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  1. Anyone been able to lay on their side after an ACDF?
  3. Cervical Discectomy/Fusion c5-6,6-7
  4. multiple - ACDF and hard neck brace
  5. Acdf And Driving
  6. Possible Pinched Nerves In Neck Joints??
  7. I'm New - Having ACDF
  8. Spinal Hemangioma and Pregnancy
  9. Nerve Pain when Breathing
  10. Having posterior cerv. laminectomy
  11. Headaches 2 months post-op??
  12. C2 to T1 laminectomy and fusion
  13. Physical Therapy after Neck fuses
  14. Botox for muscle relaxant??
  15. Anyone had "posterior cervical foraminotomy"?
  16. Swelling of Feet and Charlie Horse's in Calf
  17. Cervial Spinal Stenosis...What can I expect?
  18. Post ACDF now having heart palpitations
  19. 2 days post C4-5 ACDF
  20. 48 hours post op ACDF with doner bone and plate...question?
  21. Physical therapy after ACDF or not?
  22. Pain in low back, legs, and feet after car accident.
  23. Questions about Discectomy/Hemilaminectomy
  24. Severe Muscle Spasms or something else? Please Help!
  25. neck pain 2 mos after acdf
  26. Anyone had surgery for cervical "bulging" or "protruding" disc?
  27. Like new after c5-c6 surgery?
  28. ACDF - 11 days post-op & voice problems
  29. Questions about Physical Therapy and Cervical Traction?
  30. Is is true 30% of ACDF surgeries are repeated in the future at another level?
  31. Dizziness And Room Spinning
  32. Diffuse Cervical Spondylosis
  33. How long can numbness/tingling persist before permanent damage occurs!
  34. what symptoms can scolliosis cause?
  35. Cervical Injury's & Treatments
  36. Titanium Plate fusion : Long term concerns
  37. Difficulty with esophagus
  38. muscle spasms???
  39. Congenitally Narrowed Canal
  40. Pain In Back Of Neck With Warm Sensation And Lack Of Sleep
  41. bulging disc in lower back....chiropracter ok?
  42. Lordosis question
  43. Questions about lumbar fusion.
  44. Need opinion - neck pain & what it means for teacher's job
  45. Connection between scoliosis and neurological symptoms??
  46. Mri-c5-6
  47. Chiropractic treatment of C1-2 misalignment
  48. learning to self cath help
  49. Vertabrectamy(sp) / Anterior Cervical Compression
  50. strange vibrating feeling in lower abdomen????
  51. ACDF- When Can I get back to Sports?
  52. symptoms back after 8 weeks
  53. Nerve Block Cervical?
  54. muscle stiffness/soreness
  55. steroid injections, anyone know of any sideeffects I should know about
  56. One week post op ACDF
  57. Can someone help me? ACDF nerve damage?
  58. Steri Strips and tanning?
  59. Does carotid cartery ultrasound affect titanium plate
  60. Anyone had this happen after an ACDF?
  61. About the steri-strips...
  62. ACDF, muscle spasms, and baclofen?
  63. This is going to be a strange question, but..
  64. Qestions about ACDF
  65. 1 week post-op; a couple of problems/questions
  66. ACDF for Friday
  67. MS and Hemangioma??
  68. 10 weeks after ACDF C6-C7
  69. Under Develped L5
  70. C1-C2 instability.... please help
  71. C4-c5, C5-c6 Post Surgery Permanent Nerve Damage
  72. Newbie with questions and needing support please
  73. Bone fragment!?
  74. Went for 6 weeks post op check - long story
  75. Increase pain after ACDF surgery
  76. morphine pumps/paralysis
  77. 6 month follow up after 2 level ACDF surgery
  78. 4months post ACDF and now having trouble with throat!
