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jas678 01-24-2012 09:53 PM

sinus infection for 2 years
i have been on antibiotics for the most part of two years....i get a sinus infection and the sinus infection comes back a few days after i finish the antibiotics....agumentin 875mg twice daily is the only thing that seems to be it seems as if that is hardly working....what can be causing this...the only thing the allergist said i'm allergic to is dust mites a little and penicillium....I've always gotten sinus infections frequently....but in the last 5 years they have been more as soon as i get over a sinus infection i get another one..........i don't smoke, i can't drink cause i have epilepsy....i have no house is only 3 years old....everything in it is new...the basement is unfinished.....we have carpet and it is also new....we vacuum often...i wash my sheets once a week and buy new pillows like once every two months........i'm doing whatever i can to fix this
i read that i could have leaky gut syndrome causing me to have recurring sinus infections or my adenoid i was saying i have been on antibiotics for almost 2 years....i take 15 pills a day of other medication from an aciddent i was in...and that is EVERYDAY....ANY IDEAS WOULD HELP....PLEASE

gcsjr 01-25-2012 05:29 AM

Re: sinus infection for 2 years
Chronic sinus infections are usually caused by some type of physical blockage of one or more of your sinuses that keep the sinus from draining correctly (which creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria). Generally the physical blockage is a deviated septum, nasal polyps or inflammation (which can be caused by allergies, some type of environmental irritant or even GERD).

Your best bet would be to see and ENT for a CT scan to try to identify which of your sinuses isn't draining correctly and why. In some cases nasal irrigation combined with a nasal steroid spray can clear up the inflammation so your sinuses drain correctly. If that doesn't help the doctor may recommend oral steroids or, as a last resort, surgery to correct the blockage.

Machaon 01-25-2012 12:11 PM

Re: sinus infection for 2 years
I used to have several sinus/nasal infections each year for many years. I think that my infections occurred within my nasal passages/turbinates and not within my sinus cavities, but I am not sure.

My frequent sinus infections were caused by damage or injury to my sinus/nasal membranes, IMHO. [U]After I was able to completely heal those sinus/nasal wounds, my sinus infection went away[/U] and I haven't had another sinus infection for over ten years.

Infections can cause damage wherever they are located, whether in the sinuses, or the nasal passages, or the skin, or the organs, etc. Antibiotics may kill an active infection but, as long as there is damage within the sinus or nasal membranes, (perhaps caused by a previous infection) opportunistic bacteria can, once again, move into the damaged membranes after the antibiotic has been stopped, and cause another infection.

mydove 01-26-2012 11:03 AM

Re: sinus infection for 2 years
Agree wtih gcsjr re ENT and CT scan.

That's how my blockage was discovered & I needed a surgical fix (uncinectomy) for greater drainage. I was symptom-free days after surgery 3 weeks ago. Even tho I was on the right antibiotic before surgery (based on culture results), the physical obstruction & poor drainage enabled the sinus infection to thrive. The CT scan helped solve the mystery of why I wasn't healing.

Good luck to you. I hope you can find the source of your infection & a successful treatment.

jas678 01-27-2012 12:45 AM

Re: sinus infection for 2 years
i had sinus surgery 2 years ago on jan 12....i went to a gastro like 4 months ago and he said my heartburn is just a little acid reflux....can it be my adenoids causing this recurring infection.....i'm seeing the allergist at 2 this afternoon (friday)..can i have him check or does it have to be a primary or specialist....i already see an ENT at wash u. by my house.......she's really not all there...she says nothing is wrong and i know it is cause my reular doc keeps putting me on antibiotics for a sinus infection and also put me on steroids it bad to take steroids say for instance like 3 or 4 months....since that is the only thing that helps?.......thank u both for the responses.....i tried to thank u by pushing the button and it won't let me push either one of them....

gcsjr 01-27-2012 10:42 AM

Re: sinus infection for 2 years
[QUOTE]i already see an ENT at wash u.[/QUOTE]
Wash U (St. Louis) has a pretty good reputation for their ENT docs. If you're not happy with the one you've been seeing I would recommend you see Dr. Piccirrillo at Wash U. He's an excellent ENT (I actually used to drive all the way from Kansas City to see him).

