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dknj706 11-10-2013 07:12 AM

Constant head and ear pressure... Help!!!
I have constant head and ear pressure with ringing in my ear (tinnitus). My sinuses also hurt. My neck feels stiff at times. I can't concentrate and often find myself thinking of how awful I feel even in the middle of conversations. I have been getting allergy shots for over a year but that isn't helping. I have a slight deviated septum and swollen turbinates and a polyp in my sinus. I have postnasal drip and nose is always dry. Everything I have read about sinus surgery is that it doesn't help. Now I'm thinking it might be migraines. The head pressure comes on fast and drains all my energy. I have headaches everyday!!! My last blood work came back normal..too bad I don't feel "normal"! I take vitamin D, levothyroxine (thyroid meds), and Zyrtec.
Help!! :(

nlc212 11-14-2013 10:16 AM

Re: Constant head and ear pressure...Help!!!
hi dknj -

i'm really sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. :(

your issues sound very similar to what i went through roughly a year ago.
i also had a postnasal drip and a dry nose. i had headaches, too - and i initially thought they were migraines, but they ended up being sinus headaches. apparently there is a difference between the two. i was also taking zyrtec - but i still felt like i was constantly battling a sinus infection. :dizzy:

i finally decided to get help from an ENT surgeon. he scheduled me for a nasal CAT scan - and we looked at the x-rays together. it turned out i had a deviated septum and inflamed turbinates.

he recommended sinus surgery and i scheduled it for the following month. my surgeon performed a sinuplasty (to remove the blockages in the sinuses), a septoplasty (to correct my deviated septum) and a turbioplasty (to reduce the size of the turbinates).

its been 6 months since my procedure and its been a complete 180 change. my symptoms have completely disappeared and i can finally breathe again! the post-nasal drip is gone, the congestion is gone, and best of all - the sinus headaches are gone. :round:

the postop recovery wasn't bad, either. i only had to take a few days off from work and stay off my feet for about a week or so. my nose was a little swollen for the first month or two, but my doctor told me this was normal.

i would definitely recommend booking an appointment with an ENT surgeon

good luck with everything. let me know if you have any more questions. i hope my input has helped. :wave:

dknj706 11-17-2013 05:54 PM

Re: Constant head and ear pressure...Help!!!
Thanks so much for your reply! I have been researching sinusitis, migraines, ringing in the ear and your reply is the first one that recommends surgery and with a great outcome to boot. I'm so encouraged by this and will now consider it. My ENT explained the surgery and said there is an 80% success rate. I have a polyp, deviated septum and swollen turbinates. I'm so tired of taking antihistamines, using nasal sprays and using the neti pot and decongestants. The pressure in my head and ears are what is driving me crazy. I hope you continually get better and that all your problems are behind you!

dee7721 11-19-2013 06:00 AM

Re: Constant head and ear pressure...Help!!!
Hi, dknj, Just a thought...Do you have any other symptoms beside sinus issues? I have chronic sinusitis, with all the same issues. But I've been diagnosed with Late Stage Lyme disease, due to a plethora of other symptoms. I hope your ENT will get to the bottom of this! I've had to stop all nasal sprays, esp. the ones that are steroidal. God Bless, Dee.

nlc212 11-19-2013 02:42 PM

Re: Constant head and ear pressure...Help!!!
Hi DJ,

i am so glad that i could be of use. oh, i remember the nightmares of the neti pot and nasal sprays. i can sometimes still taste the drip of that nasty medication running down the back of my throat. yuck!

how confident are you with the ENT you've chosen? personally, i had consultations with 3 different doctors before i found the right one (and the most affordable) - the ENT i ended up choosing found a way for my insurance to cover my entire surgery, whereas other ENTs told me i would have to pay some form of out-of-pocket expenses.

be well,


dknj706 11-23-2013 09:52 PM

Re: Constant head and ear pressure...Help!!!
I was just reading about using apple cider vinegar in the neti pot or NeilMed bottle. I tried drinking a teaspoon of it in boiling water and I put a little in each nostril. It seemed to help!!! I've read that it could be fungal and thought maybe the vinegar would be the answer I was looking for instead of going through surgery. I'll let you know how it works out in a couple of days. Hopefully if it helps me it might help someone else reading this!! Thanks again for posting!!

dknj706 11-27-2013 08:43 PM

Re: Constant head and ear pressure...Help!!!
Dee..besides the ringing and pressure in my head and in my left ear. I have chronic sinusitis, my gums and teeth ache, headaches, stiff neck, postnasal drip. My ENT says my ear looks fine when he looks inside it. An MRI showed a polyp in my right cheek and swollen turbinates and a slight deviated septum. I have been going for allergy shots for
over a year and a half and that hasn't helped. I have been on antibiotics, nasal sprays, ibuprofen, decongestants and nothing helps. My ENT said the only thing left is surgery to correct the septum, remove the polyp and inject the turbinates with saline so they won't swell. I hesitant to have the surgery because only one person online said they had good results.

sassysar 12-31-2013 09:12 PM

Re: Constant head and ear pressure... Help!!!
Hi DKNJ706,

I am sorry you're feeling this way. It seems like such a common feeling amongst many. It's certainly not fair. I'll share with you a bit about me and how our symptoms are similar. It helps to know we're not the only ones feeling this way, even though we feel within ourselves that "surely this can't be normal and I am sure no one else is feeling this way?"

