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  1. Nerve blocks: how long does pain relief last? Why have a nerve block?
  2. Treatment for acute pain to prevent it from turning into chronic pain?
  3. Pain Management Doctor in Delaware
  4. My wife
  5. Methadone and best BT med with it...?
  6. Shoreline - Phantom pain
  7. Hydrocodone question
  8. 15 mg oxycodone not enough
  9. Black box warning.
  10. Time Released Lortab[Hydrocodone]
  11. Need advice with Duragesic please?
  12. compounded methadone, is it the same
  13. Does Oxycodone cause muscle/organ spasms?
  14. HELP, is 15mg of methadone much
  15. Should I ask for an upped dose or more pills??
  16. First hand experience - Oxyfast?
  17. Duaration of action, benzodiazepines as muscle relaxants.
  18. Need advice with pain meds
  19. need HELP oxy compare to methadone
  20. addictiveness of sleeping pills
  21. Dizziness from and Access to Tramadol
  22. FDA List of Recalled meds by Able Laboratories: Long List
  23. Provigil for fatigue
  24. C5 Nerve Block
  25. Morphine/ Drug Test (hair)
  26. Does vicodin cause shortness of breath?
  27. Methadone HCL vs. Methadose
  28. Pain Managament? Physctrist?
  29. Why need triplikit for kolonopin[not controlled.
  30. Chronic pain with Teenagers And Young Adults
  31. Advice on Second Opinion
  32. Kadian or MS contin ?
  33. Body jerking (myoclonus)
  34. Dave, Yakima Fruit Paste Question
  35. Methadone plasma levels....
  36. Methadone?
  37. Hydromorphone-contin
  38. 11 year old son embarrassed by my disability?
  39. buprenorphine TDS patch
  40. Tapering off Neurontin?
  41. Dave can you share your wisdom with me
  42. Nerve Damage due to botched Hemorrhoid Surgery
  43. Surgery is NOT an option! Shore? Anyone? HELP!! (long post)
  44. Stolen meds
  45. left pelvic pain, no releif
  46. Will be having surgery..pain med tolerance concerns
  47. switching from hydrocodone to methadone (question)
  48. Ganglion of Impar block anyone?
  49. Numb Finger
  50. Zolfran is amazing for nausea
  51. Pinched Nerve & Numbness on head/arms/legs help with advice please
  52. I am In The Clinical Research Study for the New Restore Neurostimulator
  53. sometimes i just wish i was not born
  54. MRI Report ..Shoreline? SS? Anyone?
  55. Restoril?
  56. need advice..anyone on tonight
  57. When is a refill request too early??
  58. What to do when med no longer helps...
  59. Has anyone ever had an implant to stop their chronic pain?
  60. Cymbalata Vs. Neurontin
  61. Instead of Neurontin???
  62. Is this humane treatment??
  63. Toradol ?????
  64. Is there a differene in Codeine and Codone?
  65. Endep 10
  66. pump removal
  67. Hey Sparkles, Luvs2tan and everyone...I'm back..
  68. I finally saw the PM for the first time today...
  69. Need Advice on nerve blocks
  70. Where have I been/Dr. shopping....????
  71. Reasons for chronic pain
  72. Just Started with Fentanyl Patch HELP????
  73. Blinded Pain test Nerve blocks horrendous
  74. Terrified of Methadone
  75. Need advice w/ dosage issue and doctor
  76. Feedback on Sandoz Fentanyl patches, plz??
  77. Neurontin (gabapentin) Please Help Us!!!!!
  78. Adult Question for Shoreline, anyone, help
  79. Lidocaine infusion treatments...the bad and the good...
  80. Drugs w/ oxycodone in them?
  81. Drinking alcohol while taking Avinza
  82. Walgreens/CVS no longer carry brand name Duragesic patches only Mylan.
  83. Neurontin patch
  84. norco without acetamenaphine?????
  85. Methodone, just started tonight
  86. pain management
  87. Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome - Need Help
  88. Pain filled mornings
  89. How Bad Is This?
  90. Neurostimulator for Shoulder Pain...
  91. Did I fire my Pain Doctor?
  92. Pregnant: Weaning off Tramadol(Ultram)
  93. Question about (duragesic)patch lasting 72 hours.
  94. Really need help, long post but urgent, need info
  95. Urinalysis and hydrocodone / what do i do
  96. what is the difference?
  97. Problems with the generic patch! Help!
  98. I am having a 6 hr Lidocaine infusion tomorrow...
  99. Question about the Patch
  100. Should I use Ambien to come off Vicodin?
  101. Having a Problem with Dr.'s Pain Management Plan and Need Advice...
  102. Question about Physiatrist?
  103. prialt for severe chronic pain???
  104. Caudal Epidural Steroid Injections for pain
  105. Driving safety question?
  106. Need help please on fentanyl patch and oxycontin
  107. Couple questions about methadone....
  108. Chronic pain and Social Security Disability
  109. How many of you have had to file Bankruptcy do to your condition?
  110. Lidocaine Puch via IV over 6 hours - Anyone ever heard of such a thing?
  111. My Story...(for Shoreline and anyone else)
  112. post neck surgery pain
  113. Are Online Pharmacy's Illegal
  114. Question about methadone
  115. Update re: dr devil/oxycotin
  116. Allergic to codeine & its related drugs - any advice?
  117. Avinza withdrawal - any natural help?
  119. Running out of meds, etc I'm ANGRY!
  120. I ran out of meds-tell me what to do now
  121. Need help getting RX for pain meds..please!
  122. Actiq transmucosal lollipops and tooth problems
  123. Is oxycontin the best there is?
  124. muscle spasms+flu, plus thanks4posts!
