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  1. Please help with MRI results
  2. Help: Multi-level Cervical Disc Disease & Herniations
  3. 1 week post double level ACDF
  4. neural foraminal narrowing, MRI help please
  5. Syrinx from mid c6 to end of c7 2mm wide and bulging disc
  6. Can someone please help explain MRI results!
  7. Cervical Spinal Stenosis
  8. Spine Stonsis
  9. MRI without contrast
  10. Surgery for Cervical stenosis?
  11. C5-6 Severe bilateral foraminal narrowing due to disc and uncovertebral osteophyte
  12. legs collapse
  13. Dizzy, buzzing, tingling after 3 level ACDF
  14. c5/6 disc prutrusion
  15. confused on so many "levels" ;) yikes
  16. Cervical Infusion witlh titanium plate Neck-Surgery
  17. Numbness/tingling hands after spinal surgery
  18. 28 days post-op bi-level ACDF progress
  19. MRI not show Chiari Malformation?
  20. Headed to Neurosurgeon MRI Question
  21. cervical spondylosis
  22. 8 weeks post posterior cervical foramintomy
  23. throat issues after ACDF
  24. Need help to understand MRI
  25. Laminoplasty or ACDF ????
  26. "Very large right paracentral disc herniation at C6-7"
  27. Post Myelogram headache
  28. cervical spondylosis
  29. Spinal stenosis problems
  30. Can anyone give an opinion on what this MRI means.
  31. Cervical Radiofrequency Ablation after effects
  32. Confused about Red Flags... Hyperreflexia
  33. Posterior Cervical Foraminotmy C6/7 left side
  34. Has anyone ever had complications from acdf surgery?
  35. Tired after ACDF surgery
  36. ACDF in a young person?!
  37. Cervical spine issues - confused
  38. Neurosurgeon says I need an ACDF to C5/C6... shocked!!
  39. c2 c3 fusion
  40. ACDF on C7 and T1
  41. Interpreting MRI
  42. Syrinx
  43. C3 hemangioma
  44. Myelomalacia at the T8/T9
  45. Please help me understand my mri
  46. question please very important, please someone help me
  47. Help with my MRI results
  48. Artificial Disc Replacement
  49. Need help with MRI
  50. My New Life... C6 & C7 Disc Herniated
  51. Spine RMI
  52. myelomalacia question
  53. Cervical MRI results are scary to me
  54. How to avoid post-myelogram headache?
  55. 1 year post L3-S1 ALIF PLIF now neck pain
  56. Laminectomy with resection of synovial cyst, L4-L5
  57. increasing pain, L5-S1 disc bulge w annular tear
  58. Pain in glut, hip, leg and foot. MRI results
  59. neck spasms headache mri
  60. Help understanding MRI?
  61. Need a little insight please
  62. cervical facet joint injections. in pain help!!!
  63. X-ray need help understanding
  64. Cervical MRI
  65. Anyone taking Gabapentin with this side effect?
  66. Cervical spine MRI without contrast - translation please
  67. CT myelogram
  68. Concerned about upcoming ACDF and sleep apnea
  69. 5 year old w/Syrinx
  70. need help understanding second MRI Results
  71. MRI recommendations always too late
  72. Please help me with reading my MRI and what it means?
  73. Facet joint blocks - didn't work :(
  74. T2 hyperintense anterior midline annular tear
  75. C5/C6 C6/C7 spinal cord compression - DESPERATE TO AVOID SURGERY
  76. Please help read my MRI
  77. Cervical MRI and surgery
  78. Posterior Fusions anyone?
  79. ACDF vs Artificial Disk Replacement
  80. Need advice on cervical MRI... should I consult neurosurgeon?
  81. C5 C6 severe cervical stenosis
  82. Difference in symptoms between "cervical myelopathy" and "neuropathy"?
  83. Quada equina
  84. Transverse myelitis
  85. MRI results 1.5mm hydromyelia, is it bad?
  86. OPLL in C3-C6
  87. Flare up with my neck and shoulder pain
  88. what does my MRI mean?
