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  1. What's next?
  2. RED PALMS, please help
  3. Lidocaine and Ketamine
  4. Sharing feelings about weight gain
  5. RSD and allergies?
  6. RSD and mourning/grieving phase= basket case
  7. Fentanyl patch = rebound pain?
  8. Getting Diagnosed
  9. Update...Good news
  10. Just diagnosed with CRPS
  11. RSD and weather
  12. Radical skin changes on arms
  13. RSD and age?
  14. Does anyone here have MS???
  15. Now taking Topomax
  16. Replace Oxycodone with Tramadol and some comments...
  17. ouestion tunneled epidual catheter
  18. rsds doctors
  19. Will My Numbness/Nerve Damage Heal?
  20. what type of drs do you have?
  21. RSD? or nerve damage
  22. Locked Joints, Please Help
  23. RSD pain pump shut off PLEASE HELP!!!
  24. new to rsd
  25. Tremendous Thanks To Everyone!!
  26. Meds, Dosages, and side effects, if any
  27. twitching, anyone?
  28. sweating
  29. Does anyone else suffer from scary weakness with your RSD?
  30. Surgery again....question on icing...?
  31. how soon should i get relief from a sympathetic nerve block
  32. Looking for answers.
  33. Scheduled for surgery next week.
  34. find a doctor that can help with rsd
  35. Newly Diagnosed
  36. RSD and Social Security
  37. Please HELP
  38. Wanting some answers please
  39. How can you tell if the pain is the RSD or an unresolved issue with the foot injury
  40. Why do hands cramp?
  41. Info about CRPS and Lumbar Sympathetic Block
  42. Pain Levels
  43. Finally saw PM for advice re Spinal Surgery
  44. Skin problems??Help!
  45. Anxiety +++++
  46. New to RSD
  47. How were you diagnosed?
  48. BURNING aching
  49. Nerve block for RSD in the knee
  50. Sharon...are you MIA???
  51. Michelle!
  52. RSD Blues
  53. Denied SSDI - Round 1
  54. Hand spasms and cramps
  55. Two bunions, six operations later and now RSD
  56. Finally got to the point...
  57. new again
  58. What can I expect from neurontin?? Newly diagnosed - struggling to stay positive
  59. RSD + Pregnancy???
  60. Remission or not?
  61. Just wondering?
  62. rsd doctors
  63. Just diagnosed. 1st nerve block this week -what to expect?
  64. does a sympathetic nerve block make you hot?
  65. Depressing dx from spinal surgeon
  66. RSD Specialists in Connecticut?/Newcomer and other info. needed...THANKS!!!
  67. Ssd/ssi
  68. Is this all in my head or just in my throat
  69. after 3 yrs...new doc says no to rsd??? HELP
  70. Mom recently diagnosed
  71. RSD , I am getting a pain pump..will I be able to drive, work, etc.?
  72. Sympathetic Nerve Block Experience
  73. RSD movement
  74. RSD and Depression
  75. RSD and O.T.
  76. Questions about Lyrica
  77. Sunburn and RSD
  78. acupuncture and rsd
  79. Nerve Block - What to expect???
  80. Fentanyl Withdrawal Cause Kidney Failure????
  81. RSD - Burning
  82. I got diagnosed today with
  83. RSD and Social Security
  84. Really bad Charlie Horse cramps
  85. Help with my mean sister please?
  86. they are saying RSD and seeing dr soon
  87. rsd specialists in Arkansas
  88. need help for rsd
  89. bone pain
  90. RSD Lesion?
  91. rsd, lidocaine
  92. so much weight gain!!!
  93. Groin/Hip pain dx'd
  94. Lyrica edema, Lasix not enough
  95. Ordered to go see SSD/SSI Doctor & Scared
  96. Scs Side Effects Or Not
  97. Insurance won't cover anesthesia for nerve blocks or epidurals!
  98. Does Rsd Make Your Whole Arm Hurt?
  99. I will be getting my scs battery moved
  100. Fibromyalgia & RSD?
  101. what is rsd wrist
  102. Been away for a long time, now back
  103. How to get diagnosis
  104. epidural catheter for rsd
  105. Surgery on wrist with rsd
  106. Feeling so Down
  107. :dizzy: Guys I have more ????'s Help!
  108. Hi Roseinsandiego
  109. sudden emotions
  110. How many diff. doctors do y'all have?
  111. Any help for my swelling?
  112. new here and wondering id rsd fits
  113. Worst Doctor
  114. My ins co doesn't want to approve surgery
  115. pain
  116. rsd doctors in san francisco
  117. Out Pt Ketamine infusions..
  118. RSD Survivor
  119. Questions for my doctor?
  120. not RSD anymore???? So confused
  121. Venting........
  122. People Think I'm Crazy
  123. new to RSD need some info,please
  124. At "trip" to the ER
  125. Hi Michelle 94 its tkb
  126. Ice during physical therapy?!?
  127. desperate for a great doc in CO
  128. what causes my muscles in my leg to tighten up the more I walk
  129. question
  130. Has anyone suffer extreme weight loss due to RSD
  131. my feet and legs jerk when I get nervous while I'm walking
  132. Not good news
  133. Almost diagnosed, many questions
  134. ? diagnosis of RSD
  135. question about rsd
  136. Injection? Ablation?
  137. how does hbot help rsds sufferers
  138. RSD in mouth?
  139. New, please list some of your symptoms of RSD
  140. Need some SCS feed back and advice...Please help!
  141. New symptoms follow-up.... I don't believe I can handle more
  142. Physical Therapy and Insurance
  143. Question regarding Intrathecal Pain Pump
  144. Need advice
  145. new symptoms??? anyone else have these???
