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  1. Recent MRI's,disturbing symptoms possible chiari?
  2. Mri analysis
  3. New lumbar MRI. So why am I still in pain?
  4. My pre-laminoplasty MRI
  5. Terrible Neck Spasms After Having Nerves Burned
  6. Laminoplasty
  7. Stenosis vs compression
  8. Thoracic - focal bulges - uncertain clinical significance
  9. New Member -Cervical problem lead to sacroiliitis?
  10. Titanium Mesh Disc Implant??
  11. Cervical MRI Report. What does it mean?
  12. Pop rock sound in neck and spine. Year long headache
  13. Scared and more scared
  14. Help with understanding MRI please
  15. PLEASE help with MRI results!
  16. 6 weeks post-op extreme neck pain
  17. c5/c6 c6/c7 surgery
  18. New Symptoms... drooping eyelid, decreased nasolabial fold
  19. Cervical stenosis - MRI results & surgical decision
  20. Help with reading MRI results of C-Spine PLEASE
  21. plate removal after acdf c-5-6, 6-7. Decision needed!
  22. Hi, I'm new with MRI results and alot of questions.
  23. Shoulder and arm pain for too long
  24. Being a pain in the neck :(
  25. Cervicogenic headaches?
  26. What does this MRI mean???
  27. Cervical nerve compression c5-6
  28. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome after Cervical fusion
  29. ACDF Post-Op Severe Neck Pain
  30. Side effects of Hydrocodone & Tizanidine
  31. cervical myelomalacia help
  32. Need help with MRI results
  33. complex and confusing
  34. Toddler Spinal Cord
  35. acdf 567 recovery, depression, anxiety expections from family 7 weeks Post Op
  36. Left side of face numbness
  37. question about noise in head
  38. recent tethered cord surgery
  39. Broken Titanium Screws
  40. Intubated after surgery?
  41. Numbness from chin to incision site after ACDF
  42. Airy noise/ringing in the ears
  43. Ready to say "screw it" to ALL dr's!
  44. mri results not understood
  45. Spine surgeons office called today
  46. pain in right shoulder blade down to right hand
  47. Concerned due to Not a good candidate for surgery
  48. daughter has hemangioma on lower back
  49. MRI results interpretation
  50. Results from last weeks MRI.
  51. mri result so confused
  52. Removal of Cervical Instrumentation
  53. Well! I guess my "crunchy neck" is something - but what??
  54. MRI report HELP!!!
  55. C3 - T3 spinal decompression and fussion
  56. I Need help with MRI results of my cervical spine, having a lot of symptoms
  57. What is going on with my neck!??
  58. Can anyone help me understand my MRI results?
  59. pain after surgery for ACDF C5-C6
  60. Pinched Nerve?
  61. Cervical Spine MRI - what does it mean? thanks!
  62. Need advice
  63. Reappearing symptoms after ACDF surgery-not sure what to do
  64. Return to normal activity after C6-C7 fusion?
  65. MRI question
  66. As promised, mri results... VERY LONG POST!
  67. new to board... neck is a mess
  68. disc rupture c4-5
  69. New here... please help me understand MRI
  70. Reverse Cervical Lordosis
  71. horrible pain - and like ear ache and toothache
  72. cervical osteophytes
  73. MRI help -dizziness and loss of coordination of left leg
  74. Posterior Foraminotomy - C5-C6
  75. help with mri translation
  76. Cervical Epidural injection?
  77. Advice for Posterior Incision
  78. 3 Months Post-Op Spinal Fusion at L5/S1
  79. Laminectomy Surgical & Postop, MRI,CT Report Help Requestd
  80. Lumber MRI Question
  81. Nerve Damage in S2, S3, S4
  82. C3 through C6 ACDF...
  83. Posterior Cervical Laminectomy Patients - How Are You Now
  84. understanding my myelogram Please Help
  85. C7-T1 ACDF and Foraminotomy recovery
  86. herneated disc on C7, surgery to prevent nerve dying?
