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  1. I have a stupid question
  2. ??? do they have to give you a 30 day supply by law ???
  3. Pain, Pain Medication & too Argumentative
  4. Pain Medication & Dosages
  5. Time Magazine cover story (this week)
  6. Morphine pain pump
  7. Just started on the Fentanyl Patch 50mcg
  8. Is There A Secret To Finding New PM?
  9. methadone
  10. Pain management MIS TLIF, wk 3 post-op
  11. Haven't been here for a while...
  12. Be honest, does it sound like I need a pain specialist?
  13. PM doctor in NYC/tri-state
  14. Finding New PM ... so crazy
  15. Neurosurgeon for lumbar back
  16. how are refills determined
  17. Aspirin Q?
  18. question about meds...
  19. Questions about new insurance & refill policies
  20. I Have Pelvic Floor Disfunction, or CPPS
  21. Pain Management Hysingla
  22. frustration with pain doc.
  23. Cesemet for pain management
  24. Getting help for chronic pain
  25. Zyhydro shortage?!?
  26. what/how to say things to pain doc??
  27. How early can I refiil Tramadol my prescription?
  28. Filling prescriptions - insurance/pharmacy
  29. Ok: Question; PM appt. Tomorrow >NIGHT! <
  30. Biotape
  31. Dr. mistake with pain med script, can't get a call back
  32. Actavis Percocet
  33. Pain med tolerance
  34. It feels like Dr. is giving up on me!
  35. sympathetic nerve block
  36. why is Vicodin not acceptable for long-term pain relief?
  37. Need advice about my pain med doc
  38. Chronic abdominal pain ... help with pain management
  39. What brand of Fentanyl Patch delivers best results and last longer than 48hrs?
  40. I don't know what to do
  41. Pain Meds with Stage 3 CKD
  42. Pain in fingers and feet
  43. Hysingla ER
  44. Pain Meds
  45. Naproxen - help
  46. Back to back UDTs?
  47. Pain Stimulator
  48. Really need advice
  49. Pain Med Question
  50. Generic Avinza?
  51. Need new pain mgmnt dr in NY
  52. Prescription was stolen, now I'm screwed.
  53. What to do next?
  54. I feel like a Yo-Yo need support
  55. need help
  56. opana - side effects and coverage
  57. My nightmare
  58. RSD pain
  59. oh boy - so frustrated with everything "medical"
  60. never went to stabilization, so still dosing
  61. Do PM Clinics Do Pill Counts on Lyrica?
  62. suboxone for chronic pain
  63. Lost my prescription
  64. Think its time for me to switch meds
  65. When to fill your pain med; how often do you visit your prescribing doc?
  66. fentanyl patch rash
  67. Not sure if this is the right place to ask
  68. in pain 24/7
  69. Changing Doctors
  70. UA question
  71. called in for pill count
  72. Broke my pain contract need help
  73. Question about refill day? URGENT
  74. New confused and not sure what to do...
  75. Struggling with Chronic Pain
  76. Pain meds
  77. False negative
  78. Red Flagged
  79. Fentanyl Patch Excessive Sweating Solutions
  80. switching from methadone to another long acting opiate
  81. seeking pain management doctor New Orleans
  82. Changing Pain Doctors After Bad Experience - Help!
  83. Suggestions please, after being "fired" today.
  84. Pain centers
  85. First time at pain Mgmt
  86. Steroid Question and Update
  87. Allergies to pain meds?
  88. ongoing struggle with opiate dependency
  89. Seeking new PM Doc in AL
  90. Chronic kidney stones
  91. Chronic Pain Patient to the ER
  92. Wellbutrin SL helped my pain
  93. Joint pain a couple of months after starting oxycontin and oxycodone
  94. methadone vs morphine
  95. Cvs
  96. Sobriety and Pain Management
  97. DNA test after Norco schedule change at the MD??
  98. compound cream for neuropathy pain
  99. What's with Mylan?
  100. Questions about new rules on Schedule II drugs
  101. Curious about long term ... anything?
  102. pain management
  103. Pain centers
  104. Medtronic Pain Pump/Back Problem
  105. tired of feeling bad.
  106. Percocet for energy
  107. Oxycodone Hcl 5 mg
  108. Nervous about first drug test results!
  109. pain pump for three years
  110. Has anyone experienced serotonin syndrome?
  111. Forced out of PM
  112. Finally after 2 years a diagnosis
  113. My appointment went well except...
  114. Detox
  115. Sweating Bullets
  116. "Forced to Taper my Dose Down every Month"
