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sandi2932 10-15-2010 05:41 PM

Pressure in ears, sinuses and blood clots
I've had slight pain and a lot of pressure in both ears for several years and went to an ears, nose and throat doctor a few years ago and he checked my ears and cleaned out some wax and checked inside my nose and said that one septum is smaller than the other but didn't think I needed surgery. After all these years I still have the pressure and pain in both ears. My sinuses were so stuffed up last week, that when I blew my nose, blood and blood clots came on of the right nostril which is the one the doctor said was more smaller and more narrow. What type of doctor should I go see? My dentist said the ear problems are from TMJ but I don't think I believe it anymore. I've also had problems sleep these past few years ever since I've had the issue with the ears. My arms and neck hurt too and I believe all of it to be from my sinus issues. Does anyone else have problems like this?


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