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paul762 03-20-2010 02:00 AM

Sinus Tachycardia from a back injury?
Hi im 33 year old male with unexplained sinus tachycardia constantly every day since Dec 2008, no previous cardiac symptoms.
my current symptoms are very similar to postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome with high resting heart rate of 80-100bpm and upto 140bpm upon any sort of bodily movement. The only two things that I can think might have caused this and what was happening at the time are 1:- I had bad stomach pains that lasted a few months, 2:- I did some back exercises as someone suggested the stomach pain might be a trapped nerve.

Im left wondering if I really have damaged my back somehow, or the vagus nerve by doing those exercises?

The reason I suggest this is because one evening I jumped off my chair suddenly and felt a huge click/thud in my back and immediately felt total relief of all my symptoms, my heart rate was a steady 50-60bpm for the rest of the evening but unfortunately it was short lived as when I awoke the next morning all symptoms had returend.

My 6 doctors and 2 cardiologists wont even entertain this idea about the back problem and they tell me its all anxiety related, im even having psychological help but its having no effect whatsoever, so im left in dire straits about what to do next for the best as all tests are returning normal and my therapist is wondering why our sessions are finishing so early even though I keep explaining IM NOT ANXIOUS OR STRESSED! and if i was it would only be because of my symptoms!

Thanks for listening I wish you all good health - but someone please help me!

lltomich 03-20-2010 07:32 AM

Re: Sinus Tachycardia from a back injury?
You can always be tested for POTS to rule it out. But standing and sitting and blood pressure changes are also involved in POTS diagnosis but they have the tilt table testing that you can do to rule it out. The 80 - 100 isn't tachycardia though just an elevated heart rate. The 100 - 140 that you have would be sinus tachycardia. I personally believe that something related to the stomach could bring on tachycardia but that's just my opinion. You could also ask your cardiologist to allow you to wear a holter moniter and that would allow you to record your heart rate for several days and you would note in a journal what was going on when it increases allowing them to diagnose you better to see when it happens activity wise. I would go with one of these two options. I've researched this subject for 18 years because I had AVNRT (which I just had a successful ablation for finally) and it took me 17 years to get a diagnosis so I had to learn practically everything about heart rhythm issues to try and live with my condition until I was finally diagnosed and had the ablation. But I would say those two tests would be what you might want to request from the doctors. You would need a heart rate of at least 140 bpm to qualify for an SVT so that you could pretty much rule that out (mine was always 180 - 240 when I had my SVT's). Those two tests should pretty much tell the cardiologist what is happening with you. Best Wishes.

paul762 03-21-2010 02:49 AM

Re: Sinus Tachycardia from a back injury?
Thanks very much for the reply, I forgot to mention in my previous post that on the 22nd feb I had 3 tests done they were echocardiogram, 24 hour holter and also an exercise stress test, I am still awaiting those results, however people keep telling me that no news is good news, however I am also experiencing unexplained weight loss, my last full count blood test and thyroid blood test were all normal, but they were a few months ago, I cant understand all this...

paul762 04-02-2010 08:30 AM

Re: Sinus Tachycardia from a back injury?
Just a quick update, all my tests were normal and the cardiologist doesnt want to see me again?

Why does no one seem to want to help me?

I also now have another symptom, it seems I cannot take a hot bath without unbearable Sinus Tachycardia, a shower seems ok.

Maybe its just anxiety/panic/hypochondria?

Im at my wits end here with this, its been almost a year and a half now of daily suffering.

lylone 05-12-2010 07:43 AM

Re: Sinus Tachycardia from a back injury?
I wonder too if my SVT is caused by a Vagus nerve issue. I get a throbbing feeling in my throat, have to cough and then wammo... my heart rate is up to 160+.
I did some cardio on Monday and coughed so bad that I was going to throw up! I have been sneezing some from allergies and have had two episodes of SVT in the past month, but it didn't go off this last time.
Doc put me on Digoxin a week ago, and I wonder if that helped keep my heart rate in check, but the gagging and the coughing was horrible.
I am still coughing up some crap in my throat and wonder if it is all related.

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