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Permanent sinus infection

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ssi6 HB User
Permanent sinus infection

I had minor sinus surgery 18 years ago because I was getting constant sinus pressure on my teeth. It worked. The surgery was painless and I stopped having the pressure.

Now for the past 3 years or so I've been having constant sinus drainage. I had a uvulectomy in 2010 because the ENT said my uvula was very elongated (from snoring) and actually touching the back of my throat. He thought that was why I was constantly trying to clear my throat. The recovery was very painful for 10 days and did zero good. I even still snore.

Last spring I came down with a sore throat so bad I thought I'd just had the surgery again. Went to a different ENT this time and he said I had chronic sinusitis and sinus infections on both sides. Tried 3 different antibiotics over a few months and none cleared up the infection. He said my only other option was surgery again. In his opinion, the doctor that did the first surgery did very little and was pretty conservative. He said he would do more to fix my issues. Also said deviated septum is causing some of my issues.

Any opinions? I'm 50 now and not real thrilled at the thought of sinus surgery but here I sit again after a weeks worth of post-nasal drip and a minor sore throat and upset stomach. It seems this will be my life forever without more surgery. He claims I won't need stitches and it won't be terribly painful.

The other issue is my out of pocket cost will be $1,700.

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Re: Permanent sinus infection

Have they done a CT scan? I also had previous sinus surgery that helped until 6 months ago. I had a ct scan four days ago which showed that my sphenoid sinus was infected. Apparently this sinus has poor blood flow and antibiotics often do not reach an infection in that area. I felt ok after my first round of antibiotics for a few days and then felt sick again. The antibiotics cleared up the infection in the maxilary sinuses but the sphenoid sinus was still infected and just spread the infection again. I am now on another round of augmentin, oral prednisone, nasal rinses and waiting to receive my nasl nebulizer with two different antibiotics and a steroid that will go in the nebulizer. The doctor is hoping that the combination of prednisone and nebulizer antibiotics will knock out the sphenoid infection. If not, then I would need surgery.

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Re: Permanent sinus infection

He's right that you won't need stitches and it probably won't be terribly painful, but there are several things you should try before surgery:

-Regular sinus irrigation with a NeilMed SinusRinse bottle or neti pot
-At least 1 course of oral prednisone to help reduce the inflammation in your sinuses and get them draining properly
-Daily use of a steroid spray to keep the inflammation from recurring.

If medical treatment fails and you need surgery please be absolutely sure that the surgeon specializes in sinus surgery (I would recommend against an office-based ENT in private practice and find an ENT at a teaching hospital who specializes in the treatment of sinus disease). You should also ask the surgeon about post-surgical care. If the doctor doesn't plan to schedule several post-surgical follow up visits in the 6 weeks after the surgery to remove scabs (crusts) from your sinuses - which helps prevent scarring - PLEASE find another surgeon.

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Nightwarrior HB User
Re: Permanent sinus infection

Have you considered whether TMJ could be the cause of your sinus issues?

I went through 5 courses of antibiotics and they didn't work...last GP suggested tooth root pressing on sinuses which can cause inflammation & mucus production.

I've only just started looking into TMJ and the symptoms are so like sinus infection, and could probably be a cause f sinus infection, especially if you havenarrow sinus passageways or deviated septum trapping the mucus. Since treated my sinus infection as possible TMJ and duing jaw exercises & facial muscle massaging, the pain has decreased significantly. With decreased pain (through taking amitriptyline & co-codamol) my mucus production also eased off...which led me to believe TMJ causes severe pain along the eyebrows, cheekbones and tender spots close to jaw bone. This pain spreads up into temples and between the eyes, and I believe this causes inflammation & mucus production which can then get trapped and risk of infection.

Strangely my right eye is also becoming gunky over night..and my dodgy jaw joint is on the right side, very close to eye.

Only a theory at the moment, but would explain why antibiotics aren't clearing the mucus and pain.

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Liquidplasma HB UserLiquidplasma HB UserLiquidplasma HB UserLiquidplasma HB User
Re: Permanent sinus infection

Just curious night warrior but tmj sinus problens mimic real sinus problems.My question is how would tmj actually cause a sinus infection? I'm curious because I to am struggling with sinus problems and am having a hard time .The only item that has been helping me is my allergy drops I'm taking every day as part of a immunotherapy treatment. This seems to have helped my maxillary sinuses to calm down,doesn't mean it isn't tmj though.Very confusing both tmj and sinus issues

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Nightwarrior HB User
Re: Permanent sinus infection

I don't think TMJ on its own causes sinus infection. But in my case, it is possible as the mis-allignment of the jaw joint combined with constant clenching of jaw/teeth causing pulling on the muscles (saw a you tube vid which explains the muscles being pulled in wrong directions etc) and this causes pain. Somehow this pain is spread by the trigeminal nerve which runs from the ear, and across cheek bones and forhead. This increased pain then causes/increases the inflammation in the sinus & nasal area which then goes into overdrive and produces the excess mucus. Excess mucus becomes trapped inside inflammed sinus (even more trapped with severe deviated septum) this trapped mucus then becomes the most difficult area to treat with antibiotics.

vicious circle ..antibiotics may start to work...TMJ continues to cause pain & mucus.which adds to the problem.

Just a theory...but one that I am leaning more towards...based on the fact that I had 5 courses of antibiotics and yukky green mucus continued (though was significantly reduced with clarithromycin).
I have pretty much eliminated allergens (and taken a wide range of antihistamines) and use facemask. The only thing that has reduced the awful mucus is removing the pain! I thought it was the other way round at first, by doing saline rinsing and peroxide flooding would ease the pain.

But it is only on days when I am pain free (but stuck in bed from codeine sickness) that the mucus turns thin & clear and almost goes completely.

Which is why I'm looking into ways of removing the pain without the use of codeine. I am still flushing my sinuses twice a day and doing peroxide flushes every few days....just to prevent a full blown sinus infection!

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