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3dachs 04-08-2010 02:52 PM

Sinus tachycardia and anxiety??
Hello everyone, I'm new to this board. I found this board after searching for support groups for tachycardia. I'm 31 years old and the last month of my life has been terrible. It all started with a few panic attacks and has led to a total fixation on my heart rate. In the last 3 weeks I've been to my PCP x2, an electrophysiologist, psychiatrist, and admitted myself to the hospital for observation. I couldn't even look at the telemetry monitor for fear of watching my heart rate increase. I remain in a tremendous amount of anxiety and fear. It interrupts my sleep and daily life. I have worn 2 halter monitors (the first started my preoccupation with my heart rate) both indicating episodes of sinus tachycardia. The current results I received today. It told me my minimum HR was 60 (thanks Restoril!) and maximum 146 ("brief sinus tachycardia") with an average of 80. I find this hard to believe being I know the telemetry monitor hovered in the 90's (and I was sitting in bed all day--albeit anxiety ridden). I am amazed at what anxiety and your thoughts can do to your heart rate. Anyone else have this experience??? Any advice? I'm making another appointment with an electrophysiologist to discuss my meds. The last EP MD did not want to do any additional tests at this time. Has anyone ever experienced sustained anxiety and a resulting elevated heart rate? I feel as if my central nervous system is super sensitive and my anxiety is off the wall.

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