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Nadine7 01-18-2010 03:33 PM

Long term sinus problems... PLEASE help
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this, so a big hello! :wave:

Ok, so where to start. I am 20 year old female, from the uk.
January last year in 2009, was when I first got real sick with what I think was a bad virus. It was then I got my first sinus infection. I went to my doctor, and she said I had an infection, so I got a 7-day course of antibiotics. They worked brilliantly and I was better in a few days.
A few weeks passed and I noticed the same symptoms again: Bad fever, thick green mucus, feeling very unwell, headaches, severe facial pain etc.. So, I went back to my doctor again, and she gave me another course of antibiotics, but for 10 days and this cleared it up. Nearly 4 weeks passed again, and the symptoms came back! It really was unbelievable. But, each time symptoms came back, there were more mild. In the end, and even now as I write this, my symptoms are: mild facial pressure/pain, green mucous, mild headaches, fatigue, chronic postnasal drip.

So, this happened a further 9 times throughout last year, and it seemed I grew resistant to all the antibiotics they gave me. By September 2009, my doctor was absolutely lost and confused as to what on earth was happening. She said she had given me some strong antibiotics and it shouldn't keep happening again and again. So, I got referred to an ENT Consultant. He was really nice and asked me about all my symptoms, and had a quick look up my nose. He noticed the swelling in one side and said I might have Allergic Rhinitis. He ordered me a CT Scan and a skin Allergy test, as I thought I had bad allergies.

I arrived at the hospital, December 2009. I walk into his office and he smiles at me :) so im already relieved! He said he and another Consultant had looked at the CT Scan results, and amazingly it showed no abnormalies, infection or inflammation!!!! I couldn't believe it.... I was so happy, but then.... I was like, what's the problem then?? I went to another department in the hospital then, and had my allergy test done. Guess what? Negative to all allergies!! I went home with my mum and dad, and I felt so happy, that all the results were good and there were no big things to worry about.

Psycologically, my symptoms did start to feel better after that for a few days, but deep down I think I was relieved to know nothing was seriously wrong (I also have Generalised Anxiety, OCD and Health Anxiety)
But, then after a few weeks again, symptoms were still there a little: Green mucus, post-nasal drip and facial pressure/pain, dizziness.

I went back to my ENT and we talked, and I told him I was confused why I was still having symptoms. He then used a Nasal Endoscope and wanted to take another look deeper inside. He looked in both sides of my nose, and just inside both sinus cavaties in each cheek. He reported, that surprisingly there was no pus, infection or inflammation. I just couldn't believe it, I didn't know if I was happy or sad! :dizzy:

The only thing he did report as abnormal, was there was little to no mucus in my nose at all, and he said there should be alot. He said I am suffering from a dry nose/sinus problem. This will be mimicking the effect of a sinus infection by causing pain, pressure and headaches. I thought this was the best news i've had for the whole year!!! No sinus infection!! :D

But, I have some questions for you guys now:

1) What is causing my post-nasal drip still?
2)What is causing my green mucus for all these months and months?
3) Can the facial pain be from TMJ (I clench my teeth in the night and day!)

Thanks everyone, im so happy to be sharing this with someone. I'm only 20 and all this lead me to depression last year and then my fiance left me :( so in a way im happy to know im not really that sick, but what's with these last symptoms??


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