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peetoomuchman 03-09-2010 04:39 PM

the undying sinus infection
Hey folks,

My ent prescribed me some nasonex in Nov. for a constantly runny nose. Within a week I developed a sinus infection. I had never had one before (i'm 26). It is now four months later, and I am on my fourth course of antibiotics (omnicef 600 mg per day for 21 days). I'm two weeks into it. I'm also on a week's course of prednisone. Still, I don't feel much better. If I shine a light up into my right nostril I can see towards the top of my nose that it is virtually swollen shut. My mucus is really clumpy white (was always clear before), with a little yellow still. I can't comprehend how a sinus infection can possibly last so long and be so virulent, especially since I have no history of this problem. Could it be that the nasonex did some permanent damage? Anybody experience something like this? I'm afraid anything they do to treat me will just make it worse, I imagine the next step is to get the sinuses surgically drained. This sucks, I feel for you all.

Titchou 03-09-2010 05:41 PM

Re: the undying sinus infection
Some of them can be tough...esp if they are deep in your sinuses. Have you tried a neti pot to rinse them out? That could help a lot.

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