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  1. Bad Burning neck and scapula pain. Mornings are so hard-need support
  2. Narcotic for neck pain?, percocet, oxycontin?
  3. c5-6 physical pain...
  4. Cervical spine problem - Having dizziness and headache
  5. Sore Upper Arms
  6. reversal of cervical lordosis
  7. Fireworks in a Neck Brace !
  8. ACDF- Recovery with children
  9. cirvical spondylosis
  10. Bad Neck Adjusment Seems to Have Led to a World of Hurt
  11. Neck Injury PLEASE HELP!! Feeling very weird!
  12. How long does it take to fuse on a cervical fusion?
  13. enlarged spinal canal
  14. Posterior Cervical Laminectomy symptoms
  15. Whiplash and chronic neck pain.
  16. New to this board - Bone Spur
  17. how long does it take to get relief from pain after a cervical discectomy with fusion
  18. Spine disc extrusion, need help!
  19. what does mild post op enhancement of thecal sac mean
  20. Epidural steroid injections
  21. cervical surgery & yawning
  22. Post op cervical posterior foraminotomy pain issues
  23. MRI. Can anyone translate?
  24. Mental confusion with cervical problems
  25. Questions for Neuro about 2 level ACDF C 4-5 C 5-6. Need some suggestions.
  26. Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
  27. steroids/prednisone before possible surgery? advice please.
  28. Voltaren/Diclofenac -anyone taken?
  29. MRI Cervical Spine with & w/o contrast
  30. CENTRAL SENSITIZATION SYNDROME! just been diagnosed
  31. L5/S1 Decompression; pain; Facet Joints; more pain!
  32. symptoms of problems with C6,7-T1,
  33. Shoulder and Arm Pain with left pointer finger numbness
  34. what is a milogram test
  35. issues w/ surgeon, heading to post-op appt -help
  36. spinal cord tia
  38. Short Spinal Cord & Congenital Kyphosis
  39. c spine 567 fused
  40. tramal/tramadol/ultram itching. Safe to keep taking?
  41. syrinx in thoracic
  42. rigid back muscle
  43. ACDF 16 Wks Post-op & Still Miserable - Advice/Hope Wanted
  44. Anterior Spinal/Cervical Decompression & Fusion 2 mos ago. Advice!
  45. question about tethered spinal cord
  46. Bulging disc pressing on spinal cord
  47. need recommendation for neuro surgeon in Boston with cerivcal ACDF experience
  48. MRI Results
  49. Post Op Cervical Bracing??
  50. For those who have delayed neck surgery
  51. Results from Neuro apt. 2 level ACDF coming soon! Scared
  52. neck pain but no arm pain?
  53. Had the Post. Cerv. Foraminotomy on Tuesday....update
  54. C5/C6 cervical epidural...now swollen wrist
  55. Need Help - MRI Spine Cervical
  56. Do anyone here have vertebral hemanigomas?
  57. STILL having PAIN five months post ACDF C5-C7
  58. Burning neck/face pain/ increases with exercise/please help
  59. Can I still have an MRI?
  60. reassurance and advice re neck pain
  61. Driving after ACDF
  62. Posterior cervical foraminotomy?
  63. reversal of cervical lordosis, disc bulge with mass on thecal sac
  64. Always Get A Second Opinion!!!!!!
  65. Surgeries close together?
  66. More Than 1 Year after C5-6 ACDF and Problems
  67. Subluxation C5/6
  68. Can you ever do traction after a fusion?
  69. New and need help with Cervical MRL, please, please.
  70. Post ACDF muscle relaxers
  71. Can anybody help me with these MRI results?
  72. mattress for degenerative disk
  73. Postpone low back surgery???
  74. The plan.....posterior cervical foraminotomy 5/22
  75. weird post-op symptoms, anyone else have them?