  117. Withdrawal from med switch, doctor refusing to raise dose
  118. Cvs refused to fill my last script
  119. Caremark refused my last script of morphine er
  120. DNA test to determine the effectiveness of pain medication?
  121. Medication supply question
  122. ZoHydro ER
  123. Meeting a new doctor next week. TERRIFIED.
  124. Baffled & Confused
  125. Depression caused by chronic pain
  126. Was told I need to have a 5 level Cervical Fusion
  127. I need help talking to Dr about pain management
  128. Workers comp
  129. UA test posotive for buprenorphine and methamphetamine
  130. Need a New PM Doctor Brandon, FL
  131. Issues with prescription
  132. pain clinics
  133. Neurontin Withdrawal hell!
  134. "New Narcotics"
  135. Looking for Pain Management Dr. in Northern VA
  136. red flagged in my chart saying NO CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES
  137. Switcing from Fent Patch to?????
  138. Mallinckrodt oxycodone 15mg not working as well?
  139. removal of Spinal Cord Stimulator
  140. Might be getting discharged from pm
  141. False pose\itive and over medicating
  142. Fent Patch and Anxiety?
  143. Should I be concerned?
  144. New to Forum
  145. getting into pain management HELP
  146. 7 months and plenty of pain
  147. Low level hydrocodone withdrawal (or not?)
  148. difference between oxycodone and roxies
  149. Need advice on what to do about my chronic pain dr
  150. Terrified!!!! (Epidural Steroid Injection)
  151. Hurts to walk on right leg afer recent car accident
  152. magnet therapy real or placebo effect?
  153. getting pain relief
  154. Fentany and urin test
  155. Muscle Relaxants
  156. 20 to 30 ibuprofen a day ... what else can I do?
  157. Carrying Meds in Pill Case?
  158. pain managment doctors
  159. New to Board and somewhat new to PM have questions
  160. Taking alot of pain medication
  161. Help controlling Pain w/ Lympodema MIX
  162. 15 mins early and bring all medications?
  163. switching medication?
  164. Paracetamol overdose
  165. Pain medication
  166. Thoughts on swedish PM services?
  167. pain pump
  168. If it's not broken ... Don't fix it!
  169. Are they lying to me?
  170. oxycontin
  171. Not happy with new Pain Dr.
  172. When Pain is so Excruciating...
  173. Is this a side effect of my meds???
  174. Cold laser, anybody heard of it used for spine?
  175. Filling class 2 early
  176. :confused: My PM Dr. & withdrawals...
  177. Couldn't be more disgusted if I tried!
  178. Presciption Refill Questions
  179. About prescription refills
  180. Medtronics pain pump and pain meds.
  181. Being Dismissed
  182. Need new PM and Pump doc
  183. Looking for new Pump Doc
  184. Preparing for surgery
  185. How long before I can refill my prescription
  186. Discharged
  187. Being dropped by PM doctor
  188. is it legal for doctor to stop pain medication?
  189. Hyperalgesia
  190. propranolol LA
  191. Methadone - please put my mind at ease
  192. New Member With IC-Med And Vacation Question
  193. Travel to See Pain Doctor?
  194. Ran out a day early
  195. Would love to hear opinions/advice
  196. New Pain Management Doctor/Doctor Shopping??
  197. Pain Pump Patience!
  198. Dilaudid in Medtronics pain pump
  199. Transitioning off Suboxone back to opiate?
  200. Nucynta
  201. Pain Management question?
  202. Pain pump medication
  203. Opiates don't work for fibromyalgia
  204. afraid and in pain
  205. new pain dr and meds?
  206. pm Dr.
  207. Less than 4 weeks to find Pain Dr!
  208. pain doctor
  209. withdrawing from oxycodone
  210. Bad Drs can and do hurt you!
  211. 8 panel drug test
  212. pain mgt please help
  213. Taper from Oxycodone
  214. Pain Meds Dosage is Confusing!
  215. Non-codeine pain relief
  216. Forced Drug holiday
  217. I'm worried sick!
  218. Dentist refusing sedation due to pain medication
  219. Pharmacist Question
  220. Switching from oxycodone to dilaudid
  221. Intrathecal pump and PNE
  222. Feeling trapped
  223. Zohydro
  224. HELP please... Pain Management Doctor Issues, Is it time to change?
  225. Troubles
  226. Medical Malpractice
  227. Bad News From My Pharmacist.
  228. Over Medicated
  229. Severe Muscle Pain from OXY taper
  230. Question on in between Drs and meds
  231. Looking for good Pain Management Dr. in Arkansas
  232. On 60mg. Methadone for pain control
  233. Ketamine
  234. Withdrawal Assistance?
  235. Next step is to consider a pain pump, ?'s
  236. Best meds for nerve pain?
  237. Starting new regimen
  238. If Tramadol was a narcotic, what could it be compared too??
  239. Need a Toradol substitute?
  240. hydrocodone without acetaminophen
  241. chiropractor and script question
  242. Out of the Frying Pan?
  243. Had a ua last month and had to take another today
  244. suboxone for hair follicle
  245. SuperGlue my Fentanyl Patch???
  246. Questions, questions, questions
  247. Suboxone and weight gain
  248. My insurance is making me crazy (er)
  249. How to approach pn doc with a request for med. change
  250. Hyperalgesia