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Unhappy0ne 10-04-2012 08:54 PM

Bad breath... why me?
Hello Everyone,

Yes, you are right. I am one of the few people had struggling for this bb. I don't know when, where, or how it was started. I know, i had it for a long time like 12 years i guess. I always have that chewing gum in my pocket every time i want to talk to someone, big help covering the odor in a few moments. I think it's not that really bad, cause i can still talk to someone but not really close to them, they will obviously smell it. So, i did tried all i know the remedies to cure it. I think it's not my teeth or cavities that has caused it. It's either from my tonsil or stomach. But I don't feel any wrong with my tonsil or stomach at all. My mother said i don't have bb, i cannot smell it either. i dont understand. But i believed 70% of people when i first talk to them they smell it, i know cuz they immediately move away a little bit, cover their mouth & nose when they have to talk, used hand fan to blew away the odor. My self-confidence has gone now, made me bothers a lot to the point i couldn't think good enough. It was so disgusting especially when you are in the job interview with the manager. lol.
I used to be funny and so friendly all the time. Everything has changed in my life. I was crying sometimes, i don't know what to do or how to get rid of it. I read some article it said that bb are not curable, but you can prevent it. Thankful i found this site. Sharing information together and feel comfortable to say because you understand the feeling of each other. I guess you have cross in your mind also to ask yourself why me? cuz i did many times.
Did anybody know what's the cause of BB.... i was the only one have this in my family, my teeth is clean, i don't see any problem in allergy reaction either. Anyway after reading some article posted here, i have decided to schedule for ENT, let them check anyway.

Thanks everyone... please are free to share the info you know. thank you!

Gugulimo 10-04-2012 11:10 PM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Hi UnhappyOne, The bad breath issue has bothered my husband quite a lot. You are right, it is not the teeth, brushing either. It is either the tonsils (throat) or the stomach and in our experience mainly the STOMACH. He too didn't feel anything was wrong with the tummy, just like how you've described. Try this if you are NOT allergic. Sesame seeds (just raw seeds) you can get from the health food store. After you brush your teeth, munch on a tea spoon full of sesame seeds and swallow it down. Don't wash your mouth afterwards. Just to go sleep while the last thing you munched and swallowed down remains to be sesame seeds. You might worry about the teeth and what may happen but these do not seem to cause teeth issues. The sesame seeds helps control the bad saliva that we swallow in our sleep which contribute to the bad breath. Also, if you haven't tried, limit the onion and garlic intake. Drinking milk a lot and not brushing afterwards also causes bad breath. Drink lots of water and sip water frequently. Also, munching on a few seeds of Cumin helps with the breath.

Let us know how it goes. Wish you luck...

harry2k 10-05-2012 04:42 AM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Hi Gugulimo, is your husband now free of bad breath ? Is sesame seeds really working for him ?

Gugulimo 10-05-2012 07:14 AM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Hi harry2k, Husband has been trying this for a few weeks now (some days he forgets but usually quite good at keeping up). It has let me put it as a percentage, say reduced bad breath by 75% of the time. The rest is manageable with mouthwash or brushing. Maybe using sesame in time may resolve the bad breath further, we are yet to see because he is also still using this. If he doesn't drink enough water then bad breath tends to come up a bit and also if he doesn't eat on time. So, overall with sesame seeds, there is quite a significant improvement. This improvement was not achievable with mouthwashes or changing the types of toothpaste. Something else, the "Candid Mouth Paint" that is available in the pharmacy is used for gargling the throat sometimes. This too may help out if used at night. I don't know whether this is a prescription drug where you are. About 10 drops in 30 ml water, mix it up and wash the throat before sleeping. Quick and simple and it may also help. Good luck and let us know whether the seeds did the trick :-)

Unhappy0ne 10-05-2012 12:42 PM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Hi Gugulimo,

thank you for your advise. I definitely try that sesame seed tonight. I'm gonna look it today in the market. I have cumin seed and ground here but i guess it was already expired last year i don't know if i can still use it. Am i going to use cumin like sesame procedure, swallowing it before sleep? i don't have any allergy for that, sesame is my favorite seeds lol. I drink a lot of water all the time, i eat onions a lot in my dish, garlic not really but i remember i swallowed cloves of garlic before i was young. I drink 100% pure green tea like a year, it didn't stop my bb. I seldom drink milk, i noticed milk made it worse.
Why some people even they don't tooth brush for a week their breath was not stinks at all, compare to me, i brush my teeth really good 2-3 times/day w/ mouthwash. After few hours my bb went back when i ate something. If too long i didn't eat, will start also smelly again lol. My greatest happiness i guess in my entire life when my bb is gone.
Oh by the way, i have read one of the article in here about baby shampoo, i will try that too. I have to complete everything needed to use so i can start it. I will update you all guys. This is the right time to take action. I cannot stand it anymore.

Keep on posting, and gather more info.... thanks a lot!

Gugulimo 10-05-2012 10:54 PM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Do cut down on the onions. They are one of the worst for breath....

Gugulimo 10-05-2012 10:57 PM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Hi there unhappyone (now you have to start being the happy one slowly...j/k) :-)

With cumin seeds (or any seeds actually), if expired, DO NOT USE. Cumin seeds are for the day time. Just munch 5-6 seeds now and then during the day time. These are good for the stomach digestion too and there really is no limit to how many times you can take these. People sometimes habitually munch a few immediately after meals. I've seen this when I was visiting India recently. Nice aroma. Don't eat like lots and lots (I mean like half a pack a day or something)....not that I think it'll do any harm but it is not needed. Just munch a few now and then during DAY TIME. Do NOT munch these before you sleep at night, you'd want the sesame to be alone doing its thing.

