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pittspenguin 10-17-2011 08:01 AM

Can sinus problems make your face tingle.
Hi to make a long story short, I suffer from anxiety that was brought to a peak by a panic attack I had while weaning onto an antidepressant. I take xanax .5 3x's a day. I also suffer from GERD, which caused me to feel short of breath when I would get gassy in my chest. Im giving you this background so you can see the problems ive been having. I was a nasal spray addict up until May of this year, constantly using it several times a day, I finally quit after it started shooting my BP and heart rate up and with the anxiety from the panic attack I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. Ive had 3 different complete blood tests from two different drs. Ive had a nuclear stress test, EKG and echocardiogram done and everything was clear and normal. My bp is a little high, it usually is around 140/80. When I went to visit my new dr it was 150/102 but id been up all night with a broken wisdom tooth which was killing me. He gave me a prescription for bp pill but i dont know about taking it. Anyways after I quit the nasal spray I started using a neilmed sinuflo bottle and now use the hypertonic nasal mist to keep my passages clear because one or both of my nostrils is constantly swollen inside. For about two months ive had this weird tingling sensation that has started showing up. It usually starts near one nostril, goes out under my eye and up and around out towards my ear. Also my ears will get stuffy for a bit until I yawn. I also have some slight dizziness from time to time as well as a feeling like I have a film over my eye which when i blink it goes away. Kinda like a blurriness, but that may be from the xanax. Sometimes the tingling leaves my upper cheeks feeling very slightly sore afterwards. And sometimes it gets behind both eyes and then my nose will tingle. I know this is a symptom of anxiety, but the xanax doesnt take it away it just makes me not care about it. lol. I also get like a warm, tingle sensation on my scalp sometimes too. And very slight sinus feeling headaches. My jaw also feels a little tired but that may be from an addiction I have to menthol cough drops, it seems like im always sucking on one. Anyways Im going to see my dr tomorrow to make sure its not something like TIA or heart problems, because it just shoots my anxiety through the roof when it happens. Does anyone else experience this with their sinus problems? Thanks.

lolo25 10-21-2011 09:34 AM

Re: Can sinus problems make your face tingle.
I also have face tingling when I have sinus problems or allergies related issues. It's usually in the nose area, sometimes cheeks or under the lower lip. I link it somehow to a high anxiety level as well, and while my MD said it's anxiety related, my chiropractor said is sinus related, in the sense that the congestion in the face puts pressure on the trigeminal nerve...if it does not go away, I will go to see another doctor, but as I said mine seems to be food allergies or/and anxiety related.

pittspenguin 10-23-2011 10:14 AM

Re: Can sinus problems make your face tingle.
Yeah I know what you mean, my teeth get sensitive and my lip has started tingling sometimes too. Xanax helps some but it pretty much just makes me not care about the tingling. I hate the sinus pressure and feeling dizzy though. I dont have any discharge or runny nose, just swollen nasal passages and congestion like behind my eyes. I also have a little jaw pain but that may be associated with a wisdom tooth I had removed. It gets disconcerting for someone with anxiety issues anyways so im glad you responded so I know im not the only one. My GP doctor said it was sinus related and that he has heard people tell him about the tingling but he didnt know what caused it. I too had heard about the trigeminal nerve but really dont know that much about it. I had an upper GI done on friday and the dr said i had gastritis and duodenitis which is inflamation of the stomach so I dont know if acid is maybe causing the swollen passages or not, it is possible ive heard. Maybe someday i wont be so anxious about every little ache and pain.

Rugbyjake 06-17-2012 08:55 PM

Re: Can sinus problems make your face tingle.
Hi....his are you feeling now?

I'm 41 male, former rugby athlete, always healthy and strong except for injuries. Currently 6'5" and about 270.

Haven been suffering 4 yrs with head pressure, tingling and numbness (kind of),

Sprinklein some panic attacks and hyper awareness of every odd sensation in my body, and I'm sure you can appreciate how I've been feeling.

I have gotten basically nowhere. Been to neurologists, etc....all tests clear.

Their best sense is cervicogenic headache. Very difficult to solve.

Have you found any relief?


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