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  1. Thoracic spinal surgery ....on T7 /T8 Disc Herniation
  2. Help with MRI Findings
  3. Spinal Fusion - feeling the hardware
  4. Middle back tightness for over a year!
  5. Got C7 Nerve Compression?
  6. 5 week post recovery update - ACDF C5-6-7
  7. Subluxation C5/C6
  8. BIG problem.. Horrible pain AGAIN :( anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
  9. Tethered Cord Release in Adults
  10. Unending neck problems
  11. Left sided, extremely mild numbness
  12. Need Help Fast -Should my MRI be with or without contrast??
  13. Anyone had a Spinal Cord Hernia T5/6
  14. Hip and Leg problems from Cervical Spine??
  15. posterior fusion c2-c5
  16. Please HELP!!! MRI report
  17. Sciatica in left leg now in left arm !!
  18. Tens unit
  19. First Post: Scheduled for ACDF 5/7- Pretty frelling terrified!
  20. Still have tightness in neck,shoulders and throat after surgery please is this normal
  21. Is This As Serious As It Feels?
  22. C6-C7 arthritis/nerve symptoms---typical?
  23. Fracture/break in c7
  24. Help With MRI Results
  25. ACDF Revision Surgery
  26. Vertebral Hemangiomas
  27. foraminal narrowing and effacement
  28. muscle spasm relief (robaxin vs zanaflex)
  29. acdf c6-c7 post op questions
  30. Had C4-7 Disc fusion with instrumentation in Nov 2011...may need another surgery
  31. Memory Problems after ACDF
  32. Anterolisthesis of C3 on C4
  33. Question about Injury and pregnancy
  34. Cervical Spondylosis?
  35. Cervical Bone Spurs
  36. Random cramps long after fusions?
  37. question about the dangers of 2 cervical bulging discs
  38. Is this serious?
  39. Recovery accident vs DDD and arthritis
  40. Pain After Physical Therapy-Some Pre-Op Symptoms Increased
  41. Help with CT Scan Report
  42. Help please with MRI?
  43. HELP: Cervical Spine & Thoracic Report
  44. ACDF-Anyone thought they could feel hardware when swallowing
  45. MRI cervical spine questions
  46. Loud Neck Snap After Rotator Cuff Surgery
  47. Neurogenic Bowel/Bladder
  48. cervical spinal stenosis
  49. Help-ACDF What am I Feeling in my Throat & Acid Reflux
  50. Positive Outcome of ACDF Sinus & Snoring Issues Thoughts
  51. cervical disc herniated/ disc bulge
  52. Need Help! Hypolordosis and Osteoarthiritis
  53. L4-L5 anular tear, L5-S1 10mm bulge
  54. About to have foramentotomy
  55. Sports After ACDF
  56. Upcoming Posterior Cervical Lam. with Fusion
  57. Facial Numbness
  58. Remarkable Craniocervical Junction
  59. Prior C56 fusion. New cervical stenosis.
  60. I am getting my hardware removed.
  61. 3 level ACDF(donor bone) 3 day post surgical
  62. 6 week post op ACDF - What questions to ask surgeon?
  63. Problems s/p spinal (epidural) anesthesia
  64. post op questions: spinal fusion
  65. L4-5 discectomy post op problems and questions
  66. Splenius cervicis discomfort/inflammation
  67. Need help with basilar invagination and possible surgery
  68. Does an MRI of the cervical spine show C8?
  69. "EMG"will determine constant pain in shoulder to fingers?
