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byakko7 11-28-2012 06:30 PM

Stuffy/Runny nose every morning, 8 yrs
For about 8 years now, I`ve had a stuffy / runny nose each morning. It`s obnoxious and abnormal. It persists until I take a long, hot shower.

This problem has affected me in multiple houses/apts in Colorado, North Carolina and Japan. Since it follows me everywhere, I suspect it`s not allergies.

I also have stiff neck, headaches and migraines (since I was about 11 years old).

What is this and how can it be remedied? I`d love to wake up and not immediately go through 10 tissues each morning. (It`s so un-sexy!)

Herbal remedies appropriate for daily intake would be especially helpful.

Nightwarrior 11-29-2012 12:04 AM

Re: Stuffy/Runny nose every morning, 8 yrs
I would suggest talking to your doctor, but i would think the stuffiness is caused by inflammation of the nasal/sinus membranes. This is something that I have suffered from for many years before getting full blown sinusitis and infection.

I would still consider allergens...just because you have moved, doesn't mean that each place doesn't have a different set of allergens that your body may be over reacting to. Have you tried a range of antihistamines? Steroid nose drops (Flixonase) to reduce swelling, of temporary use of spray decondestants (long term use supposedly causes rebound inflammation)?

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