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Frank100 05-27-2010 02:22 PM

Pain in Sinus area below eye, pain in cheek, bad taste in mouth
My wife had a lower first molar (L19) extracted under local aneasthetic. this tooth had a crown which was 15 years old. The tooth developed an abcess that did not clear after 2 courses of antibiotics. The dentist suggested that it needs extraction. My wife grinds her teeth at night (bruxism).

The crown broke off leaving the roots at the gum line. The surgical procedure was traumatic and the tooth was divided to ease the extraction. During this procedure my wife felt a sharp pulling pain below her left eye (sinus area). The surgery was complete, 4 stiches were applied and the wound is 90% healed after 10weeks.

She did not have dry socket.

Post surgery, the swelling to hear cheek area, mandible area, and below eye is still there after 10 weeks. She has noticed that a bad taste in her mouth (salty), that comes and goes. more importantly she has noticed ' what looks like an indentation/hole 2-3mm wide in the roof of her mouth about center position. she feels that this area is tender and irritated.

Post surgery she has taken Keflex antibiotics, did not work.

Currently Ibuprofen but she has very upset stomach, so doctor prescribed medicine to settle the stomach while taking Ibuprofen.

I feel that after seeing 3 dentist, of whom one was a maxillofacial surgeon are all hiding the truth, They cannot diagnose the problem!

Can anyone please please shed some light and try to help her?

Is there any herbal medicine for pain relief, I am worried that continuing using Ibuprofen to lower pain will eventually lead to other problems in the stomach.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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