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  1. Foraminotomy Info?
  2. Miami J Collar vs. Philadelphia Collar
  3. Miami J Cervical Collar
  4. MRI Interpretation???
  5. 5 months post ACDF, zip, nada, zero improvement, where to turn?
  6. Help - Need c5c6, c6c7, c7t1, possible c4c5 fusion surgery
  7. C5-C6 Cord Compression and Urinary Problems
  8. wierd throat achy scratchy pain issue
  9. Has anyone had to stop working due to Cervical Pain? And what does your day look like
  10. pain in right groin
  11. Disc Protrusion at T11-12
  12. Cervical Disc Fusion Questions ;
  13. Migraines & neck, can't take it
  14. Numbness and spasms 2 years post ACDF
  15. Questions about injections & broad based central disc protrusion??
  16. Newly Diagnosed Lumbar Spondylosis
  17. Tinnitus - ear ringing - Post Op ACDF
  18. acdf and chronic pain
  19. what to expect from acdf c5-c6??
  20. Question-unexplained bruising
  21. Advil upsets my stomach. Now what?
  22. Calling all ACDF patients, which side of throat was your incision?
  23. Severe pressure at the base of the skull
  24. C-spine issues leading to Parkinson's Disease
  25. Better Posture Post Fusion and MORE! SHARE your POST fusion POSITIVES
  26. Skin rash from epidural ?
  27. Is it OK to take Ibuprofen 7 months post op (fusion)?
  28. Anyone here try or on Lyrica?
  29. Trying to avoid neck surgery!!!
  30. Share some symptoms of bulging disc or disc problems please
  31. Bulging Disc questions?????
  32. 8 Months Post Acdf - Neck Shoulder Deep Itch
  33. MRI Results for T & L Spind
  34. Need info on Corpectomy please
  35. Has anyone here had side effects from Flezeril?
  36. Post-ACDF and Theme Park Rides
  37. Hip Bone Graft - Post operative Pain
  38. options other than fusion
  39. Any experiences with Skelaxin? Other options?
  40. Having had ACDF how difficult is Lumbar fusion operation?
  41. Anyone have an ESI after an ACDF?
  42. Do muscle relaxers help with pinched nerve?
  43. New Here - Need Some Help Understanding My MRI - Please!
  44. C7 / T1 Surgery?
  45. Missing a lumbar bone?
  46. July 30 - 3 level ACDF - Countdown is on!
  47. Myelogram
  48. fingers moving without me moving them
  49. 10 Weeks post ACDF
  50. husband is 3 weeks post op 360 laminectomy what can we expect in the future????
  51. 3 Level ACDF scheduled-July 30 - How to prep?
  52. Losing control of my legs!!!!
  53. Brachial Plexus injury
  54. C4-C5 symptoms?
  55. Just had C1-C2 fusion
  56. Pinched nerve in neck to shoulder
  57. Upper Thoracic Spinal Fusion and Now My Pain is Worse Than Ever !
  58. one year after ACDF c5-c6
  59. C3, C5 & C6 problems .....
  60. 5 days post-op acdf...a few questions
  61. Long and detailed story, is it MS, Stenosis, other???
  62. It's my turn now.... ACDF time!
  63. Help...need help deciphering MRI results
  64. ACDF for fibromyalgia symptoms
  65. 1 year out from ACDF, HELP!
  66. Severe Cervical Spondylosis Among Others..
  67. Fractures at T3 & T4 - How to treat?
  68. Foramotomy
  69. Altered Sensations
  70. Anyone have endoscopic surgery...?
  71. Pain when bending neck down
  72. Enlarged Spine?
  73. post ACDF and L'Hermitt's sign
  74. 4.5 months Post-Op ACDF
  75. ANYONE ON HERE FROM THE UK - advise needed about treatment on nhs
  76. Any alternatives to surgery??
  77. Anybody help please Hyper reflexia, clonus no diagnosis
  78. One year post C5-C7 ACDF
  79. Pinched nerve c6, my story
  80. ACDF C4, C5, C6 ...scared...
  81. MRI of the cervical spine
  82. Thoracic spinal fusion - expected mobility
  83. Checking in 15 mo post acdf c4/5
  84. Driving and hard collar
  85. just got results of MRI... narrowing of canal and neural foramen
  86. Severed Nerve
  87. Cord Compression, Tremors, Neuro Questions, Please?
  88. One year + post 2-level ACDF
  89. Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility
  90. How to sleep after ACDF
  91. Bad reaction to Cervical epidural?
  92. 90 Days Post ACDF -- Released From Care!!!