  87. Burning feeling in spine??
  88. Lifestyle Changes for Herniated Disc Sufferers
  89. hydrocodone vs. Oxycodone
  90. Medication side effects breathing problems
  91. Cervical fusion advice :)
  92. myelomalacia im terrified please help
  93. What do you know about facet joints?
  94. Why wear a collar when you have hardware?
  95. Acdf c-6-7
  96. ACDF 3 weeks ACDF and starting light jogging etc.... advice???
  97. My MRI Result please help
  98. Pain management specialist disagrees with MRI report of cervical & lumbar disc issues
  99. Chronic Right L5 Radiculopathy
  100. 2 Level ACDF finally done, now what???
  101. Electrotherapy for cervical kiphosis
  102. Three weeks post op and feeling great! But what about these steristrips?
  103. Cat Scan Results: HELP!!In laymen's terms...
  104. Help reading my MRI
  105. Can some one help me understand my mri results
  106. advice on cervical surgery
  107. Are there any better neuro drugs than Gabapentin?
  108. MRI Results! Scared and need some help!!
  109. Anyone with any experience with this?
  110. uncovertebral hypertrophy at c3-c4 . . .
  111. Very Concerned, Cervical Stenosis
  112. Trying to understand CT scan report
  113. MRI = cord compression of ventral margin?
  114. could anyone tell me what is wron with my c6 and c7 disc please
  115. Numbness of pinky & ring finger of left hand/nerve root cyst
  116. Pain management Chronic Intractable Pain
  117. MRI - Cervical Stenosis/Myelomalacia
  118. 3 days post-op acdf
  119. Making sense of my MRI
  120. Post ACDF surgery 2 days out
  121. Cervical Fusion at 2 Levels!!! Wow
  122. Acdf or Foraminotomy? What to do,what to do?
  123. 3 weeks post acdf c4-7
  124. Sciatic pain switching sides! Agony!
  125. HELP continued symptoms numbness/tingling worse
  126. Effacement-Cord Deformity, bulges, spurring
  127. herniated disc pressing on spine in neck after car accident, pedestrian hit
  128. Adult tethered spinal cord
  129. disc herniation at c5-6 and c6-7
  130. MRI report for LS Spine
  131. Opinions on 2 different cervical MRI's
  132. Help with my past 2 cervical MRI's
  133. facing surgery C2- T1
  134. neck braces, pillows etc for acdf surgery
  135. Frustrated!!!!
  136. Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy
  137. One Year post ACDF and problems
  138. My MRI results - Cervical Spine
  139. MRI Cervical and Lumbar MRI explanation
  140. Posterior C2-T1 Fusion
  141. posterior fusion from C2-T1 five weeks ago
  142. Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement
  143. Can someone translate this MRI report into "english" for me?
  144. Help w/ Cervical & Brain MRI Reading & off 2 University Drs..
  145. Anterior Cervical Fusion Repair and Posterior Fusion C2-T1
  146. Cervical stenosis
  147. C5-C7 Spinal Stenosis and Neuroforaminal stenosis
  148. Will my herniated disc and sciatica go away on its own?
  149. How do you test cervical nerves C1-C4?
  150. Cervical Spine Problems
  151. Help! Pinched Nerve Neck cause face numbness
  152. C-7.. C-5,6 Aborted nerve block , epidural instead
  153. Lung pain while sleeping???
  154. C3 - T2 Post Surgery Questions
  155. Multiple Steroid Injections
  156. Spinal Cord Meningioma
  157. Spinal fusion for herniated T12/L1
  158. Confused with EMG results - What now?
  159. Is surgery a possibility for me?
  160. Spinal surgeon or neurosurgeon? ATL
  161. spina bifida
  162. Neck pain... mri results...stenosis?
  163. Cervical Myelomalacia
  164. Sensitive skin after Posterior Cervical Surgery
  165. Slight bulge c5-6 cause pinky twitch?
  166. spine keloids
  167. Is a TENS unit Safe on the Neck?
  168. Can't Bend Neck to the Right After Head-on Collision with Mat
  169. Clonus After a Spinal Cord Surgery
  170. Help to interpret Cervical MRI report
  171. Ruptured c5 & c6 pinching spinal cord going in for surgery wednesday and have questio
  172. MRI of Dorso-lumbar spine,, Please help !!!!
  173. T6-T7 Thoracic cause burning pain in Upper back?
  174. MRI reports - please help!!
  175. Just got MRI results--input please
  176. Hemangioma of the T2 vertebral body
  177. Cervical Spondylosis - need help understandind an MRI
  178. May need c3-c4 fused - question about recovery
  179. 26 year old with herniated discs in c-spine needs advice, please help!!!
