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Mummy25 08-01-2012 02:39 PM

Constant headaches for weeks now

I've had this constant headaches for weeks now and it's making me feel really sleepy. No energy at all to do anything.
My nose, eyes and cheeks all hurts and just feel a lot of pressure in my nose. I got my eyes tested and they are fine.
Feeling really sick and tired aswell.

I went to the doctor twice just told to take tablets or decongestant and inhale stuff in. The doctor did not seem to want to give me antibiotics as I already was prescribed them. Was also told to drink plenty of water which I have been doing.

I thought I was feeling better last week as I tried to ignore it but feeling bad again this week. I am also on Citalopram so not sure if it's that aswell.

Any advice please?

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