  76. MRI Results..Neck and Arm pain is driving me crazy!
  77. Anyone had a CT Myelogram - how long did headache last?
  78. ACDF and voice issues?
  79. question about pain relievers for ACDF
  80. reversal cervical lordosis disk bulges,dessication. Please help
  81. Sharp thoracic pain 12 weeks after cervical fusion
  82. Collars for ACDF recovery
  83. Circulatory Problems, Cellulitus, Osteomylitis, CSF Leak?
  84. Pain after Botox
  85. What is considered 'normal' for the incision line after surgery?
  86. Is insomnia normal after disectomy and fusion?
  87. cervical collar question
  88. Weight Gain Post ACDF
  89. Cervical and Thoracic Spinal Pain in 16 year old...
  90. Upper and Lower back pain post ACDF C5-6
  91. I can't believe I'm asking this post-op question...
  92. sharp upper back pain after cervical fusion
  93. Neck Cracking
  94. Will they have to shave my hair?
  95. Need help my fused vertebrae titanium screws broke
  96. Help! I have been diagnosed with Cervical Myelopathy and Scared to have Surgery
  97. Which nerves affect the various body parts?
  98. Cauda Equina Syndrome
  99. Havin 4 level fusion, when can I travel?
  100. Cervical Spondylosis and Headaches
  101. What to ready prior to ACDF?
  102. Return to work after surgery
  103. spondolythesis paralysis
  104. back-to-back surgeries scheduled -please chime in
  105. what causes pain starting at base of head and neck down top shoulder going down my a
  106. pain down my arm and across shoulders
  107. Bilateral foraminal narrowing
  108. Anyone experiencing problems with the shoulders due to the neck
  109. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after ACDF?
  110. Nerve Pain And Burning Leg Sensation
  111. before you have fusion surgery!
  112. Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy....experiences?
  113. Posterior Fusion C3-7 on the 13th
  114. Anyone had more pain after x-rays????
  115. 6 year old diagnosed with syrinx
  116. horrid upper back pain...help
  117. Two failed rhizotonomies -- so now facet joint injections?
  118. Crushing upper back pain
  119. cervical CT scan - any thoughts??
  120. Trying to understand my mri results of the cervical spine
  121. What are the symptons of MS
  122. fentlyn patches what are the side effects
  123. 2nd opinion on Thursday for Cervical Stenosis/Surgery, etc. (m)...
  124. Yesterday I had medial nerve branch block in the left lumbar area
  125. How can two mri's show completely different results?
  126. 2 Weeks Post Op - Still in Agony
  127. Soon to have acdf surgery and was wondering
  128. what is juvenile disc disorder
  129. Killer Headaches
  130. Bone spurs on C5/C6 impinging on esophagus
  131. Can someone help me understand my MRI?
  132. Recently dx w/ cervical & lumbar stenosis & have questions
  133. Has anyone had the nerves burned in their neck for pain?
  134. bilateral spondylosis L5
  135. DISH - Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis
  136. myelomalacia
  137. emg normal still weakness continues
  138. Excruciating Muscle Spasms?
  139. Degenerative disc disease in the cervical region
  140. what does impinged nerve pain feel like?
  141. Cervical Straightening L Muscle Spasm
  142. One hand gets freezing cold - I had ACDF and have 2 hern. disks
  143. spondylolysis/spondylothesis
  144. herianated disk l4 l5
  145. Please help new guy
  146. burning pain between shoulder blades
  147. Burning Hot poker feeling at base of neck and shoulder is back!! I want to cry!!!
  148. HELP! Anybody diagnosed with degenerative disk arthritis C5 - C7?
  149. neurosurgeons who specialize in adult tethered cord syndrome
  150. Straightening of the cervical spine
  151. New Problems With Cervical Spine!
  152. what is asymmetrical disc/osteophyte complex
  153. Here are my MRI results/Can someone tell me what it means?
  154. Can Neck Pain / Scoliosis cause a Foggy Head?
  155. Mild Scoliosis of dorso-lumbar spine
  156. Home from surgery, still in a huge amount as pain and very weak
  157. Afraid of surgery.
  158. Bilateral Uncovertebral Joint Spondylosis
  159. I need help in interpreting mri results
  160. breathing problems
  161. broken screw in lower back.
