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  1. Excessive sleep
  2. My sleep disorder
  3. Taking Ambien every night?
  4. Help/Support for Worsening Sleep Disorder (lifelong)
  5. Sleep disorder - brain burn
  6. Chronic Insomnia and not being able to lose weight.
  7. Insomnia
  8. GF sleeps great, can't wake up early
  9. Homeopathy?
  10. No symptoms at all
  11. My Father's Sleep Issues
  12. Weird sleep convulsions???
  13. Sleeping all the time, stomach upset
  14. Night Eating Syndrome?
  15. Does taking Magnesium before bed help?
  16. Sleep paralysis?!?
  17. Insomnia from psych med withdrawal, advice about sleep time needed
  18. Cannot sleep more than an hour or two
  19. Trazodone question
  20. Sleep (Insomnia) Supplements
  21. Breathing pain in lung/chest while sleeping and shortness of breath.
  22. Trazodone and fatigue.
  23. Sleep deprivation
  24. I want to know if itís normal
  25. 5 HPP acting like a stimulant.
  26. Staying asleep?
  27. Trazadone?
  28. Sleep problem
  29. Vision problems from sleep apnea
  30. Canít Fall Asleep at night?
  31. Can't sleep longer than 3-4 hours, feel like I awake every night from a nightmare.
  32. Question about sleep position.
  33. Getting Sleep Paralysis 4 times in a row
  34. silenor
  35. RDI - Sleep Apnea?
  36. Full Face mask With Two Hoses Needed
  37. Transitioning back to bed from recliner.
  38. Stinging sensations while trying to fall alseep
  39. How to switch inverted sleep cycle?
  40. sleep very fragmented with little REM - help
  41. dead sleeper
  42. Sleeping/Not sleeping
  43. Sleep apnea?
  44. REM sleep too soon
  45. Recommendation for specialists in Seattle?
  46. Indescribable. Have you experienced this too?
  47. Insomnia! Has anyone taken Traszodone for sleep?
  48. What could it be?
  49. Waking up every hour
  50. Anxiety in the middle of the night or CPAP problem
  51. No REM sleep
  52. Mirtazapine stopped working suddenly
  53. Insomnia
  54. Murky & agitated during the final stage (last hour) of sleep.
  55. Body Displacement During Sleep
  56. Dalmane for sleep
  57. Cannot sleep
  58. I need help with my sleep ... I sleep way too much.
  59. Difficulty waking
  60. Waking with strange feeling in my head
  61. sleepwalking
  62. Fainting followed by thirty-forty hours of deep sleep?
  63. I have no idea ...
  64. How to treat mild sleep apnea while waiting on insurance?
  65. Sleep Problem
  66. Exhausted! Could it be caused by excessive dreaming?
  67. Sits straight up while sleeping
  68. Jolted awake just as you fall asleep?
  69. No relief from constant sleeping problems?
  70. possible sleep disorder, any help?
  71. sleep test question
  72. insomnia for 27 years
  73. Can a home normal doctor prescribe Ritalin and Provigil for diagnosed narcolepsy?
  74. is this jetlag or something else more serious?
  75. Ambien CR to Ambien Question/Experiences
  76. Do you know of a good "non-addictive" sleep aid?
  77. Sleep apnea
  78. Cannot sleep after a terrible flu
  79. Scary central apnea, what to do?
  80. What can i expect on Mirtazapine
  81. I have barely slept in over 5 weeks and completely losing my memory, really desperate
  82. Disturbed Sleep Awakenings
  83. Sleep Disorder is affecting my job
  84. Excessive dreaming during sleep and somatoform pain disorder
  85. felt like soul leaving my body.
  86. Insomnia
  87. Insomnia worsening by the week
  88. Heart pounding in my chest
  89. Vibrating During Sleep
  90. Strange feeling when falling asleep
  91. Sleep cycle never constant, impacting my life.
  92. Seeing black spider/scribble when I wake
  93. How to get off ambien pills?
  94. Hands get "stuck" when I sleep?
  95. Dentist or doctor first?
  96. Can't sleep
  97. Sleep 14-20 hours a day, can't wake up in the morning, not apnea or narcolepsy
  98. Dental device for sleep apnea?
  99. Waking Up Exhausted
  100. help help help
  101. Woke up feeling like i wasn't real
  102. Always tired?!
  103. Sleep Apnea: Complex Sleep Apnea!
  104. Does anyone know what to take to help with sleep?
  105. Seroquel, insomnia, and ADHD
  106. New mattress help
  107. New form of sleep paralysis ... Vision paralysis???
  108. Terror and strange feeling
  109. Can't sleep ever since i got sleep paralysis
  110. Chronic insomnia ruining my life
  111. fatal insomnia?
