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TMJEFF 10-31-2010 07:12 PM

TMJ and Sinus Relation?

I have been in splint therapy for about 7 weeks now and so far have had great results up until about 1 week ago! I have suffered from bad tension headaches since getting TMJ but they have gotten 80% better since getting my neuro splint. However I have had sinus problems since getting getting TMJ that have not really, that have gotten better since having the splint but in the last week my sinus pressure is back and sso is some of the muscle tension in my face. I can feel that my splint is a bit raised on one side and am going to get it fixed tommorow, coukld this be the problem?? Do people with TMJ have Sinus problems, if so what are they? and is it common? Mine is just pressure in my nose and tingling on the bridge of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Amanda6 11-01-2010 06:18 AM

Re: TMJ and Sinus Relation?
TMJ dysfunction is not solely a problem within the TMJ joint. It's a dysfunction of the whole cranium and neck, which can result in headaches and facial pain. Cranial Osteopaths or Cranial sacral therapists help to realign cranial bones, and to improve movement in cranial bones which become locked up. It's well worth trying one of these in combination with a splint, and should help with your sinus pain. I prefer to see a cranial osteopath as they do the same thing as cranial sacral therapists, but they are also trained in osteopathy so have better knowledge of anatomy. The Cranial Osteopaths which I have seen all do things a bit differently, so some are much better than others. So if you try one and it doesn’t do much to help your symptoms, it’s worth trying another one, rather than giving up with Cranial Osteopathy altogether. Their treatment is very gentle and doesn’t seem like very much that could possibly make any difference. I thought when I first went to one, how could they possibly make any difference, but I have felt better for going so it must be doing something.

Jill 227 11-01-2010 10:53 AM

Re: TMJ and Sinus Relation?
Hi Jeff....the orthodic can have major affects on your head and neck...and even being off slightly can give some pretty significant symptoms. I have had great success with CranioSacral conjunction to Atlas Orthoganist Chiropracter treatments with my orthodic therapy. It has helped me tremendously with things like dizziness, neck pain, brain fog, etc. I do have post nasal drip with tmd, but my doctor thinks that after I get expansion in phase 2...that I will be able to breath better, and the sinuses as a whole will function better. I am very narrow in my arches....and I also have a deviated septum to deal with.'s all connected...and nothing is out of the ordinary unfortunately with TMJD. Good luck! :)

TMJEFF 11-02-2010 07:48 AM

Re: TMJ and Sinus Relation?
Thank you Jill and Amanda for your replys, I keep on saying im going to go to a cranial sacral therapist but I keep putting it off I guess I just got to do it.

My orthodic has helped a great deal with headaches, I just havent got my neck under control yet. I guess that that could be whats causing the pressure in my sinuses. I have an allergy test on Friday aswell, well see if that turns anything up aswell.

Jill how is your treatment going??


Jill 227 11-02-2010 01:18 PM

Re: TMJ and Sinus Relation?
Hi Jeff.....I am still in phase seems as my recovery is taking longer than usual do to upper cervical issues that I've had probably since I was very young. (I'm 38). We recently had to add acrylic to my give me more vertical since it was wearing down too fast...and I am still in PT to strengthen my upper body. I needed to buy myself some more time with the orthodic. I am still in CranioSacral therapy...and A/O chiro. every other week. I have started learning strengthening exercises from a rehabilitative Pilates instructor near me...and it is amazing how little I did know about my muscles, and actually how much I was using the wrong ones to do everything. Usually, in tMD cases you over use the neck muscles like the scalines...and SCM's. I need to retrain my brain, and body to use the correct ones...and strengthen them slowly. I am at about a 4 daily in my pain level...from 1 to 10. I am looking forward to the day when my upper body is strong...and I can move on to phase 2 which will be expansion of my upper and lower jaws...and possibly functional braces. :) I now just need to win the lotto to pay for all of this. My daughter is also in it's a double whammy for us.

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