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  1. Muscle Spasms (neck and upper back) after your surgery?
  2. Do I need ACDF???
  3. Spinal Stenosis
  4. vocal Fold (cord) Paralysis post -op ACDF
  5. internal vibration and numbness
  6. Kyphosis?
  7. Heaviness after surgery
  8. For those who have had a discogram
  9. Neck fusion surgery and bone spurs
  10. Had the discogram on Wed. Need advice
  11. need tips and advice on a pinched nerve thx!
  12. post op 2 level cervical fusion voice problem
  13. What kind of surgeon?
  14. Post-surgery meds?
  15. New to board! C5 C6 Cord Compression
  16. I am one step away from neck surgery
  17. Recovery Process
  18. Cervical Stenosis, Spondylosis, Annular Tear and Scoliosis in Thoracic Spine
  19. foot burning post 2 neck fusions for myelopathy?
  20. Just been told I have cervical stenosis. I'm So Scared:(
  21. Abnormal EMG/cold hands question
  22. Sensation of cold
  23. Had acdf oct 24th, numbness above incision site.
  24. ACDF Fri but no longer in pain?
  25. Cervical Spinal Stenosis Please help
  26. HELP ! If I look up/down I pass out...
  27. ACDF success. 100% fusion
  28. Help - c6/7 ACDF questions
  29. having acdf on the 24th, what foods to eat after?
  30. Mri Results "solid Mass" Help
  31. Neck Pain - Pillow Talk
  32. Post-Spine Surgery Sleepiness
  33. Anterior or posterior? Laminectomy or Discectomy?
  34. Chronic debilitating muscle spasms
  35. ACDF Friday the 20th
  36. HELP - Cervical Disc Dilemma!
  37. 5 mo post ACDF - Question on symptoms..anyone else had this?
  38. radiculitis
  39. Cervies...PLEASE tell me if you've had TONGUE symptoms...Am I the only one???
  40. Inversion table after three back surgeries and two neck surgeries
  41. Nerve firings affecting my sleep
  42. New to Forum - Mass found, Appreciate Advice (long post)
  43. back, head, arm pain. Annular tears
  44. "Imaginary pain" per M.D. following ACDF & car wreck
  45. Which pain meds to use?
  46. new Hubby had ACDF looking for pain and recovery info
  47. what is myelopathy, exactly?
  48. Flu like back pain after PT worked on trigger points
  49. Scared, facial tingling, leg tingling, and many more...
  50. new here just diagnosed with cervical disk disease
  51. Blood Clots after surgery
  52. Cervical Question...Input, Please!
  53. Cervical/Thoracic Degenerative Disk Disease
  54. Cervical Spine, Neuro Symptoms, Help!
  55. Mild stenosis causing severe pain/is this common
  56. ACDF (C5-6) on 9/14 - Questions on Recovery
  57. mild neuro foramina impingement and flattening thecal sac
  58. Spinal Cord Compression
  59. mri showed Thecal sac problems
  60. Neck Brace
  61. Facial tingling from neck problems?
  62. EMG, NCV and Epidural Steroid Injections Update
  63. Post ACDF spinal cord compression-permanent damage
  64. Question regarding nerve damage and electrical shock in fingers
  65. Cervical nerve damage and diaphram relation?
  66. Foraminal Stenosis C3-C4 Fusion C6-C7
  67. After Collar Comes Off
  68. Neck Problems
  69. Thoracic prolapse at T7
  70. osteoporosis and spinal canal stenosis
  71. Baby with tethered spinal cord
  72. question about neck stenosis/neuroformen???
  73. Post ACDF and now car accident
  74. no idea where to begin-- what kind of doctor to see?? NJ
  75. CT/bone scan results
  76. If I Knew Then What I Know Now
  77. sleeping with collar!!! help
  78. weird feeling in spine
  79. Anyone take Medrol for arm numbness?
  80. Cervical Disc Pain - What does it mean?
  81. Bad Experience! MRI with NO CONTRAST! Useless???!
  82. facet joint injections at C3/4 and C5/6 tomorrow!