  162. Hi new here, need help please, kinda nervous and desperate
  163. I'm not fusing after surgery!!
  164. Still on pain pills
  165. Do Titanium Screws Break
  166. Tarlov Cyst
  167. So much pain today! Can't turn my head to the right!!! Help have a ???
  168. Cervical Fusion VS Non Fusion: Opinions please
  169. Myofacial pain (TMJ?) and spinal stenosis
  170. "I fixed you, you're fine"
  171. Sciatica - no "leg" pain - but burning feet? (m)...
  172. ACDF surgery questions
  173. Has anyone had pain and soreness in their armpit caused form their neck issues?
  174. How reliable are MRI's & all these tests?
  175. Can loose disc fragments be spotted on a CAT Scan?
  176. choking after surgery
  177. what does narrowing of the neural foramina mean
  178. OPLL: ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament
  179. Popping sound in my neck 8 weeks post ACDF/Corpectomy
  180. extremely weird problem
  181. cyst on the spinal cord
  182. Help to understand the re-read of original MRI. Can someone explain?
  183. Stabbing Pain with Spasm! What is it?
  184. Questions to ask the dr. list
  185. Post Traumatic Syringomyelia (Syrinx)
  186. Cervical Stim and INCREASED pain and Other Symptoms
  187. Hurts to breathe,pain under & around scapula
  188. Update 6 weeks out after corpectomy and ACDF
  189. My new ZERO GRAVITY recliners
  190. Radiofrequency Ablation
  191. I have been diagnosed with a Cervical Myelopathy
  192. browns-sequard syndrome
  193. bilateral facet joint hypertrophy
  194. Has anyone had Artifical Disc implanted in Cervical Spine ??
  195. disc bulge
  196. antibiotics for dental work or surgery?
  197. Where can I find Cervical Nerve Root Distribution Info. (m)..
  198. Bad muscle(?) pain in shoulder following ACDF
  199. minimal myelomalacia at C5/C6
  200. what is a paracentral disc extrusion at the level of c6-c7
  201. MRI Results (neck/thoracic) two protrusions/on spinal cord (m)...
  202. Spinal fusion ... Anterior Cervical Discectomy
  203. Cervical/Thoracic w/out Contrast results (m)..
  204. what is central focal disc protrusion of C4-C5
  205. parasthesia & burning
  206. Having increased pain and weakness in left arm since the ESI! Scared!!
  207. Spinal Fusion L5 S1 on the 14th with fibromyalgia. What to expect.
  208. Does shivering from cold give you muscle spasms?
  209. Nerve Block in the side of my neck
  210. Having a transforaminal ESI tomorrow morning!
  211. FINALLY, MRI RESULTS - Can you guys give me some input?
  212. cervical lordosis with mild reversal
  213. AGH!!!!!! REINJURED 6 Mo. AFTER ACDF!!!!
  214. 1.5 hemangioma at T6, smaller one at T3
  215. minimal degenerative with early posterior osteophytes what does this mean in the neck
  216. why did the screws come out after my sons spinal surgery
  217. Anterior Cervical Discectomy
  218. Breathing issues due to cervical spine PRE surgery.....??
  219. titanium plate and damaged nerves in feet
  220. What Is Posterior Disc Osteophyte Ridging
  221. Update 5 days after corpectomy and level 3 discectomy
  222. Neck pain spreading through shoulders
  223. cervical spine problems
  224. what happends if you lost spinal fluid by jumping during a spinal tap. My mri shows
  225. electrical shocks in head
  226. Arthritic Mass on spinal cord
  227. plugged ears
  228. Critical Information About Spinal Cord Tumors
  229. ESI - What To Expect?
  230. thyroid disease and tingling and numbness?? not going away
  231. help understanding mri
  232. 2 Weeks post op ACDF on C5-6 and I have some questions!!
  233. bulging disc
  234. Questions on Neck Surgeries
  235. c3-c7
  236. Would you let a board certified orthopedic surgeon do ACDF?
  237. scared of cervical laminectomy...help!
  238. left fingers numb and right foot numb and can't bend
  239. Had Epidural in cervical spine 2 days ago still in pain help!
  240. Questions about EMG and NCV
  241. Please share experiences with cortisone injections
  242. Still NOT showing signs of Fusing. What does it mean? LONG.. sorry
  243. 4 weeks post-op ACDF and Corpectomy
  244. Help what does this mean?
  245. Neck pain again a year after acdf surgery
  246. Anyone here take a dose of oral steroids for inflamation??? WHat about trigger point?
  247. New event :Major rubberband like snap in neck
  248. What happens when you lose confidence in your Doctor??
  249. Levator Scapula spasm is now formaminal stenosis?
  250. rosotomy