  112. I'm so scared right now. I really need advice.
  113. I have no idea what to call this?
  114. Sertraline and sleep.
  115. Jumping out of bed in middle of night??
  116. YAY or NAY for a sleep study? I don't want to waste my money ...
  117. I Think I Have Fatal Insomnia
  118. sim card on bipap machine
  119. Lorazepam
  120. Hallucinations after waking from sleep
  121. Ambien addicted
  122. Using CPAP with stuffy nose -- help!
  123. When is insomnia chronic?
  124. Stop lucid dreams from tiring you out
  125. Insomnia
  126. Anyone know how to avoid getting a dry mouth from sleeping?
  127. What is this?
  128. sleep talking
  129. Anyone know how long does a sleeping pill usually last?
  130. Anybody need IV meds to sleep during sleep study test?
  131. Sleepiness Post-UPPP
  132. Sleeping problems - Really scared!!!
  133. Need some help with diagnosis and what I should do
  134. Electric shocks at night are ruining my life.
  135. Jolted awake by an adrenaline rush every time I drift to sleep
  136. Sleep Disorder - Insomnia maybe?
  137. Amitriptyline for insomnia
  138. what is this? we sleep apart now
  139. Vivid dreams
  140. Sleeplessness
  141. sleep disorders - electric shocks
  142. Do I Have Sleep Apnoea?
  143. Moving Insomnia
  144. Carbidopa-levodopa for RLS/PLMD
  145. Sleeping issues.
  146. Electrcal 'charges' in head while sleeping
  147. Waking up gasping for air
  148. Always tired, normal or something to look into?
  149. Can sleep apnea cause all my anxiety/panic?
  150. Shaking upon waking
  151. No sleep for 6 months
  152. Please Help me my life is falling apart
  153. Extreme anxiety issues please advice
  154. Waking up gasping for air
  155. still tired
  156. Insomnia
  157. belsomra for sleep disorders
  158. Vivid Dreams, affecting sleep
  159. Narcolepsy and lighting?
  160. Feeling extremely dizzy.
  161. Insomnia issues
  162. Severe sleep myclonus that occurs every night all night.
  163. No deep sleep. Extremely fatigued
  164. Why Did Xanax Work So Long?
  165. My Diagnosis. Really RBD?
  166. sleep apnea and allergies
  167. Dependent on sleep aids?
  168. Epilepsy?
  169. jerking while asleep and awake and feeling as though you stop breathing
  170. Sleep Issues
  171. Haven't been able to sleep in past 3-4 weeks
  172. sleep and anxiety
  173. Unable to sleep at all, when I do it is stressful
  174. Slept well but sleepy.
  175. Sleep Study
  176. Success with dental appliance for sleep apnea?
  177. I feel like I'm on the way to sleeping to death
  178. Excessive sleeping, tiredness & lack of focus
  179. How to diagnose sleep disorder?
  180. Dreaming and REM sleep
  181. what medication can i take?
  182. OSA & Respiratory Acidosis
  183. HELP - Weird Sleep Issue
  184. Wake time, not sleep hours, determine my tiredness.
  185. Help Me Please!
  186. Where do I get help? Going crazy can't function
  187. extremely sleep deprived - anything i can do?
  188. What would cause somebody to struggle to fall asleep and wake up 2-5 hours most night
  189. Can fall asleep easily enough, but wake up in middle of night and can't sleep more
  190. Anyone try Lunesta for middle-of-the-night insomnia
  191. Just diagnosed with narcolepsy
  192. Has anyone being able to fix severe or cronic insomnia?
  193. wake up at 3am every night and can't sleep
  194. ativan/diazepam/ambien withdrawal
  195. Insomnia
  196. Can't sleep with girlfriend in my bed! Please help!
  197. So tired but can't sleep and have 12 hour night shifts to do
  198. Low sodium Hyponatremia SIADH puzzle solved
  199. Lack of sleep is making me misrable.
  200. xyrem and nausea
  201. Doctors say I suffer with sleep apnea
  202. having random dreams, affecting sleep
  203. short dreams
  204. My story: anxiety, energy & sleep
  205. insomnia for 111 nights = hyper insomnia
  206. Hard time waking up
  207. Cant sleep .... again ...
  208. Insomnia is ruining my life
  209. sleeping 1h a day
  210. Please Help Me
  211. I have Severe Sleep Apnea, nervous about surgery.
  212. Is This Sporadic Fatal Insomnia?
  213. Can barely sleep anymore!!
  214. Without sleep for a week and exhausted!
  215. full mask vs nasal pillows
  216. Want to sleep all the time
  217. sleep state misconception?
  218. Possible night terrors?
  219. Half-Awake?
  220. Sleeping all the time!
  221. how bad is alcohol for occasional insomnia
  222. feeling off when being startled awake
  223. how do i sleep well when i have anxiety
  224. Sleep disorder, no snoring
  225. HELP!!! I did what while I was sleeping?!?
  226. Please help me with my DIY sleep research
  227. Recurring Intense Sleep Issues
  228. Zaleplon (Sonata) doesn't work??
  229. Can't seem to sleep without pills :(
  230. Scared I have SFI.
  231. Its 4 in the morning and I just broke my clock.
  232. Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
  233. I sleep but my brain remains active
  234. No sleep for a year
  235. Can't Stay Asleep
  236. Sleep study question
  237. Very Weird Sleep Problem
  238. insomnia
  239. Fatal insomnia, probably have it
  240. Total insomnia for no reason... I am scared that I have sporadic fatal insomnia!
  241. Narcolepsy Anyone?
  242. Has anyone here had a Sleep Study and what do they say about the patient ?
  243. staying asleep
  244. Help
  245. every time I go to sleep
  246. Waking up every 1-2 hours
  247. getting violently sick with no sleep
  248. Insomnia
  249. Sleep and Xanax alternatives.
  250. Apnea without snoring?