  83. wierd chest pain after acdf
  84. how long do you wear the brace??
  85. Question about twitching/cramping in hands/arms
  86. Numb Fingers and Cervical MRI? Help!
  87. 5 months post acdf lots of pain. please help!
  88. Droopy eye after ACDF
  89. stolen cadaver bones implanted in neck!
  90. C5-C6 Spinal Stenosis
  91. 3 mo post C5-7 ACDF - saw doc today
  92. Enlarged Spinal Canal at Sacrum and cyst
  93. Chest Pains Right Arm Pains :cant Bend Forward
  94. Anyone who does or has suffered the L'hermitte's Sign?
  95. Titanium Medronics plate question
  96. Neck pain with chest pains
  97. Please help with MRI results
  98. numbness after cervical spine surgery
  99. what does ACDF mean??
  100. Neck Fusion Questions...
  101. Horrible Neck pain from massage.
  102. What to expect when the collar comes off?
  103. need to vent
  104. Myelopathy & MRI meaning? help please in Ky.!
  105. Cervical Epidural Fear
  106. Can somebody explain increased nerve pain post ACDF?
  107. Hi Everybody...ACDF Surgery coming up!
  108. Chest /throat pain 5 weeks post ACDF
  109. ACDF C5-C6 Scheduled
  110. Epidural Steroid Injection
  111. neck injury adn swallowing????????
  112. Cervical Problems
  113. Tethered Cord
  114. What to expect with EMG of neck?
  115. Cervical Epidural Anyone?
  116. neck cracking
  117. Is Tinnitus common w/ a Neck injury?
  118. anybody ever had spinal cord compression after acdf?
  119. Is contrast important in full spine MRI?
  120. epidural vs. nerve block?
  121. Tethered Spinal
  122. ACDF success stories??
  123. How to prepare for ACDF
  124. travel after ACDF
  125. Please help: post op ACDF problems
  126. 3 weeks post ACDF: symptoms persist + new lower back tightness
  127. ACD Without Fusion???
  128. What does this mean?
  129. Botched cervical epidural
  130. Myelomalacia ??
  131. Cervical Stenosis and arm cramps?
  132. literally feeling my spine pop out
  133. new pain
  134. Constant Neck Clicking, Pain when sitting...
  135. Cerebral-Spinal fluid (or lack of)
  136. surgery(C5-C6) on Friday...what to expect?
  137. ARGH.......this collar is drivin me nuts!
  138. EMG normal. Now what?
  139. Another question Re: C1/2
  140. Why am I dropping things?
  141. Please translate - Dr is on vacation
  142. c-4 c-5 cervical stenosis
  143. My Foot won't work!
  144. post ACDF anxiety attacks
  145. ACDF multi level Please advise
  146. Post ACDF and having disc problems again
  147. tingling 2 3/4 years after 3 level cervical discectomy & fusion
  148. Cervical Kyphosis
  149. Help! More cervical spine problems after ACDF
  150. Post 2-level ACDF -- realistic expectations for recovery?
  151. arm numbness ?s
  152. Are there not some people who never recover?
  153. 5 days post-op ACDF w/fusion-symptoms have returned--I'm scared!!