  93. Xanax and Pain Mgmt.
  94. Cervical Spine Issues and Cognitive problems anybody?
  95. Post ACDF - what determines collar?
  96. ACDF post-op directions/limitations from NS
  97. 3 Weeks Post ACDF - Update
  99. ACDF not fusing
  100. Neck stiffness, awful pain in shoulder, numbness in arm & hand
  101. ACDF for neck pain?
  102. 8 Days post ACDF - incision question
  103. 6mo s/p C4-5 ACDF now w/increased pain & swallowing problems
  104. Both Hands Stiff And Hurt Every Morning
  105. Neck/Shoulder Blade Pain - Can Anyone Help??
  106. Nerve damage... told was healing, yet symptoms are worse.. B12 possibly?
  107. What next? spinal cyst.....
  108. bulging disk, does it cause ear pain?
  109. ADCF C5/6 - Pain in neck still and X-ray results
  110. The defiant patient
  111. Anyone with cervical neck problems ever get tingling in your feet?
  112. Info with Shoulder Spasms after ACDF
  113. Heating Pad - electric or microwaveable how soon post ACDF?
  114. What are the risks if you chose NOT to have ACDF?
  115. Fear of wrecking or ruining the fusion or screws?
  116. Spinal fusion and inversion therapy
  117. Shoulder Pain & Rain?
  118. Newbie - 3 Level Cervical ADR 3/23/07
  119. 2 Days after ACDF Surgery - I am home
  120. Best way to sleep after ACDF
  121. cervicle disc deterioration C6 leg pain no answers please help
  122. Spinal Stimulator or Morphine Pump?
  123. Valium and Muscle Spasms
  124. Cervical DDD and Ear pain/Tinnitus
  125. Cervical Laminectomy
  126. ACDF C5-6: 7 months ago; and airport ?
  127. Has Anyone had a Cervical Epidural Injection?
  128. Smoking and ACDF
  129. ACDF success rate?
  130. Severe headaches on the back of the skull...
  131. scar pulling with minor pain
  132. What to take for pain relief BEFORE any type of surgery was tried?
  133. Neck Arthritis - need info
  134. 72 hrs. Post-Op ACDF, Donor Bone Plate...Questions
  135. When to return to work following ACDF???
  136. Vax-D, DRX-9000 results anyone?
  137. First Neurosurgeon Appointment - what to expect?
  138. spinal stenosis in my neck
  139. Foley cath
  140. Muscle relaxers, did they help you?
  141. Is anyone here addicted to cracking their neck????
  142. MUST READ: stupid therapies I did
  143. post surgery food and comfort advice?
  144. Need advice please. Cervical spine problems..
  145. Had A Epi/ Some Questions/ Some Info
  146. Feeling "click" in my neck/shoulder area
  147. I'm BACK! ACDF C5C6C7 didnt WORK!!!
  148. Foot numbness from C5-6 Severe stenosis?
  149. Cord Compression and Problems Swallowing??
  150. MRI Results - Severe Spinal Stenosis
  151. ACDF Pain worse later part of day?
  152. 5 Wks Post 2 Level ACDF -- 1st Doc Visit
  153. Bulging Disks in neck. Any success without surgery
  154. Is spinal cord impingement a guarantee for surgery?
  155. Bone spur on cervical spine with breathing issues?
  156. hand stiffness???
  157. My neck feels raw
  158. Burning sensation...
  159. Thoracic MRI report - thoughts?
  160. Meds prescribed following cervical acdf
  161. 5 weeks post op ACDF c5-c6-c7
  162. Traction as conversative therapy
  163. ACDF surgery yesterdy (C6/7)
  164. Update 3 wks Post 2 Level ACDF
  165. Is aspirin OK after ACDF? (quick my head hurts!)
  166. Failed fusion?
  167. acdf with PEEK cage and bmp - experiences
  168. Says I need Anterior Cervical Fusion with Corpectomy (cage & plate)
  169. how tight should miami-J soft collar be for ACDF?
