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eyesymmetry 11-08-2010 06:59 PM

Unsymmetrical Eyes
I need your opinion. Spring of 2007 I noticed my eyelids were not symmetrical, my right eye had changed. That fall I noticed that my right eye was lower than my left, this was not right. I went to see my optometrist and he referred me to an eye surgeon. Fall of 2007 he had me take a CAT scan. The hospital staff saw nothing unusual. The eye surgeon pointed out that my right sinus was narrower. It had collapsed that is what had caused my right eye to sit lower on my face. He told me that I should wait atleast a year to have another CAT scan to see if it was still changing. I finally had the second CAT scan done this May. There was no change. The eye surgeon suggested that he would like to perform eye surgery on the left eyelid to make the eyes more symmetrical. I didnít like his answer, my right eye would still be lower and I want to know why did my right sinus collapse.

I then got my family physician to refer me to a sinus, nose and ear specialist, I saw him last month. He did not look at the CAT scans, just read the hospital report where it stated there was nothing unusual. The specialist did see the difference in my eyes symmetry, but commented that possibly my right sinus has always been narrower than the left. He has referred me to see DR. Brad Mechor MD FRCSC Rhinology Enoscopic Skull Base Surgery (Otolaryngology) at the Calgary Sinus Centre in Calgary, Alberta mid December. Dr. Mechor has a copy of my CAT scan taken in June as well has set up an appointment the same day I see him for another CAT scan.

I have never had a fracture. I did have lasik eye surgery done June 2005 and then again that fall. There is no one in my family that I know of with this problem. I don't believe I have ever had any sinus issues, even when I noticed the change in my eyes.

I did have an eye infection winter of 2006/07. My optomitist gave me some drops which I ended up getting worse. He told me I had an allergic reaction to the drops and gave me another presciption which cleared up the infection. The only problem I seem to be having with my eyes is they both seem to feel gummy a lot of the time, my vision doesn't seem to be as clear as it should be. My optomitist said that he figured a duct in my eyes was not working well (I cannot remember which duct he named) he suggested I take Omega III to help. I have not seen any improvement.

Have I done all I can to seek help, or is there anything else I should be checking out?

Please help me!!!! Thank you.

superpooper 11-18-2010 03:56 PM

Re: Unsymmetrical Eyes
hope you find help. dont worry too much.
I am worried myself about this happening me, as i had a cheekbone break and my cheekbone has been moved abit and i never got the surgery and had bad eye bruising too.
i hope you get a good doctor to sort you out. maybe your concentrating on it too much, it mightnt be as noticable to other people as you think but i understand that you would be upset ....good luck

eyesymmetry 11-18-2010 04:03 PM

Re: Unsymmetrical Eyes
Thank you Superpooper for the encouragement and sorry to hear about your incident. I just can't figure out what happened to me for this to occur.
Your right a lot of people don't notice the difference until I mention it, then they notice it.
Thanks again and take care.

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