  125. Migraine sufferers...fiorcet???
  126. Shout out to the Bard
  127. How to separate pain from addiction to meds?
  128. Janssen Vs Mylan Patches
  129. Intense upper stomach pain/pressure
  130. Nerve blocks
  131. How can I stay calm and unstressed?
  132. Norco, Lortab & Vicodin
  133. Back Brace for Muscle Spasms..Need Help
  134. How far in advance do you get your refill?
  135. anyone familiar with PREDNISONE/I think it KILLED my mom
  136. New here.....need advice
  137. Prednisones effect on Oxycontin & back Pain
  138. Pallidone or Palladone-what is YOUR prescription?
  139. Help! Questions about meds?!
  140. lexapro question
  141. Cutting back on meds
  142. methadone 40mg's - shorline?
  143. Pain When someone touches me
  144. Referred Pain
  145. Two new generic Fentanyl patches now available!!!
  146. Hey Shore- from Spuds- was in hospital 24-27
  147. Oxycontin and testosterone
  148. Shore, another question...drug tests this time
  149. Help w/methadone, oxycontin and celebrex
  150. Some information on the "New Regs" for dispensing controlled substances.
  151. 4 Bad Cervical Discs - In Extreme Pain - Please Help
  152. High drug tolerance, help!
  153. Chronic Pain & Jury Duty
  154. I Put My Socks On This Morning
  155. Help With Pain Diary..Never done one before
  156. Nagging pain in buttocks
  157. Need Advice Re: Radiofrequency Ablation
  158. Ultram, Ultracet, Lorcet
  159. Subcoracoid Decompression
  160. Pain Pump - Questions for those who have it
  161. Update On Taper From Meth
  162. Could the acetominophen be destroying my liver??????
  163. Levator ani syndrome anyone, please???
  164. Heart Racing from Pamelor
  165. Fiorcet #3 -VS- Lortab 5mg
  166. Anybody Know About This Dynesis Spinal System?
  167. Expired Hydrocodone.... Safe??
  168. Question about Medrol
  169. Newbie with question about meds.
  170. Update on getting the boot from pain center
  171. Need some advise before I talk to my GP
  172. Questions On Nerve Damage
  173. Bad batch of Meds? Shoreline...
  174. what's the difference?
  175. Percacet vs oxycontin
  176. Broken MS Contin tablet
  177. help, i need stronger pain meds can i ask my doc
  178. Colitis and pain meds- debilitating actually!
  179. what is ARTHROTEC
  180. Does anyone Know What this Drug is??
  181. Ultracet Will Ruin You Life!!!!
  182. Zanaflex Question
  183. Need Help, cervical spine
  184. How strong is Lodine?
  185. Question about Oxycontin
  186. CRPS or RSD and surgery
  187. white tongue + medications?
  188. Shoreline, and anyone else. Best way to get off Norco??
  189. What are everyone's thoughts re: dosages
  190. Medial Branch Block from PM
  191. Prescription Drug Discount Card seen on The Today Show...
  192. New Here
  193. Duragesic (fentanyl patch) and weight loss
  194. Tolerance question from chronic back pain sufferer
  195. Is anyone on pain meds for spondylolisthesis?
  196. fentanyl patch and temp???
  197. What is Hydromorphone?
  198. Possible answers as to why some are having trouble getting pain meds.
  199. breakthrough pain meds????? warning, long!!
  200. surgery denied because of pain meds
  201. Pain and Depression, Lack of motivation
  202. Pain from nerve damage-big change seemingly overnight
  203. Break through pain
  204. Anyone here been down the VA disability road?
  205. Talwin??
  206. Anyone on Dilaudid ?
  207. Trying to work full time with chronic pain!!
  208. Rebound Pain
  209. Oxycontin question
  210. Help guys! Where do I go?
  211. Pain still not mangeable!
  212. Cymbalta - Have you used for pain
  213. Allergic To Codeine-based Meds
  214. Sulfa drug allergy - can I take Avinza (morphine sulfate)?
  215. deffinition of acute VS chronic
  216. help...my dr wants me 2 take suboxone for back pain!
  217. Help Shorted On my Pain Meds
  218. can i die?[help shorline!anyone!]
  219. FDA Approves a new pain medication via pump
  220. Can't control the pain anymore...very depressed, need dosage advice
  221. Switch in meds big mistake
  222. post surgery pain and buprenorphine or suboxone
  223. radio frequency ablation for nerve pain
  224. Vicoden vs Norco
  225. Vicodin vs. Ultram
  226. Can someone explain what opiate niave means
  227. Very bad abdominal pain again today
  228. Pain Center is a scam and a joke
  229. Epidural Fibrosis/Help requested
  230. Ultram/Tramadol questions
  231. Questions about Heavy Duty Meds and Doctors
  232. Oxycontin - Nausea & Dizziness
  233. To Shore or anyone who can help....
  234. No longer pain relief, addiction relief
  235. 6000 mg of Tylenol???????
  236. Robaxin causing more muscle spams?
  237. Too Much Pain!!!
  238. ketamine and lowering tolerance
  239. oxycodone 15 mg.
  240. Percodan vs. Percocet vs. Norco
  241. Intrathecal pain pump for low back pain
  242. Morphine pump problems and questions
  243. Opiod Related Edema
  244. Epidural Injections and cost
  245. to Nucleoplasty OR not to Nucleoplasty?
  246. Hydromorphcontin??
  247. The Ultimate Betrayal
  248. ultram and percocet overlapping
  249. Have date for nerve root stimulator
  250. Wrist and Hand Pain (Not Carpel Tunnel Syndrome)