction.

Look up the health benefits of whitesage, as well, inorder to bring more serenity within what your drinking as your consuming this. I promise it will bring you relief. BUT, you will have a runny nose temporarily, but it should get better. Then repeat this once daily. I promise, it works. Stay away from sugar during these periods...And of course see your allergist NOT a general practitioner

Also, if your one of those who won't drink due to taste, buy some xylitol sweetner. Its a natural sugar alcohol that also acts as a natural antibiotic. Would also add benefit.

I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and allergic to dogs, trees, most grass, pollen, dust, and mold..never take any Rx and I feel 80% great. If you wish I can provide a link to all my natural remedies that naturally work with my body to build my immune system and take care of allergies. Health is always the number one answer :)

sickofpain2 11-22-2009 06:41 AM

Re: My sinuses are killing me!
A Neti-pot may help. Get the store brand and clean our your sinus's good and keep doing it. It is safe and non-addictive.

adoptin 11-25-2009 08:14 AM

Re: My sinuses are killing me!

After seeing the doctor last Friday she felt as though I still had a sinus infection (because of running mild temps), so she told me she would put me on Azithromycin if I didn't improve over the weekend). Well last weekend the super thick snot returned as did the plugged up congestion. I started the Azithromycin on Monday night and still don't have much relief. If this is going to kick it then when will I start feeling better? I'm also on a couple of allergy meds now (Allegra and Flonase). I feel like the sinusrinse is just holding the infection at bay because when I skip a night (I really do hate it and it makes me have anxiety attacks) then I am worse the next day. I have had sinus infections before and they have felt like this... if it isn't a sinus infection then what is it???

TEdds83 11-26-2009 07:53 PM

Re: My sinuses are killing me!
Hi, I am sorry you are feeling so rotten. If it's any concellation I am dealing with the same thing. I just did 2 rounds of z paks for a sinus infection and a cold that ran for 3 weeks from Oct into Nov. and now a couple of weeks later I have sinus pressure again. I am so frustrated and I hope and pray its not the sinus infection returning. I have chronic allergies year round. I do allergy shots every friday and I take sudefed and zyrtec. I have this weird pressure on the left side of my face that goes up to my left temple. It doesn't really hurt so much as it just feels like pressure on one side. The doctor says we have sinus's that go up by the temple too. I have panic and anxiety disorder too and I hate that I have that. So I am sitting here wondering if I have a brain tumor. Does anyone worry like me like this? I feel like a freak and I hate having this problem. I am just telling you that you are not alone. :wave:

just1primate 12-02-2009 11:37 AM

Re: My sinuses are killing me!
You should all do a search for "claritin and anxiety" I found a ton of patient opinions on this and how antihistamines actually make anxiety/panic worse, and are detrimental in situations like chronic sinusitis. Check it may be surprised.

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