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GB2010 08-19-2010 08:24 PM

Clogged sinus tract?
I'll get to the headache part but first....

I have had viral acne for the past 17 years. After Accutane and tetracycline, I am 98% acne free. Within the past 5 years, there is an area behind both ears that will knot up. Swollen if you will. And when it does this, it feels like my head is going to blow off. I scheduled an appointment recently with my dermatologist to discuss this....again. My first Doctor about 4 years ago told me that it was possibly the sinus tract getting clogged. Said it could be fixed by taking them out. This Doctor got promoted so I saw a new Doctor starting last year. This new Doctor basically ignored my problem. So I had scheduled a appointment, as mentioned above, to tell her to do something for me. Come to find out this Doctor had quit. So my new Doctor now told me to but topical solutions on these spots after every bath. :confused:

How can something like a clogged sinus tract turn into something that sounds like a rash? The odd, pressure pain in these swollen areas feel so odd. You press and rub on it and the pressure goes away. Stop pressing and it comes right back. After a week of this pain, it will go away and so will these swollen areas. Does something like this sound familiar with anybody?

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