  154. 3 days post 2nd acdf
  155. Spinal Cord Flattening in C-spine
  156. Post ACDF- how long out of work?
  157. need answers my head is hurting really bad
  158. Anodyne - infrared treatment
  159. PT after one level fusion - two month postop - Questions?
  160. Thoracic disc prolapse, anybody?
  161. Severe Reaction to Cervical Epidural
  162. 3wks post adcf surgery
  163. Neck pain changing sides???
  164. C-Spine MRI results - HELP!!
  165. test for syringomyelia
  166. Intense Nerve Pain - 7 Weeks PostOp ACDF C5/6
  167. Acdf C3-c4, C4-c5, C5-c6
  168. Vets - Horner's Syndrome PostOp ACDF?
  169. ACDF C-5 C-6 C-7 Best thing ever!!!
  170. Leaking cerebro spinal fluid
  171. ADCF Surgery 4 years ago, need answers
  172. Post afdf for spinal cord compression
  173. Hip pain after myelopathy?
  174. Ups and Downs in the Healing Process
  175. Four Weeks Post ACDF C5/6 - Ouch! (?)
  176. ACDF and ADR
  177. muscle spasms in mid to lower spinal area
  178. Bone Morphogenic Proteins
  179. Do hot tubs help you?
  180. Nerve issues
  181. Neck surgery necessary??
  182. Question about neck and upper back pain
  183. C5-C7 ACDF
  184. heaviness after fusion
  185. Mri Of Cervical Spine
  186. Acdf Recovery Advice Anyone?
  187. Autofusion - cervical
  188. My Moms x-ray result please someone interpret it for me
  189. Exper. mild chest pain/burping ACDF post-op???
  190. Cervical Epidural Block
  191. questions about scoliosis
  192. Seeking Advice on Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy
  193. A screw is broken!!
  194. Post ACDF when can you exercise?
  195. Spinal Cord Healing
  196. Baby with tethered spinal cord
  197. Pain shows up 8 weeks post op ACDF--anyone else have this?
  198. fell on my back & hit my head, now what?
  199. Veterans of multiple ACDF surgeries
  200. Extreme Pain
  201. What exactly is a subluxation??
  202. Status post ACDF C5-6, C-67 6/30/04 update
  203. Permanent nerve damage - what test?
  204. Another ACDF needed?
  205. Possible lumbar spinal fusion in my future
  206. My daughter has Spondylolthesis and I'm afraid for her.
  207. 10 Months Since Last ACDF!
  208. ACDF Surgery
  209. Long Term Prognosis - Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Plating C5-6
  210. Spinal Cord Stenosis
  211. Neck Scars, Anyone???
  212. Acdf Success-painfree!
  213. What to expect after C4/5 fusion?
  214. reversed cervical spine???
  215. neck pain and motion sickness/dizziness
  216. My ACDF Surgery December 15th (c-7) and questions
  217. Golf after anterior discectomy?
  218. Second C7 SNRB - Any 2nd ACDF surgeries out there
  219. Spinal Cord Impingement at C4/5
  220. Laminectomy Question
  221. fractured c5, c6, and c7
  222. Pain after Spinal Fusion
  223. Sciatic pain after microdisectomy - timeframe for healing?
  224. Spine problems and now groin pain???
  225. New here/Brachial Plexus Nerves
  226. So HAPPY I had ACDF!!! Listen to this!!!
  227. Syringomyelia due to injury?
  228. Klebsiella~Abscess on Spinal Cord
  229. C6/C7 ADCF & Plating With Bone Stimulator Surgery
  230. Pinched nerve
  231. Can back problems cause foot to buzz ?
  232. Looking for helpful experience ACDF
  233. Neck popping and cracking after cervical fusions
  234. 4 Level Cervical Fusion
  235. Fell Down And Slipped
  236. physical therapy after laminectomy
  237. 2 level ACDF
  238. This thread is those for a year or more after surgery and how are you doing Now ?
  239. Aching in bicep/upper arm
  240. Hip problem after ACDF
  241. Headaches And Loss Of Mobility In Left Arm
  242. 2nd ACDF in 2 weeks, questions...
  243. Baclofen pump and alcohol...
  244. Computer Use and Cervical Spine Injury
  245. 12 weeks post op ACDF 5-6 6-7
  246. Length of hospital stay after fusion
  247. Spinal AVM - is it progressing?
  248. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment
  249. C1-C2 Fusion
  250. Bony Edema