  89. 7 months post-op ACDF C5/C6
  90. Artificial cervical disc replacement
  91. Help with understanding my MRI
  92. cervical opll (too young for adult diapers)
  93. saddle block numbness and cervical issues
  94. New Here - Spinal Meningioma
  95. MRI cervical spine results
  96. Athlete with ACDF C6-C7
  97. Lumbar and cervical MRI severe pain-Bad Fall
  98. Spinal Cord Stimulator - the good and bad
  99. Cervical myelopathy?
  100. riding a motorcycle with 2 cervical hernias?
  101. Scheduled for surgery to have ROI-C cervical cage put in
  102. C5/6 & C6/7 discecotomy and fusion
  103. Mri results neck help
  104. Neurosurgeon appointment Monday
  105. MRI results regarding neck... CSF obliteration?
  106. MRI of lumbar spine & sacroiliac joints and spine cervical - please help
  107. Help with meaning of diag.
  108. First post-ACDF 4-5 /5-6 weakness right arm and leg
  109. Treatment for Nerve pain
  110. Herniated Disc and Ambien
  111. C5/6 disc prolapse - advice
  112. Pseudoarthrosis at C6/C7 : Ant. or Pos. revision?
  113. help with MRI
  114. Cervical mri Results
  115. Going to Norton Spine in 1 week
  116. Can someone help with my MRI results
  117. MRI results. Upper thoracic herniated disks and tumours. cervical herniated disks
  118. Mir of dorsal spine
  119. Surgery for cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy?
  120. Cervical disc C5/6 - options?
  121. Chronic head pressure & neck pressure
  122. New to forum. Lumbar and cervical spine problems
  123. Thoracic cord syrinx
  124. Redo ACDF from 14 mos ago
  125. MRI - disc protrusion/thecal sac effacement
  126. MRI results please explain
  127. Please Help with my Spinal MRI Results
  128. Please Help with my MRI Results
  129. myelomalacia and back problems
  130. Difficulty swallowing after anterior cervical spinal surgery
  131. cervical disease and shoulder pain
  132. New Here and TERRIFIED!!
  133. Myelogram Report
  134. New member with C5-6 & C6-7 protrusions
  135. CSF leak? MRI & Dr.still no clear answers
  136. myelomalacia
  137. Odontoid fracture C1/C2 fusion in elderly
  138. cervical myeloradiculopathy
  139. Cervical Spine Disc Problems, reassurance its not in my head needed.
  140. Long story but could use any opinion necessary - Cervical Stenosis at 31
  141. Thoracic fractures from seizure
  142. HELP!!! Can someone translate this MRI report into "english" for me?
  143. Cervical Laminectomy, C2 thru c7 with 2 fusions
  144. degenerative changes in particular at C5-6
  145. Bow Hunter's Syndrome
  146. sclerotic spinal lesions
  147. Waking up with "dead arms and shoulders"
  148. central canal stenosis
  149. Removing ACDF hardware for a second fusion? Ack!
  150. c5-6 Disk Bulg with compresion of spinal cord
  151. Lump in throat feeling after ACDF
  152. Compression fractures t12 01
  153. Degenerative Disc Disease with Cervical Radiculapathy
  154. Running 2 years post 3rd ACDF surgery? Good or bad idea?
  155. Cervical surgery? Can I wait to see best doc?
  156. severe spinal stenosis/degenerative disc disease... need help understanding MRI
  157. Mri results for cervical spine anyone relate?
  158. newly diagnosed cervical spinal stenosis
  159. Cervical MRI
  160. Does nucca really work?
  161. Severe spinal cord compression at C2-3 with disc extrusion. Anyone?
  162. right foot still numb
  163. Help understanding MRI - Cervical Spine report -- Thanks!
  164. having another ACDF and scared!
  165. elevated resting heart rate... Chiari related ?
