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  1. Anyone have Thoracic Spine Surgery with Dr. Jho?
  2. Re: acdf outpatient, No surgery, nerve damage?
  3. syringomyelia
  4. Cervogenic dizziness, dizzy after ACDF
  5. Who can refer me for an MRI?
  6. PT after neck brace comes off
  7. Had surgery on C4-C5 Is this pain nornal?
  8. cervical fusion's (& throat problems)
  9. Back from Surgery with Dr. Jho
  10. irritation from collar
  11. Cervical Corpectomy -- Anyone Had One?
  12. recovering ADR progress
  13. Myelogram
  14. Disc Hernination
  15. Humidity
  16. 4 weeks post-op and can't sleep
  17. EEK -Will you ever put your neck in that sink?
  18. *****Never Accept Pay For Kindness*****
  20. Paraplegics with Spinal Cord Injury
  21. Bone spurs C4-5 and C6-7
  22. Syringomyelia
  23. 4-level ACDF veterans out there?
  24. Anyone else have a screw loose..G
  25. Anyone had a Posterior Cervical Laminectomy?
  26. Possibility of an ACDF Repeat- Q's for other ACDFers
  27. Teri's surgery
  28. Decrease cracking at base of neck
  29. Curved spine - could exercise make it better?
  30. Questions about outpatient acf nausea/vommiting with general anesthesia
  31. Cautions about titanium plate and bone fusion
  32. post ACDF C6-7 concerns
  33. Midge - your story touched my heart...
  34. C5-C6 ACDF difficulty swallowing
  35. ACD C5-C6 w/o fusion
  36. Neck Cracking as arm raised above head
  37. Answers about Bone Fusion and Titanium
  38. neck stiffness and numb shoulder anyone?
  39. Neck looks strange after surgery
  40. 4th Day Post-op was the worst day of my life...
  41. Power Assisted Micro Manipulation
  42. Kortney, how are you?
  43. Workers Comp and my surgeon....what a pair they make!
  44. Tethered Cord
  45. Titanium Plate removal????
  46. Well, found out the cause of my neck pain& need massive good thoughts. Not good news.
  47. Swollen Disk and CSF Flow
  48. Breathing problems continue
  49. Workers Comp ......Should you hire a lawyer?
  50. foriminal stenosis - spondylosis
  51. Oooooh, I hurt my back
  52. How long does it take to fuse? NS said I was complete?
  53. Carpal Tunnel after ACDF?
  54. Answer on why food tastes terrible
  55. Recently diagnosed w/scoliosis, degenerative arthritis, bulging discs,etc...need help
  56. Bulging thoracic discs
  57. Got the Brain MRI results.
  58. What happens if the fusion doesn't "take"???
  59. Numbness question. Is there hope? Dr. appt scheduled.
  60. smoking and fusion.....
  61. OPLL: ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament
  62. Still in pain after ACDF-8 wks post-op
  63. C8 Radiculopathies? What is it?
  64. To All....Re: Living in Chronic Pain..................
  65. NS Visit..Complete Nightmare!
  66. Another plea for help - Melanie Dawn
  67. Neck problems increased
  68. New To Board...Understanding MRI
  69. For those of you who have had surgery with Dr. Jho
  70. I have fever from epidural injection
  71. Can epidural pain pump go in neck? Is disc replacement possible?
  72. A NS list for pre-op
  73. Bone Spurs and Annular Tears
  74. More jokes..............
  75. Different kind of pain after ACDF with plates
  76. Myalgia,Myositis....
  77. cervical problems/anxiety link?
  78. Neurontin for pain at bone graft site
  80. Trying hard to get off of the pity pot
  81. ACDF for neck pain and migraines?
  82. Asleep or Numbness??
  83. 3 weeks post op...update, concerns
  84. I have another question
  86. After ACDF ....when can I swim
  87. Donor Bone - what if they are rejected???
  88. anyone: headaches helped by surgery c5/6
  89. Solving ACDF Throat Pain
  90. Only sweat on one side of face
  91. post cerv laminectomy shoulder pain
  92. Voice, Speaking, and Singing Problems Due To ACDF
  93. You have got to be kidding, A Brain MRI?
  94. Spinal Fusion L-4/5 L5/S1
  95. FEELIN GOOD !!!
  96. Getting rid of the blind spots: adjusting your car's side mirrors
  97. Topamax?
  98. Myelopathy prognosis
  99. Help! Newbie with lots of questions and fears!!
  100. Muscle Spasms
  101. Long Term Pain after ACDF?
  102. Cervical Spinal Stenosis?
  103. Myelomalacia and the future?
  104. can torn discs ever heal?
  105. Surgery in the morning...last minute questions
  106. Burning Shoulder Pain
  107. I'm still up!! A few jokes for you all.
  108. Results of multi-level acdf?
  109. Spinal Stenosis and Migraines/headaches
  110. Laminoplasty
  111. Middle part of back cracking, aching in Morning
  112. Thinking I need a new mattress....
  113. Bone spurs on my Cervical spine
  114. One month post operation report - Long
  115. droopy eyelid
  117. Neurostimulator? any success stories?
  118. Question about dentist appt and antibiotics???
  119. Questions about spinal stenosis
  120. 5 weeks post-op ACDF muscle spasm
  121. 2 wk. post-op visit: cleared for driving!
  122. ACDF C4-5 & C5-6 for myelopathy
  123. KAISER PERMANENTE-California
  124. home from corpectomy and anterior and posterior
  125. Ticking or squeezing sounds in my neck!!!
  126. chest pains from C5/6 disc -anyone?