  146. frustrated with long wait for specialist appointments?
  147. memory issues
  148. IME.. no no no!
  149. Does anyone know
  150. they are going to revise my scs battery
  151. It's been a while....also, hey Jodom!
  152. question about recharchable SCS
  153. hello im new
  154. new here and confused
  155. new here and confused
  156. dad has rsd
  157. Warmer weather
  158. anyone have their scs battery move???
  159. Happy Mothers Day
  160. Any advice or explantions
  161. Got a question for ya Sharon
  162. RSD and Bathing
  163. Jon, thinking of you...
  164. "Venting" re: RSD and life
  165. Rsd
  166. Final WC Settelment need some answers.
  167. Lidocaine infushion
  168. Latest update
  169. Hello new here but not to RSD
  170. Jaxobean, please read
  171. The Doctor needs to do her home work go to channel 3 news in Syracuse click on to hea
  172. New to RSD
  173. Confusing doctor appointments!
  174. Channel 3 news will be doing a segment on RSD in SYRACUSE NY
  175. I have RSD due to TOS surgery W/C any one else
  176. HELP...just got Hepatitic C also....
  177. Cervical Spinal Cord Stimulator
  178. Mucsles & Legs
  179. Help
  180. I hate flare-ups too!!!!
  181. ooking for info on the Ketamine infusion
  182. alternative treatment
  183. ?MIT and Texas Instruments, Inc.óchip RSD pain?
  184. HELP... How do I handle ER visits???
  185. Eye surgery & RSD- Help
  186. I hate flare ups!
  187. Removal of Spinal Cord Stimulator.
  188. trying to get a definitive answer on RSD/CRPS.
  189. Questions about finding an RSD-sympathetic Dentist
  190. Recently diagnosed with CRPS
  191. Waking up in the morning
  192. Where is everyone? Check in!!!
  193. Need to know if anyone has ever heard of implanting a Spinal Cord Stimulator - neck?
  194. Cooper99, where are you.. Iam concerned about you...
  195. Hello everyone new to site but not to RSD liveing with it since1996
  196. sleepy/dizzy on Lyrica, 3 1/2 months after starting?
  197. Confession: shopping therapy for pain
  198. Successful Surgery after RSD???
  199. When you got your joy back
  200. My fight with WC is coming to a end but not my pain with RSD
  201. This may be a stupid question but does anyone know
  202. I think am having chest pains
  203. Post-septic arthritis causing RSD and fibromyalgia
  204. RSD Spreading
  205. Lawsuit?
  206. I am new to this site and to RSD
  207. Hello Im new here and have a question..>
  208. Anyone from NC have RSD and getting SSD?
  209. question for you all/ need answers or thoughts
  210. How to talk to an unsympathetic boss
  211. Anyone have it internally in your stomach/intestines?
  212. Im so mad!!!
  213. Question for everyone who's been pregnant with RSD
  214. Prolotherapy for RSD?
  215. running with reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  216. Living with RSDS need support!
  217. Where is everyone.. Iam getting worried.
  218. PT not enough any advice!
  219. Question About RSD And Climate :)
  220. Spinal stimulator questions
  221. Cold Sweats
  222. Rsd & Crps
  223. Anyone else have this problem?
  224. RSD and Surgery?
  225. stellate ganglion block how long does hand feel warm
  226. What can I say to my husband?
  227. What am I in for w/ RSD?
  228. RSD & Exhaustion
  229. RSD and work????
  230. Question about Ketamine therapy
  231. what are the tiny little blood dots in the chest area?
  232. Hi I am new to this board and have questions
  233. RSD had Jumped To Ankle
  234. Prescription Assistance
  235. how to diagnose rsd
  236. I need advice
  237. ketamine compound
  238. Frustrated
  239. Ketamine therapy, Who can afford that?
  240. What is the best medication to take for severe nerve pain and burn
  241. Calling Skooze, dee navymom and pattihabs
  242. RSD Help Please
  243. Hi Everyone - new and need some advice
  244. Things are comming to a close..
  245. RSD or Degenerative Disc Disease? Severe burning feet!!
  246. Ketamine Infusion questions
  247. Switch doctors
  248. Coping with RSD when you have no insurence or help
  249. Rooibos Tea????
  250. RSD in Scar breast and sentinel node?