  70. ACDF Inquiry - Neck
  71. Muscle Cramps after ACDF
  72. How much did your surgery cost?
  73. Cross country skiing or snow-shoeing and exercise
  74. SSDI MED EVAL After Spinal Surgeries
  75. L4-5 Fusion w/ titanium rod
  76. What is life like post ACDF surgery?
  77. MRI Results - 3 years after ACDF c5-6
  78. referred shoulder blade pain due to c6 nerve impingement
  79. numbness returning after neck fusion surgery
  80. Please Help Interpret MRI
  81. What areas of the body are affected by C-3, C-4, C-5?
  82. Muscle Twithching Post ACDF
  83. Neck fusion now have weak hand - C6 radiculopathy -need advice
  84. 5 Wks Post ACDF - Swallowing/Choking Feeling
  85. what is broad based disc spur complex
  86. ACDF vs. laminectomy w/ fusion?? need advice!
  87. 3Weeks Post ACDF - Swollen Foot
  88. What does the two MRI results mean?
  89. HELP! need your advice about my cervical spine and lumbar mri results!
  90. Spinal Hemangioma?
  91. Back pain bending over to brush teeth
  92. ACDF 9 days post op question
  93. Best pillow for neck problems
  94. two years spinal fusion post-op and hurting again
  95. Translating cervical spine MRI results
  96. Anterolisthesis of C3 on C4 (is it the same as Anterior Subluxation?
  97. New here with Cervical and Lumbar Stenosis
  98. Severe nerve damage!!!!
  99. bulging disk in neck and dizziness
  100. Understanding MRI Results
  101. loss of normal cervical lordosis
  102. Soreness After ACDF Surgery
  103. Third Discectomy
  104. 7 months post acdf MRI Report - still in pain
  105. cervical myelopathy
  106. cervical disc injuries and the heart
  107. is spinal stenosis hereditory??
  108. Help with MRI results
  109. back again--question about term "obliteration"
  110. Otonoid Process
  111. DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Machine Recently Had 40 Treatments
  112. Can I cure OPLL
  113. 7 yrs. After ACDF with Titanium Plates and Screws Find out I never Fused!!!
  114. 3 level disc replacement?
  115. please help with mri results of thoracic spine
  116. what is the diagnosis for this hump
  117. Please translate my MRI results into layman's terms so I can understand what they mea
  118. Anyone Had A Successful ACDF Surgery
  119. what damage can be done by crushing your c3 - c7
  120. to many spine problems need help
  121. MRI's ??
  122. Help understanding MRI results.
  123. Lump after epidural
  124. steri strips after acdf
  125. what is causing loss of muscle mass in my arms and hands
  126. Swallowing issues after ACDF/another fusion?
  127. bone growth stimulator after acdf questions
  128. Post Surgery Pain - Help ASAP
  129. MRI & Questions for Doctor
  130. C6-7 Disc protusion with cord impression
  131. 7 months post acdf of c5,c6 and still in pain with new MRI images
  132. Failed fusion c 6-7
  133. motor neuron disease
  134. C7-T1 Fusion or Disc Replacement?
  135. what not to do ways to make neck sprain worse on x ray or mri
  136. cervical mri results ????
  137. 3 years post ACDF and still have throat issues...
  138. Spinal Fluid Leak - Years after last surgery?
  139. Need help interpreting MRI results
  140. my myelogram experience (diagnostic test)
  141. circumferential disc bulge
  142. ? Re: cervical myelopathy
  143. spinal cord stimulator, should i have it removed?
  144. Crushing feeling
  145. Can someone translate this MRI report into "english" for me?
  146. what type of brace after lumbar fusion?
  147. Had first Transforaminal ESI in my L5 - S1 - I am freaking out, please help
  148. Can I recover from spinal fusion alone at home?
  149. Acdf 5/6 - 1 week post op
  150. New - need help understanding my ct results.. chronic pain....help please?
  151. Chiari_ Borderline, 2 thoracic spine syrinx, Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow test normal
  152. Having problems understanding MRI Results
  153. Internal Bleeding in Spinal Cord
  154. Update on some of my test results.
  155. posterior cervical fusion
  156. MRI of Cervical Spine--Help
  157. Stenosis and leg/foot problems
  158. My left leg feels heavy afer a surgery
  159. ESI when does it start taking effect?
  160. ACDF Recovery Update
  161. Orthopedic Surgeon or Neurosurgeon for chronic neck pain???
  162. Spinal stenois and Polycythemia Vera
  163. pain 5 months after cervical fusion
  164. chronic spasms 3 yrs after ACDF 5/6-6/7
  165. Anterior Cervical Spine Fusion - 3 Levels - Next Week!
  166. 2 MRIs....2 TOTALLY different results!