  170. Kyphotic Deformity!!!
  171. Newbie who is frustrated (sorry its long)
  172. Going to P.T. after 2 level ACDF? (spasms)
  173. Hidden Benefits of ACDF Surgery
  174. ACDF Recovery vs. Overdoing
  175. Cervical nerve blocks for diagnosis and RFTC (Burn nerve endings)
  176. Arm pain back 8 months after successful ACDF
  177. Return to Running After Neck Surgery?
  178. headaches,headaches,headaches
  179. Probs after using cervical home traction unit
  180. cord compression
  181. post surgery new hand numbness & Lyrica?
  182. 2 weeks post op acdf C6/7
  183. Sleeping flat after ACDF?
  184. Walking after ACDF
  185. Surprise, Surprise...Cord Compression!
  186. Chest pain after surgery?
  187. Easy way to quit cigarettes before surgery
  188. Honestly, how long do you think someone should wear the hard collar??
  189. Pre-Surgery Flexion/Extension X Rays?
  190. complications after 1/24 ACDF
  191. Newbie needs help with MRI results please!
  192. Cervical Headaches
  193. Home after ACDF surgery 1/23 ~Ro
  194. shoulder, arm and neck problems..don't understand MRI
  195. Glucosamine/Chondroitin OK after ACDF?
  196. Help--I'm scared to death
  197. Sleeping problems after ACDF surgery
  198. Ringing in your Ears?
  199. leg weakness
  200. Proton-pump inhibitors may weaken bones
  201. I have a screw loose....
  202. Etodolac
  203. sitting here with my collar
  204. Does caffeine inhibit bone fusion?
  205. MRI results from neck and shoulder....freaked out !!!
  206. Orthopedic vs Neuro
  207. brown sequard syndrome
  208. Does scar tissue sound like........
  209. Aspen Collar? Other Collar?
  210. Dizzines, neck pain, nubmness and MRI result
  211. 7 months post 2 level ACDF with hardware, terrible shoulder pain!?
  212. what to do.
  213. Strip of ankle numbness-what does this mean?
  214. Involuntary Muscle Movement
  215. What are the 2 days in the hospital like?
  216. ACDF scared with much trepidation!
  217. A different kind of pain - post ACDF
  218. Disk Degeneration of C6 & C7
  219. c5-c6 with blood and protein in urine
  220. New Surgery Date Scheduled ACDF C5-C7.
  221. botox and neck spasms
  222. Artificial discs - not wise choice according to my doc
  223. ?'s re:Surgery on Jan 8th, C5-6,6-7 w/possible C3-4
  224. Cervical Spondylolisthesis
  225. Blood Loss during ACDF?
  226. Newbie Here... Looking for Advice, Have a Ruptured C6
  227. Cervical bulging discs and headaches
  228. Four bone spurs in neck--need advice
  229. 3 Level Cervical Fusion or go to Germany for ADR
  230. Severe Cervical Stenosis
  231. How long after ACDF before I feel better?
  232. Not wearing a neck brace after ACDF?
  233. Could these symptoms be Myelopathy?
  234. Corpectomy OR Discectomy????
  235. Is L'Hermitte's Sign an Indicator of Cord Compression?
  236. ACDF recovery time
  237. Hemangiomata within the sacrum?
  238. Differentiating shoulder pain from cervical causes or shoulder causes
  239. ACDF Healing
  240. Please Help with MRI findings....
  241. Facial Tingling from C-3 bulging disk?
  242. Sitting for long periods after ACDF
  243. Jiu Jitsu After Broken Neck
  244. Muscle Spasms (neck and upper back) after your surgery?
  245. Do I need ACDF???
  246. Spinal Stenosis
  247. vocal Fold (cord) Paralysis post -op ACDF
  248. internal vibration and numbness
  249. Kyphosis?
  250. Heaviness after surgery