Before sleeping only the Sesame seeds. Nothing else. Cumin seeds sometimes come as coated tiny balls of sweets...quite colorful and in the middle of the sweet you get the cumin seed. It is tasty but then the sugar also becomes an intake when you take those.

Do let me know how it goes. Have you tried the Candid Mouth Paint? It is very mild and if you gargle, it gets rid of any hanging about fungi in the throat....I didn't even know I had that until I showed it to an ENT. The Mouth Paint helped and also it helps with the breath. Might be prescriptive though...pharmacist should know.

Good luck! Keep us posted :-)

Unhappy0ne 10-05-2012 11:41 PM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Hi Gugulimo..
thank you, yes i want to be completely happy as everybody does. I just had finished reading from a thread here it's like 125 replied from Lexi. I got additional info that i will use it after awhile before go to bed. It is a combination of baking soda, peroxide and water to gargle like up to 10mins. Tomorrow might try that baby shampoo, saline and water combination.
I had a sesame and cumin now. After eating my dinner, i made a black tea put cinnamon in it and honey. Wow it tasted really good, i never did this before, so our tea will not wasted anymore cuz i have to do it every day. I just feel consecutives acid reflux after my tea.... Anyway its not bothers me that much. Before i'm going to bed now, i will try this baking soda and sesame seeds. Ok good night for now... I will keep you update. thank you!

harry2k 10-06-2012 03:37 AM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Hi Gugulimo, many thanks for the response. I did try sesame seeds, previous night and today morning. The problem is I ate wheat chappathi's and onion as dinner and followed it up with milk (malt drink), before sleep. So, the BB was as usual worse in the morning, even though I ate the seeds before sleep. Ate the Ses seeds again today morning, after BF. No changes whatsoever. Let me try to avoid milk and onions and see how the whole stuff is working and would keep you informed about the progress. Thanks again.

However, it would be nice if this topic is renamed to BB and sinus related issues :)

Unhappy0ne 10-06-2012 08:48 AM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Hi Gugulimu,

how are you doing. Finally, i think this is the start now of feeling better. Last night, i feel so fresh with my mouth by cleaning it with baking soda, peroxide & water. And brush my teeth really clean as usual, but i did not use mouthwash. This baking soda, makes your teeth white too, based on researched study. Then, followed the sesame w/c is rich in natural oil good for digestion and best anti-oxidant, i chew it first i forgot, it supposed to be swallowing it, so get another spoon to swallowed it.
Wow, it did good, i can feel lighter and don't smell any from my breath. But my tummy keep on bloating this morning after i woke up. I ate my breakfast, fried eggs w/o garlic & onions anymore, i just added salt and cumin instead. Rice and chicken chunk white. Then carrot shakes. I have severe over eating in morning and night, cuz sometimes i skip my lunch. I feel so good today. I will used that shampoo after awhile and going outside find someone to talk if its effective that my bb is gone.
This site is very helpful, i never been really look up online before cuz im so shy to accept the fact that i have a bb. I cannot even utter that two words in my husband. But he did not smell it anyway except i ate too much onions, lol. I don't even know what is the smell of my breath? is it really too bad? i tried that licking on my arms and dry, no smell and even spit in the glass. it's weird. I can smell every one's breath, either good or bad. Anyway, i hope this days my bb gone entirely.

Hi Larry: I hope you can find a good cure for u too. I will update the result after a few days here in my thread. The title you are suggesting to change has already used in some article. You can make a new post also in your own so we can gather more info. Thanks and may you have a good day!

Gugulimo 10-06-2012 09:41 AM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Hi harry2k and Hi happyone :-)

Please don't swallow sesame seeds without chewing them first. Since they are seeds the stomach might have a hard time breaking them down. Chew it up and just like how we chew food and swallow it, gulp it down once it is like a chewed up creamy paste. You will need to do this for a least a few days to see some real results. After say 10 days of this, take an assessment and see whether it is actually better than before :-)

I think it is common that one cannot smell their own breath. My husband has the same issue but everyone else can smell the breath of others. Strange isn't it...

Milk is definitely an enemy of good breath. I find that this is mostly fresh milk. Milk powder might actually be different.

Let us know how you fare. Good luck!

Unhappy0ne 10-06-2012 01:39 PM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Thank you Gugulimo for the help! i tried also the Probiotic Acidophilus and anti-gas cuz i kept on farting, gross eeww lol. I know the sesame is a big help. I will wait till one week for any development. Have a good weekend...

harry2k 10-07-2012 11:10 PM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Many thanks both of you (Gugulimo and unhappyone) for trying to help each other here. I have just started with Sesame seeds. Let me try that for few days and then would keep you posted about the updates. Unhappyone!!!! Are you doing both "swallowing and chewing"??? Please let me know.

Gugulimo 10-07-2012 11:23 PM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
Hi Harry2k, Yes you need to chew the seeds and then swallow it :-) I don't take it but my husband does and it has helped him quite a lot. Good luck!!! I hope you see some results real soon. Let us know how you progress :-)

sam480 10-11-2012 12:44 AM

Re: Bad breath... why me?
I understand your problem do as i say, eat 4 or 5 Ocimum leaf in a day and at the night after having dinner don't brush but do gargles with mint water...

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