[QUOTE].is it bad to take steroids say for instance like 3 or 4 months....since that is the only thing that helps?[/QUOTE]
Taking steroids for that long can suppress your immune system which can, in turn, lead to more sinus infections. It's a little bit unusual for a primary care doctor to prescribe steroids for that period of time without a clear physical issue to address so that could be part of your problem.

In addition to the allergist you should also be irrigating your sinuses daily with a SinusRinse bottle. That is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep infections at bay (along with a nasal steroid spray and allergy treatment).

mydove 01-27-2012 06:04 PM

Re: sinus infection for 2 years
I just wonder if you might benefit from another CT scan to see if you have any new blockages since your last surgery. Has this been done?

I felt better on steroids too but there are risks with long-term use of course. Hopefully the prescribing doctor will help you weigh the risks vs benefits. Ideally, the underlying cause of the inflammation would be treated if at all possible.

I felt like allergies were compounding my sinus infection too but all my symptoms disappeared after my recent surgery and I stopped all allergy meds. Since you are only allergic to dust mites "a little" I'd also hazard to guess there is a separate underlying problem, which hopefully a CT scan would uncover.

jas678 01-28-2012 01:31 AM

Re: sinus infection for 2 years
ur right...wash u has all good primary hasn't given me steroids that long, i was just wondering, cause that is what makes me feel a lot better and it seems to be months between appointments with the drs....i didn't know if i could stay on them for a longer period of time....i've been on nasonex for 10 years....astelin for 6 months...i've used a nedi and irrigated my sinuse for about 4 or 5 months...and the ENT put me on budesadine about 3 months ago.......appreciate the input though...if things with my ENT don't work out then i'll try urs.....thank u...

jas678 01-30-2012 01:51 AM

Re: sinus infection for 2 years
i seen my allergist on friday...he is pretty much stumped so to say.....he had me start using breath right strips and they work a little, but one side of nose will always stay clogged.....he seemed like he was reaching for things to tell me cause there was no explanation as to why i keep getting sick....i've told him numerous times that i believe something at my house is making me sick...and he's noted that at each visit....he said from the previous sinus surgeries i had i could have scar tissue.....the only thing about that is on my last sinus surgery the ent said he removed all scar tissue....and the ENT said the 6 months i was in ICU could be a problem also, cause of all the tubes they had runnuing in me.....i'm going to call tomorrow and request all of my ig levels from the blood test he did and post and see what everyone thinks....i don't do much cause i'm disabled from an accident....i'm not handicapped though...i still get around and do stuff like a normal person luckily, after 2 years of rehabilitation....most of my time is spent in my house , which is only 3 years old, i live with my mom and step dad now....i spend a lot of time in my room on the computer cause of not having to many friends now.....i wash everything every week, get new pillows every 2 months....vacuum like once or twice a week....all of this trying help with me getting sick all of the time... what is making me sick....thanks for all the help though.....i will post as soon as i get levels back and see what everyone thinks or suggest...........thank u very much

jas678 01-30-2012 01:55 AM

Re: sinus infection for 2 years
i also wanted to ask.....are these the symptoms of having any food allergy?

nanny1945 01-30-2012 09:50 AM

Re: sinus infection for 2 years
I feel for you.I too have ongoing sinus infections that won't stop.I also have a swelling or lump or somethimg up in my right nostril that causes me not to be able to get enough air through my nose to breathe properly.My Dr. says it's just swollen in my nostril because of the sinus infection.I too am on antibiotics all the time and also take allegra.So far I haven't been able to find any medical solution,but I keep hoping.Good luck.I know how stressful this can be.

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