  166. Nerve Damage or is this healing
  167. 5 days post ACDF, trouble talking, weak hand
  168. Help to read my MRI report?
  169. Please help with MRI report
  170. cervical spine specialists in Boston or South Florida areas area
  171. Need Help decided what to do and understanding results
  172. Increase in neuropathic/central pain year after cervical laminectomy
  173. help with CT and MRI readings
  174. Syrinx from c4-t7
  175. Need help understanding MRI report please
  176. Understanding my MRI of Cervical Spine
  177. Severe cervical spinal stenosis
  178. Neck Pain, Dizziness, leg tingling, bulging disc. Help w/ MRI report?
  179. disc uncinate hypertrophy
  180. Cervical disc extrusion
  181. When to have Surgery? Cervical Spinal Stenosis
  182. UPDATE: Ventral cord deformity... among other things
  183. ACDF c6/c7 single level fusion-Desperate for Any Positive Stories of Success
  184. myelomalacia vs myopathy
  185. Spine curves inward between shoulder blades.
  186. Long term effect of myelomalacia
  187. chronic pain one year post cervical fusion
  188. Surgey not proven to improve nerve pain from nerve pain impingement?
  189. Scared to have Neck Surgery
  190. ACDF 5 Months Post Op - PROBLEMS
  191. Positive cervical MRI, negative EMG/NCS confused...
  192. Flying after acdf
  193. expansile mass lesion at C2-3 level
  194. Somi Brace - How to get some sleep!
  195. Dont jump
  196. after ACDF surgery...
  197. at my wit's end... please help
  198. Hand Tremor after using hedge trimmer
  199. MRI Analyses
  200. 6 weeks post posterior foraminotomy c5,6
  201. Neck pain stiffness for 9 months -normal MRI but now have arm hand pain
  202. Help with deciphering MRI results
  203. MRI results... bulging discs, facet disease, hemangioma vertebral body, OUCH
  204. Ventral cord deformity and narrowing... among other things
  205. Painfull lumbar steriod injection l5-s1-s2
  206. 8/15/12 first appt for Epidural Shot C3-4
  207. Help reading my lumbar and cervical MRI
  208. Help reading cervical MRI findings
  209. Fast Recovery from ACDF
  210. Help with understanding MRI results, please...
  211. help to understand mri findingd
  212. nerve damage after discogram
  213. MRI - Focal Abnormality of the cervical cord?
  214. C1-C7 Neck Fusion Surgery
  215. Help with Understanding my MRI report please...
  216. MRI help for a new comer
  217. Post ACDF anger/frustration - normal?
  218. Mri results - what are my options?
  219. Compression Fracture, 2 Months Out
  220. Please help feeling blood pounding back of neck
  221. 360 back surgery
  222. C7 Posterior Foraminotomy Post OP
  223. Introduction S/P ACDF C4-5 5-6 7/11/12
  224. Allergic reaction to mastisol - post op ACDF
  225. XLIF Thoracic T5/6 T 7/8 L1/2 Myelomalacia
  226. ACDF for numbness and weakness but no pain
  227. Does this sound like Chiari symptoms?
  228. New symptoms after having ACDF Surgery
  229. Please help with my Lumbar and Cervical Spine MRI results Please..
  230. T9 vertebral hemangioma....they think
  231. C5/C6 ACDF surgery on 7-11-12
  232. Help with my Cervical MRI
  233. Help- C5-C6 - RT Arm Pain - Numb - Surgeon wants me to get a shot
  234. posterior decompression c4/5 c6/7 surgery
  235. 55 yr old 3 days post bilateral posterior foraminotomy c5,6
  236. prolapsed discs and myelomalacia it seems im healing myself!
  237. Mri over past few years comparison
  238. Need help with MRI results
  239. cervical myelopathy
  240. acdf follow up xrays/fusion
  241. c5-6 ACDF - conflicting NS opinions?
  242. Left leg numb with neck movement and severe neck pain as well
  243. Arm & Hands Numb, Is it from Cervical Spine Issues
  244. Another Fusion
  245. C5,C6,C7 Borderline central canal & foraminal stenosis
  246. Need help!
  247. 5 months post c5 c6 corpectomy leg issue
  248. Cervical foraminal stenosis?
  249. Left Arm Weaker After Surgery - Help
  250. Numbness in left pointer finger