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  1. My Baby, Kory, died of SIDS at 4 weeks old.
  2. My daughter is grieving for her cousin
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  13. Anyone personally lost their own child by SIDS??
  14. I know how it feels...
  15. My Baby Kory's Story was Published.
  16. Words can't do justice...
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  18. My Angel Was 5 Months Old
  19. does the amercian Pediatric association recommend baby positioners?
  20. i want my bf back
  21. in urgent need of a positive testimony; please read!
  22. Destroyed
  23. Child died of SIDS in my care
  24. My sons birthday was yesterday
  25. ex wants to name his new baby our sons name
  26. mattress static
  27. any precautions you can take? special clothes or mattresses?
  28. 0-4months
  29. It's been 16 yrs - he was my only child
  30. My son died of SIDS and he was NOT vaccinated.
  31. Help Us
  32. swaddles
  33. how many babies die of SIDs each day
  34. Long time
  35. i miss my Siena
  36. Question...
  37. Question: Please answer.
  38. Nephew
  39. Does anyone have an un-vaccinated baby who died of SIDS?
  40. do babies die of sids in someones arms
  41. Was cause of death SIDS?
  42. Blood
  43. I lost my son to SIDS
  44. Newborn hearing screen and SIDS link
  45. Did They Die After Having Jabs???
  46. Its been over 12 years but still hurts the same
  47. Anyone have a clue
  48. Just need some one to talk to
  49. Its been a year since my daughter faith died from sids
  50. Gender?
  51. question on sids
  52. Run In Famlies?
  53. Aching Arms
  54. Breathing problems
  55. Do sleep positioners prevent SIDS?
  56. Sids Prevention
  57. did you know that epiderals can contribute to resiratory depression
  58. I lost my son
  59. my little ones b-day comming up
  60. sids
  61. Happy Birthday, little one
  62. New to Straterra
  63. always our babies
  64. In Shock: Just found out that a baby I took care of died from SIDS
  65. I lost my Angel Hailey
  66. Memory of Baby ****
  67. new here
  68. my little brother
  69. nephew 7 mo.
  70. Why does everything say you
  71. So worried
  72. October is SIDS Awareness Month
  73. conflicting and confusing emotions
  74. God Bless
  75. S.i.d.s
  76. SIDS/Vaccine Correlation?
  77. Need a little help please
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  80. Friend was babysitting when baby stop breathing in her care
  81. Please help answer this disturbing question!
  82. Question about SIDS
  83. Friend lost her 3 month old this morning
  84. Please help- First Mother's day
  85. Movement & Breathing Sensors
  86. Life after SIDS..
  87. SIDS is Preventable, read this book
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  93. Hope this helps
  94. my daughter
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  97. im new
  98. My little angel would be 16 yrs old today.
  99. SIDS - and your child's head shape.
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  102. Brainstem leisons?
  103. baby pulls blanket over head during sleep
  104. Anyone Know?
  105. scary
  106. plymouth I think u are right
  107. looking for answers
  108. What are the risks of SIDS?
  109. Almost 30 years ago
  110. I understand
  111. Concerned About Cot Death
  112. How could this happen?
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  114. my theory
  115. at 4mts. can my baby still get sids?
  117. New member
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