  127. nerve root sheath cyst
  128. can disc problem affect collarbone?
  129. To Nair or not to Nair
  130. Epidural injection or surgery for spinal stenosis?
  131. Jazzy Hadn't Been Feeling So Snazzy
  132. 1 Year Post op ACDF
  133. 12 weeks post-op 4 myelopathy
  134. ? corpectomy with anterior and posterior decomprssion w/fusion and plates surgery thi
  135. ACDF Incision Side?
  136. Sandra , Hows your throat?
  137. bulging disc...neck and shoulder blade?
  138. Still hoarse
  139. kyphotic angulation???
  140. myelopathy after ACDF
  141. T6 crushed fracture question
  142. Swallowing
  143. Neck & Back Cracking from Chiro Treatment
  144. Epidural/Facet block difference?
  145. sutures when will they go away??
  146. ACDF: Effects on other levels
  147. Sore muscles, stabbing pains
  148. Cervical Disectomy with Corepectomy
  149. pain after acdf
  150. Handwriting
  151. numbness in foot
  152. Hump...
  153. What to look for in Cervical Surgery - Anyone know about Jho Institute in Pittsburgh?
  154. Cervical Spine, TMJ - more tests or surgery?
  155. collar while sleeping?
  156. could c5/6 cause harsh headache?
  157. What is a Stealth CT Scan?
  158. Types of neck braces
  159. Pillows - Sleeping Issues
  160. Breathing Trouble After ACDF
  161. Had a Cervical Facet Block
  162. Numb Lip and Chin after Cervical Epidural Injection?
  163. Does anyone know anything about degenerative disc disease?
  164. Pelvic Pain, Anyone?
  165. tingle/numbness in left temple
  166. Physical therapy after disc fusion
  167. Myelogram advice, scared to death!
  168. acdf with cage
  169. cervival surgery-SCARED
  170. Can coughing=cord damage?
  171. Can myelogram be done at surgery time under anesthesia?
  172. Surgical advice on cervical stenosis & symptoms
  173. Neck Cracking...Thanks for any help
  174. Fingers numb and Tingling with discoloration
  175. Mild to severe C-spine canal stenosis- need your expertise, please!
  176. What is Gliosis?
  177. Can sleeping wrong affect spinal cord?
  178. Facial pins and needles and muscle twitches
  179. twitching leg muscles and tingling in the feet
  180. c6 nerve block ?
  181. Side effects from Cervical Epidural Injection
  182. HELP on Myelopathy
  184. Sudden plugging and ringing of ears?
  185. Adult onset Teathered Cord Symdrom
  186. Scheuermann's Kyphosis w/ alot of questions
  188. Nerve Block Injections vs cervical fusion?
  189. Dangers of cervical surgery?
  190. Help! Cervical Epidural? Your thoughts and experience
  192. Syringo Myelia and Arnold's Chiari
  193. SSEP Test on Tuesday
  194. Spinal Cord Compression
  195. complications of C2 fracture??Help!!
  196. reverse cervical lordosis?
  197. Texas Back Institute info., anyone?
  198. When need for surgery for cervical stenosis
  199. just burning now
  200. Hyper reflexion
  201. cervical hypermobility
  202. Prednisone and my spine??
  203. range of motion after fusion
  204. Surgery Costs
  205. dental work after spinal surgery
  206. nerve damage from neck surgery, can it go away?
  207. severe cervical stenosis
  208. What is a Thoracic Syrinx?
  209. lesion in L1 spine area
  210. Vitamin E Oil/Emu Oil on scar
  211. Chiropractic Manipulation after ACDF
  212. Miami JTO (not just J) 6 weeks an no end in sight
  213. Metal Mouth after Surgery
  214. can you bruise your spinal cord?
  215. Myelogram - what am I in for?
  216. cervical hard disk?
  217. Tethered cord in 6 year old??
  218. Spinal lesions.fat deposits
  219. home-hydraulic cervical neck-traction
  220. Thethered Spinal Cord in ADULT
  221. Crunchy noises
  222. Surgery six days later cruise..can I do it????
  223. 8 weeks in hard collar part 2
  224. 4 weeks post ACDF update - and - Who here smokes?
  225. just had 2 level acdf surgery on 8/14/02
  226. Amusement Parks?
  227. what to expect from a neurosurgeon???
  228. ACDF C4/C5 Balance Problems and Pain
  229. Posterior Foraminotomy C4-7
  230. Good luck on your surgery Davy!!!
  231. Upper back/neck/shoulder spasms
  232. Soft Collar vs Hard Collar vs No Collar
  233. Assistance for throat problems after ACDF
  234. Pain across shoulders, down left arm to finger and thumb
  235. "Have A Laugh!"- Belles' Hospital Jokes!" -Join In!"
  236. Central canal stenosis, severe c5c6c7 plus lower back.
  237. gritty sound in my neck when I move i
  238. 7 Weeks Post Op ACDF C5-C5 & C6-C7
  239. Butt Pain due to sitting too much
  240. Diagnosis: Cervical foraminal stenosis C5-C6
  241. Cross your fingers (I can't)
  242. return to active life after acdf?
  243. numb thumb, tingling, degenerative spondylosis
  244. C5, C6, C7 Fusion
  245. Can EPIDURALS cause spine or nerve damage?
  246. Tethered Cord
  247. C7-T1
  248. failed fusion C6/C7
  249. L5 nerve damage
  250. CT myelogram complications?