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aestrella411 03-03-2010 11:17 AM

Sinus X-ray question, abnormal sella turcica?
I have posted this similar story in the ENT section as well. I received the results from the sinus X-ray I had recently for a loss/disturbance of taste and smell. The results are: "Three views of the sinuses shows no evidence of acute or chronic sinusitis. The frontal sinuses are hypoplastic. Bony bridging is noted in the root of the sella turcica." Does any of this sound like it could contribute to a loss of taste and fullness feeling in the left side of my nose and a fullness in my neck? I've been having problems that the doctors not able to figure out for 5 months now, and this taste thing is the most prominent at this time. What is "bony bridging"?

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