  180. ACDF surgery
  181. Tarlov cysts,fractured sacrum,and now osteoporosis
  182. Spinal stenosis-canal measures 5 mm and 6.6 mm
  183. C3 - T1 Surgery Questions
  184. methadone/Sciatica
  185. Burning Right Scapular Pain - Help?
  186. Thoracic Injury- Need Help
  187. C3-C4 Epidural -- needs specialist?
  188. Has acdf helped u? I am scared.
  189. ACDF c5 c6 surgery-Scared
  190. What is Wrong with Me
  191. MRI help
  192. Help translating please :-)
  193. Very slow recovery after ACDF
  194. SCARED car accident 8 months post op ACDF
  195. ACDF 5 days ago - slow recovery
  196. Neck Stenosis facts needed asap!!
  197. Please read -- emg report!!!
  198. Posterior Foraminotomy Surgery vs ACDF -- which is overall best
  199. anything for severe spinal canal stenosis besides surgery??
  200. What causes hand tremors?
  201. Prominent Degenerative Changes Involving the Cervical Spine?
  202. Cervical laminoplasties question
  203. ADR scar on abdomen
  204. 7 months post level 3 ACDF (C4-C7)
  205. Recovery from Four Level ACDF Neck Mobility
  206. Can Cervical issues cause Tremor
  207. Can someone read this MRI in laymans terms? (be a huge help)
  208. ACDF in 2 weeks - pain meds/hospital bed?
  209. New MRI - From ER Visit (after ACDF C5-7)
  210. Translation of MRI verbiage-NOT wanting a diagnosis.
  211. HELP !!! Just Diagnoised with TOS after ACDF fusion surgery :(
  212. Surgery for Neck pain only?
  213. Cervical MRI
  214. Hardware Removal from previous ACDF surgery
  215. CT Myelogram Report - Not best news???
  216. Hemangioma causing neck pain???
  217. Cervical Spinal Stenosis measurment
  218. Balancing problem while walking, compression on spinal cord
  219. Forward neck posture - chronic head pressure? please help
  220. Laser vs ACDF - please help me decide..
  221. Bulging discs in cervical and lumbar spine
  222. Back of Neck rash after ACDF 6/10/11
  223. 5 months post ACDF - Strange Symptoms
  224. 7 months post-ACDF car accident
  225. Who's lying Neurosurgeon or Radiologists?
  226. cervical stenosis: laminectomy vs laminoplasty
  227. bulging disks caused by a whiplash
  228. Reversal of cervical lordosis with hand numbness and pain
  229. PT for 4 level ACDF
  230. Dr. Jho - Thoracic Disc Surgery
  231. Post ACDF 4 weeks and wondering....
  232. Can cervical spine issue cause toe numbness?
  233. Would Ozone Discolysis help? (For considerably large L5-S1 disc herniation)
  234. *New MRI Results* Help please reading them
  235. 4 weeks post-op ACDF C5-7
  236. EMG before ESI?
  237. Need advice on whether or not to have ACDF surgery
  238. ROI-C success?
  239. MRI: Straightening of Cervical spine suggestive to muscular spasm
  240. C6-C7 herniation with spinal cord distortion
  241. Cervical Laminoplasty Chronicle
  242. Atlas subluxation causing head tilt, uneven bite and nausea? What to do???
  243. Cervical spine laminoplasty
  244. Different Procedures
  245. Chiropractor xrays, who owns them?
  246. Need help understanding C-spine MRI~NOT cortisone shot
  247. Numbness leaving but feel tightness in throat
  248. Titanium Poisoning
  249. ACDF 5/6 recovering
  250. Cervical Spinal stenosis vs. fybermyagia