  167. Where is the nerve pain coming from?
  168. cervical stenosis - how dangerous is it?
  169. C5, C6 & C7 problems
  170. A Myelogram, how do u feel the next day
  171. Please explain my MRI
  172. ACDF Next Week - Lots of Questions
  173. MRI results.....help understand please
  174. Foraminal Stenosis - Help in understanding
  175. 4 Level Cervical Laminectomy or laminoplasty
  176. c6/c7 elbow pain
  177. neck pain radiating to my throat.
  178. MRI results
  179. Upper back pain and shortness of breath
  180. Risk of Permanent Nerve Damage C5 C6
  181. Spasticity, Imbalance, Spinal Cord "Shadow" & Spinal Tap?
  182. Dealing With After Effects of Tethered Cord
  183. Epidural Lesion on MRI, help prep for doctor?
  184. Diagnosed with RSD 4 1/2 months post ACDF surgery
  185. recovery time for broken hip?/without surgery
  186. Help - I'm the 10%
  187. Post ACDF Complications
  188. 4 month post op MRI of ACDF c5-c6
  189. Headaches after ACDF
  190. lesion on my spine
  191. A myelogram
  192. What can MRI NOT show?
  193. Diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome after ACDF surgery
  194. Anyone Tear/Stretch the Alar Ligament?
  195. forearm pain, past c5,c6 fusion
  196. Cervical spinal stenosis
  197. ADR or Fusion for double cervical
  198. Thoracic Spine Issues
  199. neck crepitus
  200. cervical spine disks
  201. severe carpal tunnel syndrome after ACDF surgery
  202. Anyone have Meningeal Diverticulum???
  203. 2 yrs. after 2 level fusion C5-7 now bulges at c3 and t1
  204. Severe pain in right arm, numbness in thumb and fore fingers
  205. post c5-7 fusion, now have bulge above and below
  206. Burning the nerves in the lower back.......
  207. c3 c4 Problem causing lower body symptoms?
  208. posterior disc osteophyte impinging on cord
  209. Not Again Please 2 yr Post ACDF
  210. reversed cervical lordosis
  211. Flattened ventral cord
  212. L4/L5 Problem
  213. MRI says Cord Contact
  214. Thoracic pain anyone else?
  215. 2 month post acdf, MRI report
  216. How long off work after c-5/c-6 acdf
  217. Living with Congenital Scolosis and Spina bifida occulta
  218. c5 c6 fusion, 2 months post op
  219. C5 C6 fusion failure
  220. how long does cervical fusion neck c5 c6 last
  221. Spina Bifida Occulta - After surgery of tethered cord
  222. plate removal after acdf
  223. chronic pain, pending discogram and possible disc replacement?
  224. MRI of cervical spine. Please help me understand
  225. Cervical foraminal stenosis?
  226. post acdf lump in throat
  227. Paralyzed cord post ACDF
  228. Please help with MRI results and questions to ask doc
  229. arachnoid cyst -- any non-surgical solution/treatment?
  230. extreme tightness in neck and shoulders, lots of symptoms
  231. Do not ask members to diagnose or advise you.
  232. Nucca Chiropractor
  233. 8 disc bulges, 1 disc protrusion, plus 1 annular tear.......what's next?
  234. Cardio fitness post acdf
  235. Please help me understand my mri reports
  236. Buldging disc causing headaches
  237. Huh? What does this mean?
  238. snoring after cervical discectomy
  239. Spinal AVM MRI results
  240. Small Syrinx
  241. Please help me read parts of my MRI
  242. Anterior Discectomy - lost voice
  243. Spinal AVM
  244. 3 weeks post acdf of c5 c6, is this normal
  245. Tethered Cord / Other??
  246. Post Cervical Laminectomy with Fusion Recovery
  247. ACDF Step by Step
  248. Results of MRI resulting from auto accident
  249. Results of MRI due to auto accident
  250. Hello, back after 7 years