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TATKANSAS 09-07-2010 07:27 PM

maxillary sinus retention cyst
My MRI showed a maxillary sinus retention cyst. Should I be concerned about this?

Isobella 09-12-2010 02:47 AM

Re: maxillary sinus retention cyst
I've suffered from sinus problems for many years - it tends to be a chronic condition for many people - so was aware of these cysts from my own reading on the subject, though it seems I don't have any. Apparently they aren't dangerous, but if they're contributing to any sinus problems you may have your ENT doctor may advise removal.

Hopefully someone else you knows more about them will be able to tell you more.

AngelJoanne 09-12-2010 04:36 AM

Re: maxillary sinus retention cyst
I had one and had it removed this past May. The reason being I was constantly getting sinus infections. I can tell you since its been out I have had one sinus infection so far but I can smell now. Never realized I couldn't before.

It is not dangerous as I was told but if it becomes bothersome get it removed. I had to be out of work for 5 days afterwards.

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