  79. 2 week checkup, Spinalpak fusion stimulator
  80. Finally had my MRI's
  81. Pain,the weather, and ACDF
  82. neck tongue syndrome and nerve block
  83. Droopy eye after acdf
  84. MRI Report is in...HELP!
  85. L3 Lumbar stenosis surgery; need advice
  86. Spinal Cord Cyst T6-T7-T8
  87. Multiple Cervical Fusions Quality of Life
  88. Multi level cervical laminectomy
  89. Question Regarding Pain After Surgery
  90. Activities at 1 week postop - ACDF
  91. Home after ACDF
  92. Is a Spinal Tap painful ??
  93. minimally invasive (Jho, Schiffer) vs acdf?
  94. Questions for Neurosurgeons (C5-6)
  95. Cervical Surgery Questions
  96. 2 Weeks Post Op
  97. Anyone have Anxiety over Wearing Neck Brace?
  98. MRI results, anyone know what this means?
  99. Just had ACDF w/ plating at C4-C5 new to board
  100. Is this serious?...Disc bulge impinging on thecal sac/spinal canal
  101. Interactive Nerve Distribution Chart
  102. Got my MRI Results!
  103. Anyone had a MRI w/ contrast?
  104. Don't understand Aspen?
  105. Hello- Somewhat successfull ACDF (long)
  106. headache on one side?
  107. Sensitivity to sounds, vibrations
  108. NSAIDs after ACDF
  109. Snap, Crackle, Pop
  110. Bulging Disc "abutting" spinal cord
  111. stiff spine/ dizziness
  112. Wife's C6-7 fusion and post op pain
  113. ACDF C5-C6, Pain,7 months later
  114. Is this headache related to disc?
  115. absent spinous process...???
  116. ACDF C4 -C7 Will my voice be affected?
  117. acdf friday C2-C3
  118. Headache after myelogram
  119. Torn Abdominal Oblique/Spinal Cord Injury
  120. How long did everyone have to wear collar?
  121. MRI Results.. would love an English version ;)
  122. Double spinal fusion and lamenectomy ?
  123. flattened curve in upper back
  124. I'm getting a Bryan cervical disc!
  125. myleogram???
  126. extreme cold hands, pins & needles feet...
  127. C5-C6 Fracture with fusion and contiuned leg pain???
  128. Spinal Stenosis
  129. ACDF Hospital Stay
  130. Strange pulse feeling in back of neck.......
  131. Fluid leak after cervical laminaplasty?
  132. ACDF and abnormal EKG
  133. Pain at bottom of neck after ACDF
  134. acdf c5-6-7 revision surgery
  135. Driving after surgery
  136. C5-C6 Cervical Discectomy & Fusion
  137. lumbar fusion for post operative discitis?? help!
  138. Mri And Cat Scan Results
  139. Social Security Disability questions
  140. L2 Compression fracture options?
  141. How many using Bone Growth Stimulator?
  142. Just Diagnosed with Cervical Spinal Stenosis
  143. Physical limitations following spinal fusion (lifetime)
  144. Decompression cervical laminectomy
  145. Autonomic nerve recovery/erectile
  146. l4 l5 discectomy, laminectomy - post op diskitis!
  147. After ACDF do you get a lot of muscle spasms? Six weeks post op- and its started.
  148. c3-c7 diskectomy
  149. cervical fusion C2-C7
  150. Bryan artificial cervical disc replacement in Canada?
  151. How many of you have freed yourself from your collar to whatever degree?
  152. NEED QUICK ADVICE... neck affecting heart?
  153. severe right sided neural foraminal stenosis c5/6, posterior osteophytic ridgine C3/4