I have just joined this forum today in the hope for some empathetic ears as to my symptoms. We have almost mirror symptoms, it's uncanny. I'll be 32 in 2 months, and also a mother to a 3 year old.

Before I had my daughter, I had no 'allergy' or 'sinus' problems. When I had my daughter, she was born at 34 weeks due to me having severe Preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. I started noticing horrible sinus problems when I first moved to the town I am currently living in. I was pregnant when I moved here, so my Doctors and I just put the sinus problems down to the pregnancy.

I saw a few different ENT's, all of whom advised me that they often see a myriad of people who move here and start complaining of unknown sinus problems. They explained "there is a geographical component that is a contributing factor to unresolved sinus issues in people." Add on top of that my mother had surgery to drain sinuses in 2008. (I am estranged from her therefore cannot probe for whether she had similar symptoms).

Anyway, three years post having my daughter, and the sinus problems haven't subsided. I keep getting told by every Doctor it is sinus related. I had a CT scan done in June 2011 which revealed a thickening of the mucus membrane and a polyp on the left sinus cavity. Nothing further was discussed. I had a sinus x-ray in May 2012 which revealed my Maxillary sinuses were 'slightly inflamed', to only be put on Antibiotics again. I am frequently put on antibiotics (which I hate) for 'sinus infections'. I find they do nothing. I tried Nasonex, which had no relief. I was recently put on Avamys, which initially, it was great, my headached decreased, I didn't feel as 'fuzzy' in the head. I am on my second months' treatment with Avamys and it isn't working as well.

My symptoms range from the constant sinus pressure band across my forehead, pain in my temples, in my ears, PND (Post Nasal Drip), occasionally a sore throat. The bridge across my nose is always sore to the touch, and my face is usually always sensitive, ESPECIALLY over my Maxillary sinuses, more so my right one, with frequent ear pain. I also get sporadic quick, albeit sharp pains all in my head, it is never isolated (which the Doctors say this is a good thing, as if it's anything sinister, it will be isolated to one spot.) Just prior to Christmas, my GP did another examination and said my ears were both fine, and it would have been a build up of sinus pressure. I also get a slight 'tingling' feeling from time to time in my head, all over though, not isolated. It also occurs over my frontal sinuses, too.

I am constantly tired, I mean, almost too tired to function most of the time, I hate it. I have always been a really fit and healthy person. I juice raw fruit and veggies every day, I stay away from bad sugar, eat a lot of fruit and veggies and only drink water. It is soooo very frustrating that something is 'not right' and it just keeps getting passed off as 'chronic sinus infections'. I lack so much energy, it makes me feel depressed.

Right now, I have the stupid band across my forehead, pain and tingling in my temples and my right Maxillary sinuses feel like they're about to explode. It does also occur to my left side, but predominantly on my right. I also have frequent neck pain. I was getting Chiro at the start of 2013 but this didn't offer any relief. I am so sick of getting told that it's sinus pressure and it's because of where I live. I have spoken to other people who aren't from here and also experience this same, unknown pressure and constant headaches. I get prescribed Panadeine Forte for the pain and antibiotics. I am always reluctant to take the Panadeine Forte as I don't want to add any further damage to my liver (my liver started to shut down when I was pregnant, that's why they had to induce and do a emergency cesarean to deliver my daughter at 34 weeks). Given this, my GP is obviously aware of the complications, she gives me Endone for this severe pain. It completely knocks me out and sometimes even causes rebound headaches. Them on top of the horrible 'sinus' pressure is just the most hideous pain, and it completely debilitates me.

I have very little support here, no family and little friends to help out, so I just have to put up with it and keep going through this pain, which is sometimes so crippling, it brings me to tears. Just recently, I have also started getting the horrible referred pain down into my teeth, especially the roof of my mouth. I have been advised this is associated to sinus pressure.

I will be going back to my GP for yet another referral to a ENT to see what else can be done. I am so over it, and I am sure you're the same, you can't help but to think that it's something more sinister going on? I have expressed my concern and fear to the myriad of Doctors and they all say it is "normal for me to inhibit fear after my traumatic experience when I delivered my daughter". They all continuously reassure me it is all sinus related. I even noticed the pressure in my eyes felt so bad that sometimes, things would appear blurry. I went to see a Ophthalmologist in December who assured me I do have some 'maturation-related' changes in vision, which I have had some prescription glasses ordered for, but the pressure and everything else associate to my eyes was 'perfect'. I am just so sick of the headaches and the constant 'fuzzy' feeling. It's like you can't help but to talk yourself into something being really wrong, despite the constant reassurance from Doctors that it's all sinus related.

Is this similar to your symptoms and how you feel? Have you had any success in finding answers since you posted?

Happy New Year, in good health. I hope it brings us some much needed answers.

dknj706 01-13-2014 05:07 PM

Re: Constant head and ear pressure... Help!!!
Sassy, so sorry that you are not well! I've been getting tension headaches every day. It feels like I have a tight hat on my head. I also have ringing in both of my ears. I feel like I can't think. I'm going to the doctors on Friday. My sinuses and gums ache. I clench my teeth and don't even know I'm doing it. I sit at a computer all day and my neck feels stiff. I don't know if my headaches are caused by my shrugged shoulders because I've read that it could be the culprit. I'm a mess. I find myself thinking about how awful I feel in the middle of a conversation!! It kind of feels like the blood vessels in my head are expanded! I need to find out what is wrong because I can't live like this anymore!

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