  154. Pars Defect-Birth Defect
  155. C-5 C-6 Fusion Failure
  156. Sore throat and low grade temp/Lori Rat why the ENT visit - what symptoms?
  157. Golf Ball in Throat after ACDF with fusion..Anybody else?
  158. Congenital Fusion C6 C7
  159. To Screw Or Not To Screw That Is The Question????
  160. Just found out
  161. Sciatica left leg, now right calf pain/swollen
  162. How to sleep??????
  163. Has anybody had nerve root pain after surgery?
  164. Possible side effects of an ACDF
  165. cervical spondylosis
  166. Home From Oss Visit- Dr. Cammisa
  167. Help with pain??? Transverse myelitis MS dilemme in detail
  168. Transverse myelitis reoccurance? Multiple sclerosis? or misdiagnosis
  169. neurosurgeon vs orthopedic surgeon for cervical spinal surgery c5 c6
  170. Numbness around incision...
  171. Pulsing triceps
  172. Fractures of bones c1 and c2 - HELP
  173. neck stiffness after surgeryHELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  174. Dr. Frank Cammisa NYC: anyone have experience with him for cervical fusion
  175. horseback riding/neck pain
  176. acdf-long term
  177. preventive therapy on Cervical C5-6
  178. thoraic spine epidural?
  179. somebody tell me plese if a CT myloegram is painful or not
  180. metal is coming out dr says but thats not all
  181. Butterfly Vertebrae?
  182. Pain in and between shoulder blades
  183. Facet joints or creaking spinal hinges
  184. Kyphosis Surgery
  185. Now I find out my problem is Thoracic...anyone else?
  186. cramping of the hands/fingers
  187. Range of Motion after ACDF?
  188. newly diagnosed cervical stenosis and cord compression
  189. C5-C6 bulging disc...severe pain!
  190. c1 and c2 fracture, possible surgery
  191. I am confused, AP measurement
  192. male para, sexual dysfunction
  193. how to tell shoulder pain from referred pain?
  194. Ultrasound post-fusion
  195. muscle spasms
  196. for me- the ACDF and PCDF were horrible operations
  197. MRI Results! Any input from anyone?
  198. ribs issues/cervical connection
  199. Dr Jho Pittsburgh
  200. home from ACDF
  201. is the operation to remove metal as bad as the 1st one in the back?
  202. Numb Right Hand While Sleeping
  203. C5-C6 dorsal spurring, impinging neural foramina question
  204. MRI results, bad news
  205. Looking at a 3 Level Cervical Fusion - Scared
  206. decompression & fusing C3-C4 - step one?
  207. Triple MRI Results - Please Help Me!
  208. sleeping position
  209. urgent: seeking neuroendoscopic advice; severe cervical spondylosis
  210. Could my neck problems cause my heart to beat funny?
  211. What next for my neck/shoulder pain???
  212. Hyper Reflexes...what does that mean?
  213. Can anyone help interpret Mylogram results
  214. What is Scholeosis??
  215. MRI or CT Scan after ACDF
  216. Numbness under chin after ACDF
  217. Foraminotomy bound?
  218. c5-6 fusion no plate-screws
  219. Bone Fusion.....Marijuana vs cigarette use
  220. leg pain following ACDF
  221. Can anyone please tell me if they have or had same symptoms
  222. ACDF -- My bone or cadaver bone?
  223. ACDF-Collar question
  224. to ACDF or not to ACDF - plz help
  225. progressive scoliosis
  226. Myelogram tomorrow
  227. drop foot and no reflex in ankles
  228. ACDF Upper Back pain
  229. Vicodin or Darvocet - which is stronger?
  230. Car accident - My legs are numb
  231. ACDF help, do I or don't I
  232. ? about ear ache and headache post surgery
  233. trouble swallowing after ACDF
  234. Mri Report Looks Scary Please help!
  235. Throbbing Spine?
  236. Interpret MRI:
  237. Numbness and tingling after acdf in face
  238. ??? So a C-spine is the same as a neck MRI ?
  239. ACDF C5/6 Same Day Surgery?
  240. bulging lumbar disks and foot neuropathy
  241. THE6: Electric shocks....
  242. will someone please tell me what this means?
  243. what to do after neck x-rays are negative?
  244. Had myelogram, no images could be gotten--did it for nothing!
  245. mom's girl: spinal stenosis
  246. Scared! Scheduled for: anterior cervical discetomy with fusion C5,C6,& C7
  247. straight spine
  248. Osteoblastoma
  249. Anyone have Thoracic Spine Surgery with Dr. Jho?
  250. Re: acdf outpatient, No surgery, nerve damage?